Sean Hannity Accomplice to Crime of Military Injustice

When the folks at “The Sean Hannity Show” published an article under the headline, U.S. Army Eating it’s Own: A Green Beret Needs Our Help, my head nearly exploded! Then I concluded Sean Hannity can only be described as an accessory to the crime of military injustice committed by the U.S. Army against one of its own, Sgt. 1st Class Kelly Stewart.

Click on image above to read article at

Click on image above to read article at

Why? Because I’ve been plugging away for almost four years, trying to get anyone in the mainstream news media — Sean Hannity included — to pay attention to Stewart’s case.

Stewart, a Green Beret medic and Level One sniper, was falsely accused in November 2008 of rape and kidnapping by a then-28-year-old German woman. Nine months later, he was convicted during a military trial that took place during three days in August 2009.

Interestingly, no physical evidence or eyewitnesses were presented by the Army prosecutor during that trial. The guilty verdict seemed to hinge solely on the words of the accuser, a woman who not only spent months in a mental institution prior to meeting Stewart but also stood to gain financially (i.e., her government would compensate her as a “victim of sexual assault”) if Stewart was found guilty. In the end, she made money.

During a post-trial hearing months after the conviction, several individuals who did not know Stewart testified that his accuser had told multiple lies while on the witness stand during the trial. After hearing their testimony, however, the military judge decided to ignore it.

Today, after serving time behind bars at the U.S. Military Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth, Stewart lives as a convicted sex offender with nothing to show after a stellar career during which he served in places like Kosovo and Iraq and rose to the top one percent of the Army without a single blemish on his record until he was falsely accused.

One would think such a story might interest Hannity, but no.

Even with an inside track to one of Hannity’s radio show producers, whom I don’t hold responsible for Hannity’s poor decisions, Hannity hasn’t devoted a moment of on-air attention to the case of the highly-decorated combat veteran whose life story is chronicled in my first nonfiction book, Three Days In August.

Even with endorsements of the book by New York Times best-selling author Richard Miniter, anti-Islamic terrorism activist and Atlas Shrugs founder Pam Geller, The Band of Mothers founder Beverly Perlson and others, Hannity has opted to ignore the military injustice suffered by this elite Soldier.

Hannity may have high ratings on radio and television, but I’ve turned him off.

Click on image above to order copy of book.

Click on image above to order copy of book.

To learn more about Stewart, visit or read other articles about his case. To order a copy of the book, click here or on one of the links below.

FYI: Yes, I realize I’m burning a bridge by publishing this piece, but who cares; it was a bridge to nowhere.

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Click on image above to order Bob’s books.

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