Is Accuser’s Facebook Update Riddled With Inaccuracies?

After reading my recent article about Michael Silva’s request for clemency, a friend of Silva’s shared what appears to be damning observations about the allegations that landed the former Air Force military training instructor behind bars for 20 years, convicted of multiple sex crimes.

Alleged Facebook status update posted by Michael Silva's accuser Sept. 4, 2012.

According to MSgt. Lisa Chloros, USAF Ret., this is a screenshot she captured of a Facebook status update posted by Michael Silva’s accuser Sept. 4, 2012.

“What is interesting is these ‘alleged’ victims don’t realize that, when they lie about things like rape and life in general, they will be found, especially in social media,” wrote MSgt. Lisa Chloros, USAF Ret., in a comment on my Facebook page Tuesday. Via Facebook message earlier today, she noted her findings date back as far as 2009 and include many social media postings. In addition, she asked me to make it clear she is aiming her comments only at those engaged in the business of making false allegations.

One of those things, she explained, was a status update posted by Silva’s accuser on her Facebook page Sept. 4, 2012. The text of that update appears below with only minor modifications for clarity while the photo above shows her exact words:

“The person who sexually assaulted me was my training instructor. When I reported it to a doctor at Wilford Hall Medical Center because I realized the flashbacks I was having were causing me to blackout. I told him I just needed him to tell me how to stop passing out after flashbacks because I couldn’t risk my career! He looked straight at me and said we aren’t going to talk about that. I was discharged for migraines, which the doctor admitted to me I didn’t meet the criteria for that diagnosis but he would recommend discharge because I wasn’t going to ruin his career. My training instructor literally stalked me until discharge. The last thing he said to me is “Are you going back to your home of record?” I stayed home for Christmas and moved away. For years, it’s affected my life. I didn’t tell anyone for many reasons after being discharged. I’ve been working on this issue to be taken care of. I recently found a promotion list. He is now a chief master sergeant and stationed a few hours from me. It’s taking senators to stop him now! Thanks to help at the VA, I’m doing much better. They changed a diagnosis a civilian doctor gave me of bipolar disorder, realizing my symptoms were from military sexual assault and post-traumatic stress disorder. Nightly nightmares, anxiety attacks, flashbacks and sleep deprivation is devastating to a person. Thank You God for giving me the strength to do what I said I would do the night it happened, that is not let him win and one day see that he ends up in Fort Leavenworth. Please let everything myself and those backing me be successful in holding him responsible for his actions.”

Below, I break out four items Sergeant Chloros gleaned from that Facebook status update:

1) Silva’s accuser claims the person who sexually assaulted her is now a chief master sergeant. Silva, however, was a master sergeant (i.e., two ranks lower than chief) who had been selected for promotion to senior master sergeant (one rank lower than chief) and was not allowed to put on that rank due to the allegations she had made against him.

2) Silva’s accuser claims she recently found a promotion list, implying his name was on it. The newest promotion list at the time of her Facebook posting, the December 2011 yearly Air Force chief master sergeant promotion list, did not list anyone with the last name, Silva, and Michael Silva’s name didn’t appear on any promotion list until Feb. 28, 2013 — over five months after his accuser had posted her status update.

3) Silva’s accuser claimed (Silva) was “stationed a few hours from me,” despite the facts she was living in the Pacific Northwest and he was living in San Antonio and had been living there since 2009.

4) The military doctor Silva’s accuser claims she contacted is now a civilian physician who lives and works in California. He testified during Silva’s trial in January that no female basic trainee ever reported to him that she had been raped and, if one had made such a report, he would have reported it immediately.

“I just discredited her whole story with her own words,” Sergeant Chloros said, by simply analyzing one Facebook status update.

According to Sergeant Chloros, some aspects of the accuser’s social media activity were presented during trial, but many more were only discovered after the trial. That in mind, I reached out to Joseph A. Esparza, the San Antonio-based civilian defense attorney who helped represent Silva, ans asked him if any arguments were made concerning Facebook status updates posted by Silva’s accuser in September 2012 that appear to conflict with her trial testimony. When I receive an answer to my question, I’ll share it in an update.

If, based upon the details highlighted above and in the previous article, you believe Silva deserves some form of clemency, I encourage you to reach out to Maj. Gen. Mark A. Brown, 2nd Air Force commander, who is the convening authority (a.k.a., “the decision-maker in the case). All three of the men listed below are worthy contacting with your concerns:

MAJOR GENERAL MARK A. BROWN <– Update: He is the convening authority!
2nd Air Force
Keesler AFB, MS

c/o 502nd Air Base Wing Public Affairs
2080 Wilson Road
JBSA-Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234-5004
Phone: (210) 671-2907

Air Education and Training Command
1 F Street, Suite 1
JBSA Randolph TX 78150-4324
Phone: (210) 652-5224

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4 thoughts on “Is Accuser’s Facebook Update Riddled With Inaccuracies?

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  2. Ambrosio Silva Jr.

    I am Michael’s, father. I am retired from the United States Army with 30 years of active duty. I may add that I am 100% disable, I suffer from PTSD, among other disabilities. I took part in the Vietnam War, before and during the TET, 66.67,69, I returned to the States in 1970. I retired in 1991 and immediately went home to Waco, Texas. Soon there after I applied to Baylor University. Initially, I was a pre-law student but applied for a degree, seeing that I would not be able to attend law school due to a lack of money and having to care for my father, who was suffering from Parkinson Disease and other aliments which forced him to remain in bed and unable to care for himself. I graduated from Baylor in 1994 with a BA in Political Science.
    Now in regards to Michael, I always had dreams of Mike being in the Army, in the Infantry, being a Drill Sergeant, First Sergeant, and then a Command Sergeant Major. I attempted to set a good example for Mike. I remember taking Mike with me to my units on the weekends and holidays, so that he could get a fill for army life. I started taking him, when he was about 10 years old and I may have been a drill sergeant about to be promoted to First Sergeant., I had volunteered to take a company as a E7, and was allowed to do so. A brief synopsis, of my first 20 years. I quickly was promoted to E7 at the age 0f 24, First Sergeant by age 30, and Command Sergeant Major before 20 years. During these 20 years, I volunteered for First Sergeant, Drill Sergeant, and other duty assignments others would not take, such as the DMZ in Korea, times. Additionally I was a marathoner, during this time frame, all to set and example for my soldiers and MIKE.
    As a Matter of fact the last time I visited with Mike at the stockade at Lack land, he said
    “Dad, I tried to model my career after yours”. I did not drink, kept healthy, and used no profanity. I remembered telling Mike when he was a young boy that the army was changing and whenever he was old enough to join he would find it full of females, therefore, he had to be sure not use profanity or words that he would not use in front of his sister or mother. I wanted him to enter the military with, courtesy, respect for woman and his superiors. On those trips to the units, I would explain the whys of maintaining things uniform and neat. These mini lessons began to show in his room at home, so I knew that Mike was catching on. I wanted him to have an edge on his fellow soldiers.
    But when time came and Mike was asking about joining up, it was at the time the first war in the middle east was beginning. As much as I hated to I convinced Mike to join the Air Force, I felt this was better than having him come home in a body bag. I had hoped that all of my actions with my son would result in a more than average career in the military and if you review his record you can see that it did.
    I can not understand how he was convicted on the word of a female whose record was questionable, no witnesses, no DNA. I did not attend the Courts Martial, Mike instructed his sister not to notify me of what was happening.
    Ambrosio Silva Jr,
    Retired Solder and Proud Father


    1. Lisa Chloros

      Mike has told me many times he wanted to make CMSgt and he wanted to be like you. I know you raised a good honorable man. Remain proud of him as i know you are. It’s just a temporary address until we get him home.

      To the public: Mike has wanted his story out there ever since his conviction. But we wanted to do it the right way. Thank you Bob McCarty! He stayed quiet for over 2 years waiting for the trial. He said to me today “Lisa, i played by the Air Forces’ rules for over 24 years and look where it got me, I’m not playing by their rules anymore. I should have went to the media and done this a long time ago, i wouldn’t be here. The public needs to know the truth, but not just about me there are others.”

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