Don’t Worry, You Won’t Have to Jump On A Grenade

A couple of days ago, I began reading The Insider Threat by Brad Taylor. Early on in that thriller, I came across a paragraph that made me think of a life-and-death topic about which I’ve written many articles in recent weeks.

Click on image above to order book.

Click on image above to order book.

The paragraph, borrowed from page 141 of the hardcover version of the book, appears below:

Crusty old warriors in the Army tell a story that there are plenty who would jump on a grenade in a valiant act of heroism in battle, but very few who would sacrifice their careers for what they knew was right. And I was disturbed to learn I was now falling out of that very few.

Are you one of those who would jump on a grenade, but are not wiling to risk something much bigger and longer-lasting even though you know you should?

While you’re thinking about your answer to that question, please read this article about a man who stands accused of horrendous crimes he did not commit. Read about a man only weeks away from facing a military trial. Read about a man who could be sentenced to 58 years* in prison if found guilty of those crimes he did not commit.

After you read the article, I hope you will, at least figuratively, “jump on the grenade” that is the threat to this man’s life and freedom.

I hope you’ll contact the officials listed at the end of the article and let them know you want genuine justice for this man instead of the politically-correct “witch hunt justice” being served up by his superiors who are under political pressure to convict, regardless of whether or not he is innocent.

Thanks in advance for taking action on behalf of this man.

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*UPDATE: After publishing this article, I learned Army prosecutors agreed to limit any possible punishment in this case to 10 years. A sign they have a weak case?”

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Click on image above to order Bob’s books.

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