Air Force Times Newspaper Report About Airman’s Acquittal on Sexual Assault Charge Reveals Extreme Bias in Coverage

Read the Air Force Times article published yesterday about the acquittal of Senior Airman Brandon Wright on a charge of aggravated sexual assault, and you’ll find the headline is the least-biased part of the article.

Click on image above to read Air Force Times article about SA Brandon Wright’s acquittal.

Click on image above to read Air Force Times article about SA Brandon Wright’s acquittal.

Below the headline, Airman acquitted of sexual assault charge, the article begins with four paragraphs — including two paragraphs about the acquittal, one paragraph of quotes from Airman Wrights’ defense attorneys and a recap paragraph of the accusations and charges brought against him at Aviano Air Base, Italy. After that, one must question whether the newspaper is, per it’s own description, “the trusted, independent source for news and information for the Air Force Times community,” or a politically-correct propaganda rag more suitable for use as a birdcage liner.

The next nine paragraphs of the article — that’s right, NINE PARAGRAPHS! — read more like a print advertisement for Protect Our Defenders, a nonprofit organization Air Force Times staff writer Jeff Schogol describes as a “victims advocacy group.”

It’s too bad Air Force members no longer have a truly independent publication to which they can turn for unbiased and objective reporting of the news.

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UPDATE 10-30-2015 at Noon Central: I should have read the Stars and Stripes article about Airman Wright’s acquittal before publishing the piece above. Not surprisingly, it’s bias — thanks to PC writer Nancy Montgomery — might exceed that of Schogol in the Air Force Times as one needs only to read three paragraphs before the “woe is me” comments of the defense appears. Just like Schogol (almost as if she they were working in cahoots with each other), Montgomery threw in several paragraphs about the Air Force’s bogus sexual assault prosecution of Lt. Col. James Wilkerson for good measure.

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