Is Army Trying to Destroy Officer’s Chance for Fair Trial?

In a previous report today, I shared an update about the discovery of several dead bodies in Pembroke, Ky., and how Army Criminal Investigation Division agents have made it virtually impossible for Maj. Christian “Kit” Martin to obtain a fair trial as he prepares to fight sexual assault charges levied against him by the Army. Below, I share a treasure trove of disturbing, never-before-published details about recent events in the case.

Maj. Christian “Kit” Martin stands in front of his AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter in Balad, Iraq, in 2008. Though he’s piloted a many of the U.S. Army’s most-sophisticated attack helicopters, nothing prepared him for his battle with the military justice system.

Maj. Christian “Kit” Martin stands in front of his AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter in Balad, Iraq, in 2008. Though he’s piloted a many of the U.S. Army’s most-sophisticated attack helicopters, nothing prepared him for his battle with the military justice system.

Speaking on condition I not reveal his identity, my confidential source revealed the following:

• Major Martin has a “police dog (not sure what breed)” named “Sarge,” who went ballistic after being awakened around 2 a.m. Thursday. That’s about the same time when, according to one local news report, witnesses told investigators they had heard a noise coming from the area where two badly-burned bodies were found inside a car several hours later.

• Major Martin was working on post early Friday afternoon between 1 and 2 p.m. (Central) when he was picked up by Army Criminal Investigation Command agents who then seized his truck, his papers and his personal computer which, by the way, has served as the “central repository” for his legal defense and contained all of his legal files dating back to Sept. 6, 2013. In short, Army CID agents had access to every piece of paper and file involved in the major’s defense, constituting an incredible breach of attorney-client privilege.

• Photograph evidence exists to show Army prosecutors took files from Major Martin’s home.

• One of the files on Major Martin’s computer is an audio file recorded by the major during a phone conversation between a private investigator hired by the major and a relative of the major’s accuser and ex-wife — yes, the same woman who recently pleaded guilty in Christian County Court Oct. 14 to a felony count of bigamy after it was discovered she was still married to her previous husband at the time she married the major.

• Major Martin was held for 11 hours without food or water in an attempt to break him down after his apprehension by Army CID agents. During that time, Army Major Jacob Bashore, the special victims prosecutor handling the case against the major, reportedly failed to provide honest answers to members of the major’s defense team when, during a nine-hour period Friday, they contacted him repeatedly while in search of information about the major’s whereabouts.

• Major Martin volunteered to provide investigators from the Christian County Sheriff’s Office footage from his home security system’s multiple surveillance cameras that might have recorded events in the neighborhood that evening, but those cameras were removed by Army CID investigators before the sheriff’s officers could access the footage.

In addition to the items highlighted above, my source told told me multiple bodies were found inside the burned-out vehicle, and that was later confirmed by a spokesperson for the Christian County Sheriff’s Office who, according to a news report Monday, said the bodies in the burned-out vehicle were those of Calvin Phillips and his wife, Pam Phillips. The husband and wife lived at the home, across the street and a few doors down from Major Martin’s home, where investigators found the body of another man inside Thursday.  Correction: I misread the news report cited earlier in this paragraph (i.e., Miller says investigators have still not positively identified the body of the male victim found inside the home of Calvin and Pam Phillips at 443 South Main Street in Pembroke. A new news report confirms Calvin Phillips’ body was found inside his home on Main Street.)

According to my source, the man whose body was found at the Phillips home was a man who lived in the neighborhood and was likely to have been called to testify for the defense during Major Martin’s upcoming military trial, set to begin Dec. 1. See correction above.

The Phillips, too, were expected to be called as witnesses during the trial. Why? Because, as I reported in a previous article, Calvin is the man who stood with the major’s accuser in telling the FBI the major was a thief and an international spy. The “evidence” they turned in to the FBI as allegedly belonging to Major Martin consisted of an inoperable laptop computer that turned out to have been out of the Army’s inventory for seven years and several compact discs upon which had been scrawled words intended to indicate the CDs contained classified information.

Though the extremely-serious allegations prompted FBI officials to pass along the information to Army CID investigators, those investigators determined the allegations false after conducting an extensive six-month investigation which, unbeknownst to Major Martin as it was taking place, included surveillance and wiretapping as well as an extensive search of his off-post home.

As things stand now, Major Martin’s military trial is set to begin Dec. 1 at Fort Campbell, Ky., home to the vaunted 101st Airborne Division.

UPDATE 12/7/2015 at 8:17 a.m. Central: A military judge continued the military trial date for Army Maj. Christian “Kit” Martin to sometime in March 2016, though no specific date has been set.

UPDATE 12/10/2015 at 11:11 a.m. Central: I’ve learned that Major Martin’s military trial date is set for March 14-18, 2016.

Stay tuned for updates!

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