My Father’s War Stories from World War II

On the occasion of Memorial Day and in honor of all those who paid the ultimate price in service to their country, I decided to publish a series of war stories that hold a special value in my heart, because they were written by my father, Ted. He served as a low-ranking enlisted man in the U.S. Army during World War II, and the stories appear in his 1992 autobiography, Some Events in One Life: Mine! Please know he captured these stories as a means to provide his children and theirs context for his participation in one of history’s most harrowing events, World War II, not for any commercial gain.

Links to each of those installments, 12 in all, appear below:

My Father’s War Stories From World War II — Part One

My Father’s War Stories From World War II — Part Two

My Father’s War Stories From World War II — Part Three

My Father’s War Stories From World War II — Part Four

My Father’s War Stories From World War II — Part Five

My Father’s War Stories From World War II — Part Six

My Father’s War Stories From World War II — Part Seven

My Father’s War Stories From World War II — Part Eight

My Father’s War Stories From World War II — Part Nine

My Father’s War Stories From World War II — Part Ten

My Father’s War Stories From World War II — Part Eleven

My Father’s War Stories From World War II — Part Twelve

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NRLC Endorsement of Thompson ‘Makes No Sense’

Yesterday, I ended a post about National Right to Life’s unusual endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson by writing “…the group’s endorsement of Thompson over, let’s say, Mike Huckabee, leaves me shaking my head.” Apparently, I’m not the only one who thought the transaction strange.

The Washington Times’ Ralph Z. Hallow revealed as much in an article about the endorsement today:

Paul M. Weyrich, president of the Free Congress Foundation, said the endorsement “makes no sense,” and speculated that it had been motivated by money.

Of course, the Thompson camp denies anything other than an honest endorsement. Regardless, I think this allegation by Weyrich, a well-entrenched and influential Washington, D.C., conservative, serves as an indication that the “gloves” have come off as the first primaries draw near.

Racetrack Taste Sensation Makes It Big In Video

Three months ago, I published a post, Newest Taste Sensation Headed for Racetracks, about a food item which I dubbed the newest “fast-food” sensation sweeping the racing world:


Today, I learned that some of the little critters had shirked their duties to become palate pleasers and, instead, entered the racing world as competitors in their own right. The video below explains it all.

Can Rudy Giuliani Defeat Hillary Clinton?

By Sheldon Filger, Guest Blogger

The decision by a prominent evangelical broadcaster to endorse Rudy Giuliani’s presidential bid underscores a calculation being made by growing segments within the Christian conservative core of the Republican Party: Hillary Clinton is the inevitable Democrat nominee, and must be defeated at all costs.

Rudy Giuliani

In the current political context of America, these circles, in many cases, are deciding to go with Giuliani, despite their strong disagreement with him on many values issues, such as abortion. The sole reason is one of expediency; they are convinced that the former mayor of New York City is the only GOP candidate that can defeat Senator Clinton.

In my opinion, they are making a flawed calculation, based solely on political expediency. There is a myth floating in Republican circles that Rudy Giuliani is the only Republican that Hillary is fearful of running against in the general election. I don’t know where this myth originated, but is contradicted by the evidence.

When Hillary Clinton launched her political career path to the White House by running for New York senator in 2000, her opponent at the time was Rudy Giuliani. Hillary Clinton and her political machine fully expected to beat mayor Giuliani, having assessed what they saw as his vulnerabilities. In fact, it was Giuliani who dropped out of the race, due to health reasons, though he may have stayed in the race with a weak opponent.

Rudy Giuliani’s sole ace in the deck in opposing Hillary Clinton is his performance related to the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. This is his claim to superior leadership ability. As someone who was living in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001, I give Rudy Giuliani full credit for the courage and resolve he displayed on that dark day and the weeks that followed. His example inspired many New Yorkers to overcome the fear and uncertainty that gripped the city after 9/11. However, in a fight to the finish with Hillary Clinton, there are many flaws in Giuliani related to 9/11 that the Clinton political machine will exploit with absolute ruthlessness.

For one thing, prior to 9/11, Giuliani made the decision to install New York City’s emergency command post, designed to ensure command and control in the event of a major terrorist attack, right underneath the World Trade Center. He made the decision despite strong advice not to place this vital installation underneath the most likely terrorist target. This explains why on 9/11 there was a catastrophic loss of command and control capability, which added to the frightful human causalities on that day. Any Republican who doesn’t think these details will emerge if Giuliani is the GOP nominee is sadly mistaken.

HCN book imageIn my book, Hillary Clinton Nude: Naked Ambition, Hillary Clinton and America’s Demise, I make a case for a Third Party as the best means of defeating Hillary Clinton in 2008. However, the Republican Party can become that Third Party, by learning the lessons of its past mistakes, and avoiding new ones. In picking a nominee based on who they think will defeat Hillary Clinton even if it means compromising on principles, they will enter the trap of political expediency, a recipe for certain and total defeat. However, if the GOP were to pick the candidate who displayed the highest standards of leadership excellence, this would establish the only criteria that can defeat Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Sheldon Filger is the author of Hillary Clinton Nude: Naked Ambition, Hillary Clinton and America’s Demise. For more information about him and his work, visit

Newspaper Offers Update on Possible Terror Case

On days like this, I wish I had answered the call of the man behind the makeshift subscription counter set up at my local supermarket: “Would you like to receive the Post-Dispatch?” Had I replied affirmatively in response to just one of countless opportunities, I probably would have read an important article article that appeared in the St. Louis newspaper’s Sunday edition:

Gun deals sparked fear of terrorism

That article, by reporter Robert Patrick, is important to me, because it comes more than six months after I published a series of four posts in which I railed on the Post-Dispatch for its lackadaisical manner in which it tackled a story riddled with possible links to terrorism.

In my June 27 post, I summed up my feelings about the newspaper’s coverage this way:

Folks, it appears the St. Louis Post-Dispatch simply refuses to acknowledge the “elephant in the room” when it comes to articles about eight individuals indicted early last month on federal weapons charges.

Today, I finally feel as if the newspaper has addressed the issue in an appropriate manner. At the same time, however, I sit dumbfounded, wondering why, indeed, it took six months to inform the citizenry about what many — including members of law enforcement — regarded as a possible terror threat in Mid-America.

Tancredo Identifies ‘Elephant’ in New TV Spot

Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo has earned a reputation for speaking his mind, especially when it comes to the issue of illegal immigration and border security. Now, that he’s announced he will not seek re-election to his seat representing his Colorado district in the House of Representatives, it appears he’s been unleashed.

In his recently-released and much-discussed television campaign commercial (see below), Tancredo says what others in the 2008 presidential race won’t.

While I don’t see myself voting for Tancredo due to the impression I have of him as a “one-trick pony” candidate, I do applaud him for his willingness to identify the “elephant in the room” that is illegal immigration being fed by a lack of adequate border security.