Black Friday Shopping Important?

If you think Black Friday shopping is the most important thing happening during the week of Thanksgiving, think again.  American troops are still in Afghanistan and other hotspots around the world.

BE THANKFUL. “Sky” Soldiers with the The 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team take a moment to celebrate Thanksgiving at Combat Outpost McClain, Logar Province, Nov. 22, 2012. (Photo by Sgt. Roland Hale)

Bob McCarty is the author of Three Days In August (Oct '11) and THE CLAPPER MEMO (May '13). To learn more about either book or to place an order, click on the graphic above.

Bob McCarty is the author of Three Days In August (Oct ’11) and THE CLAPPER MEMO (May ’13). To learn more about either book or to place an order, click on the graphic above.

Online ‘Turkey Fryer’ Search Proves Duplication of Effort Rampant Throughout Federal Government

As recently as last week, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) was one of a handful of members of Congress who asked the Government Accountability Office to investigate possible “duplication of effort and internal redundancies” involving agencies of the federal government.  With that fresh on my mind, I was struck by a troubling question when I saw the Drudge Report’s top afternoon story, TERROR: BIG SIS ISSUES TURKEY WARNINGWhat business is it of Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security to stick her agency’s bureaucratic nose into my Thanksgiving feast?

I decided to investigate.

A quick online search of “turkey fryer” and “.gov” yielded a plethora of information produced by federal government agencies:

The U.S. Fire Administration, a subsidiary of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, offers cooking fire safety tips;

The Consumer Product Safety Commission offers safety tips for turkey fryers; offers a list of cooking tips for Thanksgiving that includes links to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service and to Underwriter’s Laboratory’s turkey fryer safety tips site; and offers Turkey FUNdamentals: Deep Fat Frying a Turkey at its website.

In addition to leading me to the federal government agencies’ websites listed above, my search yielded more than a half-million links to other webpages — most of which appear on state and local government websites — discussing safety concerns related to the use of turkey fryers.

MY POINT:  Anyone who thinks the size of the federal government is “just right” and that no duplication of effort takes place can take the information above and stuff it.  Into their turkey.  On Thanksgiving Day.

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I’m Accidentally Thankful Today

It’s never good to see headlights facing your direction, in your lane, on the interstate, but that’s exactly what happened to me early this morning.  Now, I have a reason to be even more thankful this Thanksgiving week.

Driving in the rain, I got my wife to Lambert-St. Louis International Airport at around 5:30 a.m.  On the way home, I was about two miles west of the airport, westbound on I-70, when a car a few cars ahead of me hydroplaned and spun out.  Though I was able to avoid hitting the car immediately in front of me, a young, insured female driver trailing me was not so lucky and hit my car in the rear.

My car appears to have suffered little damage and was drivable.  The other driver’s car lost a headlight and some plastic on the front end.  All things considered, it didn’t fare too badly (see photo above).  Best of all, there were no injuries.

Next stop:   The body shop.

Thank you, Lord!

FYI: The most-dangerous part of the entire episode was trying to get off to the highway’s shoulder without getting hit again.  If you’re traveling this weekend, please drive carefully.

Cartoon Represents How Many People Feel

"Turkey Day" by David Donar at Political Graffiti

In a day and age when elected officials in Washington, D.C., seem to be treating the American people more like turkeys than bosses, I offer the Thanksgiving Day cartoon above as representative of how many Americans feel on this special day.

Though I’m not advocating violence against elected officials (at least, not yet), the thought crossed my mind that the turkeys in the cartoon represent taxpayers who are angry over the fact that their elected officials seem to be dragging the country toward socialism.  Conversely, the pilgrim tied to the table is a member of Congress who ignores the will of the people and votes in favor things like government-run health care, bailouts for automakers, banks and insurance companies and so-called stimulus packages.

I’m thankful on this day for all I have.  At the same time, I’m not eager to give it up.  That’s why I will continue the good fight for truth, justice and the American way…INSTEAD of socialism!

WARNING: My liberal friend, David Donar at Political Graffiti, drew the cartoon above.  If you visit his blog, you’ll find a link to a PETA commercial supposedly banned from television, below the turkey day cartoon.  So just ignore it if you want to avoid exposure to the upside-down views of PETA.

Video: A Government-Run Holiday Feast

In the video below, courtesy of the folks at Hands Off My Health, a family experiences what it would be like after the government takes charge of the Thanksgiving meal (i.e., “No pie for you!”).

If you hate the thought of Thanksgiving without pie as much as I do, then don’t sit on the sidelines as they try to take charge of your health care.  CONTACT YOUR SENATORS in Washington, D.C., and demand they vote against government-run health care.

Hat tip:  Don Surber

White House Video Screams for Parody Treatment

Published on the White House blog in advance of today’s pre-Thanksgiving Day ceremony during which President Barack Obama issued a presidential pardon for one lucky turkey, the “turkey” of a video below screams for parody treatment and/or, at a minimum, pithy commentary.