U.N. Election Monitors Coming to Polling Stations Nationwide

News that officials in four states — Texas, Alabama, Iowa and Ohio — have taken steps to ban United Nations officials from monitoring elections in their states begs the question, “Why haven’t officials in the remaining 46 states done the same?”

United Nations Election Observer Deployment 2012

As things stand today, people in four U.S. cities — Oklahoma City, Okla., Jefferson City, Mo., Indianapolis and Lansing, Mich. — will see their election day activities monitored by Baurzhan Yermegiyayev and Bolat Bersebayev of Kazakhstan, a former Soviet Central Asian state that has had serious problems with its own elections.

In a Jan. 16 article published under the headline, Observers criticize Kazakhstan election, The Washington Post reported problems during that former Soviet Central Asian republic’s election:

But observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe said the government prevented some parties and candidates from contesting the election; the media operated under self-censorship; and “necessary conditions for the conduct of genuinely pluralistic elections, which are a prerequisite for functioning democratic institutions, were not provided for by the authorities.”

Similarly, Americans in Boston and Concord, N.H., will see their elections monitored by Elchin Musayev of Azerbaijan, another former Soviet satellite where, as recently as last week, new legislation has been proposed to prohibit public protests ahead of 2013 elections.

Take a look at the list of election-monitoring plans above and, if you see a city in your state set to be monitored by someone from the U.N., contact your elected officials and demand those efforts be stopped.

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Uncle Sam Broke, Living in Phone Booth

In his most-recent effort, my liberal cartoonist friend David Donar at Political Graffiti paints Uncle Sam as a broke, disheveled homeless man with liquor on his breath.  When asked by a representative of the United Nations if he is changing into “Super Nation,” Uncle Sam responds, “Sorry, I’m broke!  Now, I’m just living in this phone booth.”

Though I don’t really believe the United States has sunk to the level of Uncle Sam in the cartoon above, I so look forward to the day when, once again, the president of the United States is respected as the duly-elected leader of the most-powerful and generous nation on earth.

Twenty-twelve cannot come soon enough.

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Tsunami Info Center Web Site Fails on Day of Big Quake Despite Tens of Millions in Federal Funds

Like millions of people around the world, I awoke hungry for details of the 8.9 megaquake that struck Japan just after 2:30 p.m. local time Friday.  When I landed at the web site for the International Tsunami Information Center, a center in Honolulu that was allocated $28 million for fiscal year 2011 and $29 million for fiscal year 2012, according to page 9 of PUBLIC LAW 109–424—DEC. 20, 2006, I found it didn’t work.

Follow the steps I took below, and you can see exactly what I found:

First, I visited the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Pacific Tsunami Warning Center web site and clicked on the “Pacific Ocean” tab.

It took me to the page shown below.  There, I clicked on the “Tsunami Info Ctr” link in the left sidebar.

That link took me to a page where I was advised that I was about to leave the NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center web site.

I went ahead and clicked on the link smack in the upper middle section of that page below the notice, “You are on your way to http://www.tsunamiwave.info.”  I ended up at the page shown below.

Nothing.  So I looked up — and found — the main web page for the International Tsunami Information Center (below) which featured an inviting message, “PLEASE GO TO OUR NEW ITIC WEB SITE.  Click here.”

I “clicked here” and found the web page below.

Now, I consider myself thankful that I was not in any position to have to rely upon the ITIC for up-to-date information about the tsunami that followed the massive earthquake.  In addition, I find myself wondering what the folks at ITIC did with all those millions.

The answer probably lies in the fact that, according to it’s “About ITIC” page, ITIC was established in 1965 by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Get it?  The U.N. is involved.  THAT is why it’s wasteful and ineffective!  ‘Nuff said!

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President Obama Continues Anti-Israel Push

A red-letter link atop the Drudge Report takes readers to a disturbing Foreign Policy magazine article published Wednesday:  In sharp reversal, U.S. agrees to rebuke Israel in Security Council.  The article, in turn, stands as only the most-recent reminder of many about President Barack Obama’s anti-Israel sentiment.

The State of Israel coin above reflects President Obama’s vision for the future of the Jewish State (i.e., it’s blank).  It went into circulation on the day he was inaugurated as part of “Barack Obama’s Seven Mystery States Coin Collection,” an alternative for coin collectors not interested in the U.S. Mint’s 50 State Quarters® Program.

Since his inauguration, President Obama hasn’t disappointed those who share his vision for Israel.

One month after “44″ took office, U.S. State Department officials participated in the United Nations World Conference Against Racism, an event which had a decidedly anti-Israel tone.

Two months after he took office, NEWSWEEK threw in its support of President Obama’s vision by erasing Israel from a world map they published.

In an American Thinker opinion piece three months after “O” was sworn in, Cliff Thier expressed grave concern about the future of Israel and worries that President Obama will use U.S. Air Force assets to prevent Israeli forces from taking out Iran’s nuclear weapons capability.  No doubt, that concern remains intact today.

Four months after the inauguration, Israel National News reported that the United States was working with both Egypt and Russia to rid Israel of its nuclear weapons, as part of a comprehensive plan to neutralize Iran’s nuclear power.

Of course, I could list dozens — if not hundreds — more examples of the Obama Administration’s anti-Israel stance.  Instead, I’ll simply fast forward to the Foreign Policy piece mentioned in the first paragraph above.  In it, writer Colum Lynch shares this disturbing news:

The U.S. informed Arab governments Tuesday that it will support a U.N. Security Council statement reaffirming that the 15-nation body “does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity,” a move aimed at avoiding the prospect of having to veto a stronger Palestinian resolution calling the settlements illegal.

That, my friends, is akin to U.S. abandonment of the Jewish State at a time during which tensions are high in the Middle East.  This stance must change.  2012 can’t come soon enough.

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Journalist Banned from Climate Change Conference

It appears that drug cartel-related kidnappings and murders are not the only crimes taking place in Mexico these days.  According to a message received this morning, Phelim McAleer has been denied press accreditation for the Cancun Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico.

Only days before the international conference opening today, the United Nations refused access to the veteran journalist and documentary filmmaker who produced and directed Not Evil Just Wrong (below), a documentary on Global Warming.

Apparently, climate scientists and politicians attending the conference are afraid McAleer might ask them to explain their global warming beliefs.  After all, he has done that before in conjunction with the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in December 2009 (See video #1 and video #2 below).

During an encounter in September 2009, an armed U.N. security guard prevented McAleer from asking a scientist difficult questions about the ClimateGate e-mails and warned that if he did not stop filming he would confiscate his equipment and expel him from the conference.  The video below, which was highlighted in a post Sept. 24, 2009, captured the moment that took place .

McAleer says the refusal to allow him access to the Cancun Climate Change Conference is censorship.

“I sent them exactly the same documentation that was acceptable for Copenhagen last year, but it seems they did not like my coverage of Copenhagen and are now trying to silence me and the people who have questions about this process.

“The message is clear:  ask U.N. scientists and politicians difficult questions and you will be banned from any U.N.-sponsored events. No difficult questions allowed,” he added.

FYI: McAleer is a 20-year veteran journalist who covered the Northern Ireland troubles. He has also worked for the U.K. Sunday Times and as a foreign correspondent for the Financial Times and The Economist. He has worked as a journalist and filmmaker in countries as diverse as Ireland, Romania, Uzbekistan , Indonesia, Madagascar, Chile, Indonesia, Vietnam, and many other countries.

Israeli Delegation Skips Obama’s UN Speech

The Israeli delegation to the United Nations opted out of listening to President Barack Obama deliver a pro-Palestinians speech at the United Nations this morning.  Perhaps better than anyone, they understand that the 44th president of the United States has, despite sometimes-flowery words to the contrary, little regard for the State of Israel, one of the seven mystery states the president said he visited during his 2008 presidential campaign.

Hat tip:  Gateway Pundit

Does Hope Float in the Middle East?

Is it possible that President Barack Obama’s signing of a presidential determination Jan. 27, 2009, resulted in direct support going to people aboard vessels in the Gaza-bound flotilla that has stirred up so much controversy in recent days? I think it is.

According to this Feb. 4, 2009, entry in the Federal Register, President Obama cited section 2(c)(1) of the Refugee Assistance Act of 1962 and determined the following via Presidential Determination No. 2009-15:

“…that it is important to the national interest to furnish assistance under the Act in an amount not to exceed $20.3 million from the United States Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance Fund for the purpose of meeting unexpected and urgent refugee and migration needs, including by contributions to international, governmental, and nongovernmental organizations and payment of administrative expenses of Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration of the Department of State, related to humanitarian needs of Palestinian refugees and conflict victims in Gaza.”

Barely two weeks later, the folks at FactCheck.org were asked if Obama paid for Hamas-affiliated terrorists to emigrate to the United States.  In turn, they offered this response:

This claim is false. The president’s memorandum to the State Department would pay for refugee assistance in Gaza, not for transporting anyone to the U.S.

If none of the $20.3 million went to help Palestinians migrate to the U.S., then I must ask the question, “Where did the money go?”

According to a Department of State news release Jan. 30, 2009, the money was distributed as follows:

Of the $20.3 million in new ERMA funds, $13.5 million will go to the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), $6 million to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and $800,000 to the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). These organizations are distributing emergency food assistance, providing medical assistance and temporary shelter, creating temporary employment, and restoring access to electricity and potable water to the people of Gaza.

While I have no opinion to offer regarding the ICRC’s ability and/or willingness to keep money out of the hands of Hamas-affiliated terrorists, I’m skeptical about the integrity of the U.N. agencies.

When I combine the organization’s fraudulent track record of the hapless and crooked U.N. with its recent condemnation of Israel for its actions related to the flotilla, I’m left skeptical that any U.N. agencies can be trusted to keep money out of the hands of the terrorists.

In short, I won’t be surprised if ironclad evidence surfaces soon to prove, once and for all, that HOPE FLOATS.

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