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Social Media Postings Reveal Much About ‘Psychic Medium’ Who Accused AF Basic Training Instructor of Sexual Assault

If the woman who waited 17 years to accuse Air Force MSgt. Michael Silva of sexually assaulting her is truly a “psychic medium” as she claimed in a series of Twitter postings in October 2009, shouldn’t she have known in advance if she was about to become the victim of a horrible crime?


The woman who accused Michael Silva of sexual assault should have known if she was in danger, right? After all, she claimed to be a “psychic medium” on Twitter.

Though I’m no expert on anything having to do with so-called “psychic abilities,” I consider myself a master of the obvious, often amazed by what I find on a person’s social media postings. A lot of people often post ludicrous claims on social media in an attempt to gain followers and likes. Perhaps these people should look into this Tweetful alternative (https://www.twesocial.com/tweetfull-alternative/) if they are so keen on gaining social media presence, that way they don’t have to post such silly things.

Now how do we know that this is a strange claim? Well, only days after raising serious questions about the accuracy of information that Silva’s accuser had posted on her Facebook page three years ago, I became aware of this woman’s Twitter postings. I credit my awareness to several interesting screenshots, including the one shown above, forwarded to me by someone who’s been closely following the case of the 24-year Air Force veteran and former Basic Military Training Instructor who, in January, was tried, convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Do Facebook and Twitter postings alone indicate deceit on the part of this accuser? Hardly. They should, however, hold some weight for Maj. Gen. Mark A. Brown, the convening authority, as he makes his decision regarding the recently-filed request for clemency via which Silva hopes to have his conviction overturned.

If, based upon the details highlighted above and in previous articles, you believe Silva deserves some form of clemency, I encourage you to reach out and share your feelings with General Brown, 2nd Air Force commander. His contact information appears below:

2nd Air Force
Keesler AFB, MS
Email: mark.brown@us.af.mil

At the same time, it wouldn’t hurt to contact — or simply copy — General Brown’s boss as well. His contact information appears below:

Air Education and Training Command
1 F Street, Suite 1
JBSA Randolph TX 78150-4324
Phone: (210) 652-5224
Email: darryl.roberson@us.af.mil

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