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Bob McCarty Weekly Recap: Sept. 13-19, 2015

The list of topics covered this week includes questions about how we will screen Syrian refugees coming into our country and how we are treating military men after they’ve been falsely accused of crimes. Four articles are highlighted in this weekly recap.

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I began my week Monday, Sept. 14, with a headline-shaping question, How Will We Screen Out Terrorists Among Syrian Refugees?  It was followed by (1) news about President Barack Obama’s announcement the United States will welcome 10,000 Syrian refugees for resettlement over the next 12 months and (2) a suggestion for how government officials should screen out terrorists among the Syrian refugees entering the country through refugee processing centers in almost every state.

On Tuesday, Sept. 15, I offered something that may have appeared at first to be a bit of a rant under the headline, Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics Used as Weapons Against Honorable Military Men in Sexual Assault Witch Hunt. After making a reference to the phrase popularized by Mark Twain and used to describe the persuasive power of numbers and, particularly, the use of statistics to bolster weak arguments, I gave evidence of how lies, damned lies and statistics have been used in tandem with bogus sexual assault claims to end the careers and ruin the lives of honorable military men.

Under another Tuesday headline, Dr. Ben Carson Raises Good Question About Syrian Refugees, I applauded a Republican presidential hopeful for asking a good question having to do with national security. In addition, I offered to meet with members of Dr. Carson’s campaign team to bring them up to date on a proven vetting technology that could be used to screen Syrian refugees.

On Thursday, Sept. 17, I shared the text of a heartfelt piece of correspondence in a piece published under the headline, Woman Writes Letter to General Who Made Decision to Prosecute Soldier-Brother on Sexual Assault Allegations.

I spent most of the day Friday, Sept. 18, making phone calls to a variety of folks in Tennessee and Kentucky. My goal: to stir up interest in the upcoming military trial of Army Maj. Christian “Kit” Martin among members of the news media and officers at Veterans of Foreign War and American Legion posts and other veterans organizations. For reasons you’ll find obvious when you read about it, Major Martin’s case has demanded much of my attention in recent weeks.

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