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Bob McCarty Offers Weekly Recap: Dec. 5

During the last seven days, I shared plenty of news, including a video that went viral, at BobMcCarty.com. My list of accomplishments this week includes the following:

A loaded jingle truck rolls down Highway 1 in Zabul province, Afghanistan, July 3, 2010 ( DoD Photo).

A loaded jingle truck rolls through down Highway 1 in Zabul province, Afghanistan, July 3, 2010 ( DoD Photo).

Sunday, Nov. 30 — Amidst watching pro football games, I shared excerpts from my first two books. The first contained post-conviction thoughts of the Army Green Beret whose life is chronicles in my first nonfiction book, Three Days In August. The second, I shared what I learned during an interview with a retired Green Beret about he used non-polygraph interrogation technology to deal with ‘Truckloads of Bad Guys’ and other challenges in war zones.

Monday, Dec. 1 — Shot by a woman at the scene of the gruesome murder of a Bosnian immigrant in South St. Louis Sunday evening, a video I shared in the post, EXCLUSIVE: Hammers Attack Video From South St Louis, went viral. In fact, it had been viewed nearly 216,000 times by 11 p.m. Central Friday.

Tuesday, Dec. 2 — I not only recalled the day two years earlier when I Had Lunch With a Level One Sniper, but I also shared a sort of “I Told You So” video for Obama voters to watch.

Wednesday, Dec. 3 — I shared an update about the Oklahoma City Bombing Trial taking place in Salt Lake City under the headline, Oklahoma City Bombing Trial Judge Asked to Appoint Special Master to Investigate Allegations of FBI Witness Tampering. I also shared details about a new development in the aforementioned hammer attack in St. Louis.

Thursday, Dec. 4 — I published details of a Bosnian immigrant’s call for St. Louisans to unite in love following the deadly hammer attack in the city’s Bevo Mill neighborhood Sunday. I also shared my excitement about the first review of my just-released crime-fiction mystery novel, The National Bet.

Friday, Dec. 5 — I issued a plea to readers of this site to help a former Green Beret who’s facing a possible return to prison. In addition, I shared news about The National Bet garnering front-page coverage in the newspaper of a Southern Illinois community where much of the fictitious action inside the book takes place.

Saturday, Dec. 6 — My plans include attending a year-end shindig for St. Louis-area authors and watching as much college football as I can squeeze in. Beyond those items, I have few plans.

Hope you have a good week, and look forward to seeing you back here early and often.

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