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Bob McCarty’s Weekly Recap: Jan. 4-10

Though I had few opportunities to sit down and write this week, I still banged out a few worthwhile pieces at BobMcCarty.com. They appear in the weekly recap below:

I experienced a temperature change of more than 50 degrees when I returned to St. Louis from Orlando Wednesday.

I experienced a temperature change of more than 50 degrees when I returned to St. Louis from Orlando (above) Wednesday.

On Sunday, I shared Thirty-Six Reasons Why You Should Read The Clapper Memo. In addition, I shared a few snippets on my Facebook page. They included a graphic showing my nominee for Best Actor in a Political Role in advance of the 87th Academy Awards ceremony scheduled to take place on Feb. 22 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood as well as a photo from my oldest son’s wedding in England one year earlier. And, of course, I shared other items as well.

Early Monday morning, I shared news about a new cover for my first nonfiction book, Three Days In August (October 2011). Standing out on the new cover are four solid endorsements the book received during its first three years on the market. I also fired off an email to Ewen McAskill, the author of a newspaper article about British and Dutch researchers’ work on a new lie detector “suit” that’s said to be 70 percent accurate.

“Contrary to what you imply in your article (i.e., that most police departments rely on polygraph machines), the majority are now using something completely different,” I wrote before pointing him to the site where he could my find more information in the form of my second nonfiction book, The Clapper Memo (May 2013), which contains details about a non-polygraph technology that’s more than 90 percent accurate. Not surprisingly I have yet to hear back from McAskill.

Chad Jeansonne (center) received the 2014 James L. Chapman Award for Excellence Tuesday from the National Association of Computer Voice Stress Analysts. Shown with him are previous award recipients Marigo Stathis and Bob McCarty.

Click on the image above to learn the identities of the people in this photo with me (left).

Soon after sending that email, I drove to the airport and hopped on a plane to Orlando where I attended a conference at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. On Wednesday, I shared details about my experience at the conference in a piece published under the headline, Most of the Great People I Met in Orlando Were Cops.

As a “Throwback Thursday” item, I shared a photo Thursday morning of the raw version of the manuscript for  The Clapper Memo, that I had shared with the world two years earlier. Later that day, I published a guest-written article under the headline, Author Rebukes Media for Attack on Dr. Ben Carson.

Late Friday morning, I shared excerpts from Three Days In August in a post published under the headline, Sexual Assault Accuser Offers Strange Definition of ‘Contact’. Read it, and you’ll begin to understand more about the wrongful prosecution of Army Green Beret Sergeant 1st Class Kelly A. Stewart.

Woefully inadequate was the amount of online attention I gave this week to my recently-released crime-fiction novel, The National Bet (Nov 2014). The book was, however, popular with the folks I hung out with in Orlando for reasons I will not explain so as not to spoil anything for you when you order a copy and read it.

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Click on image above to order Bob’s books.

Author Rebukes Media for Attack on Dr. Ben Carson

EDITOR’S NOTE: Though I have yet to form an opinion about Dr. Ben Carson as a presidential contender, I have formed opinions — not positive ones, I might add — about members of the national news media trying to paint the potential presidential candidate as a plagiarist. That in mind, I share the guest piece below that I received this afternoon from the man whose work was allegedly plagiarized by the surgeon who burst onto the political scene almost two years ago as the keynote speaker at a prayer breakfast (see video below) attended by President Barack Obama.

By William J. “Bill” Federer, Guest Writer

I was dismayed when I read a BuzzFeed article Jan. 6 and saw how it attempted to use my words in a subtly-crafted attack on Dr. Ben Carson’s character by accusing him of plagiarism.

Since the article specifically mentioned me, I feel that it is incumbent that I respond.

I had the privilege of serving on the board of a university with Dr. Carson for several years. In the course of our visits, he mentioned that he was in the process of writing a book on America.

I told him about my books and suggested them to him.

I later was able to hand him copies as we shared a shuttle ride on campus to one of the committee meetings. I told him that I hoped he would find them interesting and that he had full permission to use any of the material in the books as he liked.

Dr. Carson, with the help of his wife and co-author Candy, corresponded with me numerous times via email and telephone, even forwarding me his manuscript to read, which I gladly did and gave my approval.

Click on image above to order book.

Click on image above to order book.

One of the books I gave him was specifically designed to be quoted was America’s God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations, with a subtitle, Highlighting America’s Noble Heritage, Profound Quotes From Founding Fathers, Presidents, Statesmen, Scientists, Constitutions, Court Decisions…For Use In Speeches, Papers, Debates, Essays…

Back cover wording encourages readers to quote the book:

“Easy To Use…Excellent Reference…For Use In: Journalism Articles, Civic and Campaign Addresses, High School and College Papers, Letters to Editors, Elected Officials…”

The book has, thankfully, been well-recieved, being quoted by thousands of authors, speakers, politicians, professors, radio and television hosts, judges in court decisions, speeches on the floor of Congress, etc. Through over a dozen reprints, the book gone through editorial improvements, such as the correction of typographical errata and improving source references.

To further facilitate users to quote from the book, on inside front page is: “Conditions of Use – Permission is granted to duplicate 10,000 words or less…provided acknowledgment is given…”

Dr. Carson has gone far beyond others in giving acknowledgment to my book in his America the Beautiful, such as:


“I am so grateful for people such as former congressional candidate William Federer, who has done extraordinary research to uncover documents revealing the true sentiments and beliefs of our founders.”


I wish heartily to thank: Josh Sloan, Sealy Yates, Bob Hudson, Bill Federer, Scott Macdonald, Don Gates, and the entire team who worked tirelessly to get this book published.

NOTES, p. 200

Chapter 2: “Who Are We The People”?

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Chapter 3: Are We a Judeo-Christian Nation or Not?

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Chapter 4: A Different School of Thought

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Chapter 7: What Is A Moral Nation?

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With 16 acknowledgments and citations, it is obvious that Dr. Ben Carson made demonstrable effort to make proper attribution. Indeed, his overt acknowledgments have resulted in numerous individuals contacting me to purchase my book.

I feel misrepresented in the BuzzFeed article. Publishing errors, called errata, are not plagiarism. Any missing attributions were simply editor’s oversight. It is disingenuous for BuzzFeed to level the accusation of plagiarism against Dr. Carson.

To further illustrate the editor had simply overlooked errors, in one of the endnotes, instead of James Madison, the editor had left “John Madison.”

Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who is honored by a U.S. Federal holiday every third Monday in January, was accused of having plagiarized in his doctoral dissertation and speeches, in that he neglected to give proper attribution to his sources.

In my opinion, Dr. Carson has demonstrated sincere and honest attempts to give proper attribution to the source of my quote book.

Wiliam J. "Bill" Federer

Wiliam J. “Bill” Federer

Federer certainly knows a thing or two about publishing. To read a review of a book he wrote in the not-too-distant past, visit this link and scroll down to the paragraph just below his photo shown above.

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Click on image above to order Bob’s books.

Veteran Interrogator’s Words Strike Chord With Author

It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that a piece written by Steven F. Hayes and published today at The Weekly Standard struck a chord with me in a big way.

The first two paragraphs of a document by Jason Beale are spot-on when it comes to blasting irresponsible behavior by members of Congress. Click on graphic above to connect with TWS article.

The first two paragraphs of a document by Jason Beale are spot-on when it comes to blasting irresponsible behavior by members of Congress. Click on graphic above to connect with TWS article.

Appearing under the headline, An Interrogator Breaks His Silence, the article surfaced in advance of the release of a widely-anticipated report by the Democratic staff of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, chaired by Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.), about Central Intelligence Agency interrogation practices.

In the article, Hayes shares a 40-page document written by a man writing under the pseudonym, Jason Beale. He goes on to describe the man as “a longtime U.S. military and intelligence interrogator with extensive knowledge of the enhanced interrogation techniques used by the CIA on some high-value detainees.”  Further, he reports that, while Beale would not confirm he worked in the program, he was, via others, able to confirm Beale worked as a senior interrogator beginning in 2004.

In particular, one paragraph from Beale’s missive struck a chord with me:

I would examine the early days of the program and highlight the mistakes and hasty decisions made during that chaotic period, but would interview those involved to ascertain the reasons for, and lessons learned from, those mistakes. I would not allow those issues to be presented without context and follow-up.

It struck a chord, because I spent four years conducting an exhaustive investigation of the use of so-called “credibility assessment” technologies. Along the way, I had the opportunity to interview the men who interrogated members of Saddam Hussein’s “Deck of Cards,” members of al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and other terror suspects and detainees.

Most-closely related to the excerpted paragraph above, however, is the fact that I came into possession of never-before-published firsthand details about Defense Intelligence Agency interrogation efforts at Guantanamo Bay during the early days — what Beale described as “that chaotic period” — of the so-called “Global War On Terror.”

I learned from my extremely-reliable sources that, during a 12-month period beginning in 2004, a new-to-GITMO interrogation technology was used more than 90 times and achieved a success rate — defined as developing new, previously-unknown intelligence which was independently confirmed or confirmed existing information that otherwise could not be verified — of 92 percent despite the fact most exams were conducted using interpreters. Further, I learned that level of success stood in stark contrast to the “inconclusive” findings that had resulted from 20 percent of the polygraph exams administered previously at GITMO.

Despite the incredible success of this non-polygraph interrogation method — which, by the way, caused examinees no physical contact, pain or discomfort of any kind — Department of Defense officials inexplicably removed the new technology from the interrogators’ toolkits halfway into a two-year contract the DIA had with the company providing the technology.

After reading my book, The Clapper Memo (May 2013), in which the findings of my investigation appear, several highly-respected Americans voiced concerns about my discoveries via endorsements (below):

“An unconscionable cover-up.”Capt. Larry W. Bailey, U.S. Navy (Ret.), former commander of the U.S. Navy’s Basic Underwater Demolition/SEALs (BUD/S) Training Program;

“Bob McCarty has uncovered a high-tech ‘turf war’ pitting those who want the best for our troops against others who seem to be focused on their own self-interests.  Sadly, it seems the wrong people are winning this war.  I highly recommend The Clapper Memo.” – Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, U.S. Army (Ret.), former deputy commander, U.S. Army Pacific;

“Bob McCarty’s book, The Clapper Memo, represents perhaps the most thorough investigative reporting I have encountered in years.  I direct the attention of the so-called major media to it.  This is how it’s done!”David P. Schippers, U.S. House of Representatives chief investigative counsel during the impeachment of President Bill Clinton; and

“I read your book, The Clapper Memo, and was very impressed. Your book is extremely well-researched, well-written and shocking in revealing the tactics used by President Obama’s director of national intelligence, James Clapper. It is a must read for people to understand the depth of corruption that threatens our country. Thank you for writing it.” — William J. “Bill” Federer, best-selling author and nationally-known speaker.

Others directly impacted by the actions and events revealed in The Clapper Memo offered similar words:

“Read this book & you will see how our government has for many, many years deprived our military of the best possible tool for vetting & weeding out the enemy.”MaryLiz Grossetto, aunt of LCpl. Greg Buckley Jr., a 21-year-old Marine who died Aug. 10, 2012, as the result of a “Green-on-Blue” attack in Afghanistan.

The Clapper Memo by Bob McCarty gives the reader an in-depth look into the dirty little secrets of politics and greed triumphing over safety and security for our fighting men and women as well as the average American citizen.” — Billy and Karen Vaughn, parents of U.S. Navy SEAL Aaron Carson Vaughn, a member of SEAL Team Six who lost his life along with 29 other Americans when their helicopter, call sign “Extortion 17,” was shot down in Afghanistan Aug. 6, 2011.

 For a complete understanding of what I uncovered, order a copy of The Clapper Memo today.

Click on image above to order Bob's books.

Click on image above to order Bob’s books.