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Former Blogger Offers Sarcastic ‘Thank You’ to Sullivan

After reading today about Andrew Sullivan informing his readers about his decision “to stop blogging in the near future,” I feel obligated to offer him a belated “thank you” for the sarcastic honor he conferred upon me a few years back. Why? Because I can relate to Sullivan on at least one level.

McCarty Hewitt Nomination 4-01-2010

You see, a few months after my blog had climbed to #82 on the February 2010 list of Top 100 Conservative Blogs, I gave up blogging full-time. Perhaps, it was the stress of living in a non-stop news cycle, but I decided to focus my time and attention on writing books — and I’ve finished three books since then. But I digress.

Anyway, Sullivan named me a Hewitt Award Nominee in April 2010. Though I never heard who, if anyone, won the award that year, I felt as if I had landed in great company after looking at the 2009 list of nominees for the award — and, of course, I wrote and published a post under the headline, “I Gladly Accept This Nomination.” The text of that post, which is no longer online, appears below:

Earlier today, after reading a post Pamela Geller published at Atlas Shrugs, I published a piece under the headline, Is State Dept Playing April Fools Joke on Israel? The difference between our posts?  I videotaped my computer screen as I went through the motions and clicks on the State Department web site to show proof that, at least for a while on April Fool’s Day, the page dedicated to information about Israel was gone.

Within a few hours, Andrew Sullivan had caught wind of my post and honored me as a Hewitt Award nominee in a post published at his The Atlantic blog, The Daily Dish.

What is the Hewitt Award?  According to this Sullivan post, it is “named after the absurd partisan fanatic, Hugh Hewitt (and) is given for the most egregious attempts to label Barack Obama as un-American, alien, treasonous, and far out of the mainstream of American life and politics.”

Who else has been nominated?  The following individuals were finalists for the Hewitt Award 2009:

• John J. Pitney Jr., National Review Online
• G. Gordon Liddy, Radio America
• Carol Platt Liebau, Townhall.com
• John L. Perry, Newsmax
• Rush Limbaugh, The Rush Limbaugh Show

Who won?  Rush Limbaugh with 50 percent of the 4,500+ votes.

I think I’m in good company; therefore, I gladly accept this nomination, Mr. Sullivan.

As mentioned above, I never found out if anyone won the 2010 version of The Hugh Hewitt Award or if anyone else was even nominated. So who knows? I might have won the whole shooting match!

Just in case I did win, I want to thank Sullivan. Before he disappears altogether.  Thanks, Andy.

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