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American Cat Confirmed as Cecil the Lion’s Distant Cousin!

Although I rarely discuss family matters of any kind on this site, I decided to make an exception today after receiving confirmation over the weekend that one of my cats is a distant relative of the late Cecil the Lion who died last month in Zimbabwe.

Cecil the Lion and Butters the House cat bear an uncanny resemblance.

Though distant cousins, Cecil the Lion and Butters the House cat bear uncanny resemblance.

Seven-year-old Butters the House Cat (a.k.a., “Butters, my office assistant”) is, according to Miz Lize Terre Blanche, Zimbabwe’s High Chancellor of Feline Affairs, the 215th cousin of Cecil the Lion.

Cecil the Lion is, according to media reports,  the 13-year-old few Zimbabweans even knew existed before he was hunted down and killed by Walter James Palmer, an American dentist from Minnesota who apparently deserves to die, according to people like animal rights activist and former game show host Bob Barker.

The news arrived Saturday via unsolicited email from the high chancellor herself, and I was fortunate enough to discover the message in my spam folder before it was automatically deleted. In her message, she told me I can receive a copy of the official government documents that prove the existence of the familial relationship between Cecil the Lion and Butters the House Cat if I am willing to pay, via Western Union money order, administrative and acquisition fees totaling USD $10,500.

Now what should I do? Launch a GoFundMe account to raise the money to pay the fees and launch a public relations campaign to capitalize on the commercial viability of Butters’ confirmed relationship to the posthumously-famous Cecil? You tell me.

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