Posts Touch Nerves, Spur Record Traffic

The new year started off with a bang as generated record traffic, ending with almost 750,000 page views in January.  Those high numbers stem, in part, from the fact that several of my posts appear to have touched a few nerves.

For instance, I asked a simple question that resulted in Missouri Republican Party officials getting their collective “rear” in gear to inform the public about this year’s presidential election process.

I shared several posts about Missouri news topics, including pieces about two Missouri Republicans, Bill Randles and Dave Spence, vying for the opportunity to face off with incumbent Jay Nixon in the 2012 race for governor of the Show-Me State.  I also shared an interesting piece about Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder’s Facebook page being hacked.

Perhaps most controversial was a post I published after Missouri health agency officials refused to answer questions about a new cancer report they had completed recently.  It caught attention from a lot of people, including talk radio phenom Dana Loesch.

Adding to my efforts during the month were several well-researched and thought-provoking pieces by guest blogger Paul R. Hollrah.

And, of course, I used as a platform for publishing several posts about my book, Three Days In August: A U.S. Army Special Forces Soldier’s Fight For Military Justice, for which I have book-signing events set Feb. 18 and May 19.

I hope you’ll keep reading and sharing.  Thanks in advance!

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Bob McCarty Website Sets New Traffic Record!

For the first time in more than five years online, topped the 700,000 page views mark — and we still have almost 48 hours left in January.

Thanks, readers, for helping set this new single-month record for page views and for getting 2012 off to a great start, and thanks in advance for helping to spread the word about the “Ultimate Blogging Machine.”

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Bob McCarty’s 2011 Year In Review

With Christmas only days away, it’s time to take a look back at the best of what has appeared on the virtual pages of this site during 2011.  And when I say best, I’m referring to pieces that involve original research and reporting by yours truly.

MY MOST-(fill-in-the-blank) STORIES

On Jan. 6, I published my most-disgusting post, Veterans Counter Westboro Baptist Church Protest, about an event I wish had never happened.  The video that accompanied that post went on to be viewed nearly 19,000 times during the 12 months that followed.

One day later, I published my most-satisfying storyPlanned Parenthood Loses War in South Texas, about the demise of a pro-abortion organization which I helped to make happen.

On March 2, I published my favorite piece of the year, I Do Not Like Barack O’Bam, in conjunction with the 107th anniversary of the birth of Ted Geisel, the American-born writer best known for writing children’s books under the pen name, “Dr. Seuss.”

On May 16, I published what is probably my saddest story of the year, Wrongly-Convicted Soldier ‘Celebrates’ 28th Birthday Behind Bars at Fort Leavenworth.  The only story that gives it a “run for the money” was published two and a half months later under the headline, Appeals Court Upholds Army Officer’s Conviction, Ignores Evidence in Death of Al-Qaeda Operative.

On May 19, I began reporting a story, Family Facing $4 Million in Fines for Selling Bunnies, that became my most-viral story of the year after it was publicized on the Drudge Report (Sort Of) and later discussed by Rush Limbaugh.


The first of five stories that received too little attention from the mainstream media was published Jan. 4 under the headline, Did John Wheeler III Know Too Much?

Thirty-nine days later, the second story, CBP Officer: WMDs Have Been Detected in U.S., surfaced.

Five months later, I published another bombshell:  Project Gunrunner Tied Directly to President Obama.

Finally, I shared news of what appears to have been a terrorist attack in Springfield, Mo., in my Sept. 9 post, Police Say Deadly Shooting at Bus Station on Eve of 9-11 Anniversary Was Random, But Was It Really?


After publishing dozens of post about the Oklahoma City Bombing in recent years, I shared three new posts this year about missing videotapes, hidden evidence in secret FBI databases and bombing videotapes that an FBI official said, ‘might have been misfiled, impossible to know where’.


Though I’ve published more than 50 pieces about Chevron’s $113 billion shakedown environmental lawsuit in Ecuador since April 2009, three pieces published this year are important.

I scooped The New York Times by 100 days when I published a piece that linked the Obama Administration to the sham lawsuit.  I exposed left-wing liberalism in a piece about key evidence being withheld from the final cut of an Oscar-nominated documentary about the lawsuit.  Finally, I noted how Chevron was awarded $96 million in an arbitration claim against the corrupt government of Ecuador and how the Shakedown in the Rain Forest was nears an end in court.


Closer to home, I started the year with a Jan. 11 report — with video — about an 85-tear-old ‘Potato Lady’ running for office in St. Peters, Mo.  Two months later, I followed up with her allegations of wrongdoing and her call for an investigation of a state trooper’s visit to her home.

On April 8, I shared disturbing news about two St. Louis-area girls who were told to shut down their cookie stand.

On June 15, I outlined how a Missouri dad had spent $100,000 fighting to save his kids from their violent, ex-con mother.

On Sept. 15, I shared more troubling news from the St. Louis area under the headline, Government Burning Family Tree at Both Ends, and from tiny Moberly, Mo., under the headline, Small Missouri Town Loses Some of Its ‘Magic’.

Ten days later, I published news about floating horse teeth going on trial.


Finally, and perhaps most important to me personally, I published my first book, Three Days In August: A U.S. Army Special Forces Soldier’s Fight For Military Justice, which chronicles events in the life of Army Green Beret Sgt. 1st Class Kelly A. Stewart leading up to and following his wrongful conviction by a court-martial panel during three days in August 2009.  Details are available at

What will next year hold in store?  Stay tuned and find out.

Five-Year Ride Ending to Make Way for New Venture (Update)

Dear Readers:

On Oct. 19, 2006, I began my adventure in online writing with a short post via which I informed readers I would use this space to “share bits of my unique brand of humor and touch on a variety of subjects including — but not limited to — politics, shopping carts, sports and women.”  Today, I think I can say I’ve done just that.  Now, it’s time to move on.

Among the more than 4,500 posts I’ve published, more than 400 fell under the humor banner.  They ranged from an early effort about products that make scrapbooking easy to a recent effort via which I introduced readers to a new Barack Obama-inspired board game, SPREAD THE WEALTH AROUND.

On the subject of politics, I published more than 3,500 posts.  The first noteworthy effort in this category highlighted the fictitious “Apostrophe T” that many Americans probably wish would have really happened.  A more-recent piece, President Obama’s ‘Brownshirts’ May Be Closer to Smashing Down Your Front Door Than You Think, focused on the unintended consequences of voters not getting behind the fictitious anti-McCain effort.

Though online articles about shopping carts are rare, my long-time readers know I’ve published more than one.  I published the first, Racing Technology Makes Grocery Shopping Fun Again, on my first day of operation.  Almost 17 months later, I published the second one, ‘Cart Whisperer’ Next in Great Line of Whisperers, that included the video below.

When it comes to sports, my coverage began in March 2007 with news about a sportswriter joining the GLOBULL WARMING crowd.  It concluded a few weeks ago with a post about one of my favorite sports teams, the Oklahoma Sooners, being ranked #1 in a preseason college football poll.  Though I ended up publishing more than 150 sports-related posts, I must admit that most of them were published for purely-selfish reasons.

Finally, I have no idea why I wrote that I would include “women” as one of the topics about which I would report.  Nevertheless, I did report on the activities of some women, including Sarah Palin (166 posts), Hillary Clinton (134 posts) and Michelle Obama (18 posts).  My favorite headline ever about a woman was published May 13, 2008:  Online Poll: ‘Is Michelle Obama a Nagger?’

Did I learn anything while writing and publishing approximately 2.5 posts per day, seven days a week, 365 days per year?  Yes, I did!  For instance:

I learned a lot about the behind-the-scenes work involved in running a website.  When I began this process, I knew next to nothing about any kind of code (i.e., html, keywords, plugins, tags, widgets, etc.).  Compared to many folks, however, I still know nothing.

I learned a lot about branding.  Specifically, I learned that “The Ultimate Blogging Machine” tagline in my banner connected well with BMW, the three-letter acronym for Bob McCarty Writes, but did little to help my credibility in the new media marketplace.  Neither did the caricature that helped promote the stereotype of a blogger being someone who sits in the basement of his parents’ house with a laptop on his lap.  [Note: Unlike the folks who make the blogger stereotype a reality, however, I have a journalism degree, decades of professional writing experience and own my own home. Where I write while inside my home is nobody's business!]

I learned that, despite seeing this site rank among the Top 100 Conservative websites on more than a few occasions, converting traffic into revenue is an art and science unto itself.  Those who can make their living online and without being subsidized by a corporate sugar daddy have my respect.

Most importantly, I learned my real passion lies in writing novel-length nonfiction. During the past 18 months, I’ve spent an ever-increasing amount of time conducting interviews, doing research and, finally, writing a nonfiction book about Sergeant First Class Kelly A. Stewart, an Army Special Forces soldier, and his fight for military justice.

On Oct. 18, the adventure known as Bob McCarty Writes will end.  Soon after, my next big adventure will begin.  I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

More details soon.

UPDATE 9/29/11 at 8:18 p.m. Central:  Three Days In August.

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Weekly Recap: The Week of May 29, 2011

Below is a recap of all the posts published at during the week of May 29, 2011:

MONDAY, May 30

Barack Obama for President – of Kenya! — Guest blogger Paul R. Hollrah suggests that Barack Obama may have his long-term future already planned, saying he will serve as president of Kenya.


Video Honors 540 Who Paid Ultimate Price — The Military Times put together this Memorial Day video tribute to the more than 540 soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who died for their country during the past year.

CNN Crew Prevented From Filming in Joplin — What could possibly justify the actions of law enforcement officials in Joplin who prevented members of a CNN news crew from filming on a public road?


Bob McCarty Writes 97th on New ‘Conservative 100?Bob McCarty Writes is one of three websites cracking the latest list of the 100 most-popular conservative websites based on Alexa traffic rankings.

Director Admits He Withheld Key Evidence From Final Cut of Oscar-Nominated Documentary — Josh Fox, director of the Oscar-nominated documentary, Gasland, admits he withheld evidence showing gas can occur in water naturally and is not a result of fracking.

Rabbit Stories Discussed on Rush Limbaugh Show! — Two of my articles about John and Judy Dollarhite, a Nixa, Mo., couple in trouble with the USDA for selling too many rabbits, were cited by guest host Mark Steyn on today’s edition of The Rush Limbaugh Show.


Magician Provides Update on USDA ‘Rabbit Police’ — I received an update from Marty Hawne, a magician whose story about being busted at a library was highlighted May 25 in USDA ‘Rabbit Police’ Stalking Magicians.

Listen to Commonsense Coalition Radio Friday — Friday at 10 a.m. Central I appeared as a guest on Commonsense Coalition Talk Radio, a program that airs ONLINE and on 43 stations in 19 states.  Here’s a link to the podcast of the show.

Animal Trainer Caught in USDA ‘Legal Circus’ — Dallas animal trainer Doug Terranova doesn’t fear lions and tigers and bears, but when it comes to USDA inspectors, no one could blame him for saying, “Oh, my!”

FRIDAY, June 3

Documents Reveal Cozy Relationship Between Obama Administration and General Motors — Documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act reveal a far-too-cozy relationship between Obama Administration officials and General Motors executives.

Hope you enjoy(ed) these posts and encourage you to remember the note below!

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Bob McCarty Writes 97th on New ‘Conservative 100′ (Update)

What a way to start a Tuesday!  Here’s the news:

Death By a Thousand Papercuts has released its monthly ratings of the Most Popular 100 Conservative sites on the web, the Conservative 100. The ratings are based on Alexa traffic rankings 3-month worldwide average. Ratings taken from May 29-31, 2011.

The only movement in the Top 10: Free Republic advanced from 10th to 9th; The Daily Caller moved up 10th; Big Government/Breitbart fell into 11th and out of the Top Ten.

Three new websites made the Top 100 this month: Black Five, Lonely Conservative and Bob McCarty.

Thanks to everyone for helping Bob McCarty Writes realize the second best traffic month in its 4.5-year history.

During May 2011, this one-man operation logged more than 72,500 unique visitors, more than 106,500 total visitors, more than 315,100 page views and more than 6.9 million hits!

UPDATE 7/6/11 at 9:23 p.m. Central:  A new report came out yesterday, showing we’ve moved up to spot #96.

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Video Highlights Five Beautifully-Restored Cars

Today, I had the opportunity to see five beautifully-restored automobiles kept in a secure location near St. Louis — seven decades of gas-burning brilliance.

I can’t share the location or the name of the owner, but I will share this quick-edit video featuring the following cars:  1951 Plymouth Club Coupe; 1959 Oldsmobile 98; 1934 Cadillac Close Comfort Sedan; 1953 Cadillac Convertible; and 1973 Mercury Cougar Convertible.

Car lovers, enjoy!

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