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Second Man Indicted for Teaching How to Beat Polygraph

Despite unwavering claims by polygraph loyalists that countermeasures don’t work against their century-old credibility assessment technology, federal agents continue to indict and/or arrest Americans for the “crime” of teaching people how to employ countermeasures during polygraph exams.

Polygraph Exam

Doug Williams, 69, is a former Oklahoma City law enforcement officer and owner of Polygraph.com who, according to a Department of Justice news release issued late Friday, has been indicted on obstruction of justice and mail fraud charges. The Norman, Okla., man’s alleged crime? Training customers to lie and conceal crimes during polygraph examinations.

Williams’ arrest comes almost 14 months after Chad Dixon of Marion, Ind, was sentenced to eight months in prison after pleading guilty to similar charges.

Having spent much of four years conducting an exhaustive investigation of the federal government’s use of credibility assessment technologies, I’m convinced DoJ officials have gone to great lengths to paint Williams and Dixon as evil criminals and, by doing so, are sending a clear message to anyone thinking about making a living by exposing the shortcomings of the polygraph:  “Stop now or expect to face the wrath of federal prosecutors.” At the same time, they’re admitting that the polygraph (a.k.a., “the federal government bureaucracy’s credibility assessment technology of choice”) cannot stand on its own merits.

To learn more about polygraph countermeasures and about a 40-year “turf war” that’s been raging silently between polygraph loyalists and those behind more effective and reliable credibility assessment technologies, read The Clapper Memo. After you do, you’ll likely find yourself in agreement with the people whose endorsements appear at the bottom of this page.

BETTER-LATE-THAN-NEVER UPDATE 10/8/2015 at 6:27 p.m. Central: On Sept. 22, according to this report, a federal judge in Oklahoma City sentenced Williams to two years in prison for training people to deceive during polygraph tests. Apparently having few options, Williams pleaded guilty in May to two counts of mail fraud and three counts of witness tampering.

Click on image above to order Bob's books.

Click on image above to order Bob’s books.

Award-Winning Polygraph Examiner Blowing Smoke

After reading what Fort Bend County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office Lt. James Fontenot allegedly told a reporter about polygraph countermeasures, I’d love to hear the veteran polygraph examiner explain why the Customs and Border Patrol arrested Chad Dixon for teaching people polygraph countermeasures. In other words, I think he’s blowing smoke.

Polygraph Exam

“I have never met anyone who I felt could beat the polygraph. That stuff online on how to beat a polygraph test does NOT work, these behaviors are easily recognized by a polygraph examiner,” said Lieutenant Fontenot, a man who, according to a Houston Chronicle article published today, recently received the Tim Kennedy Examiner of the Year Award presented by the Texas Association of Law Enforcement Polygraph Investigators for 2014, the top honor for polygraph examiners in the state.

In case you missed it, 34-year-old Dixon was uprooted from his life in Marion, Ind., and sentenced in September 2013 to eight months in prison for teaching polygraph countermeasures Lieutenant Fontenot — a man described as having conduct some 3,000 polygraph examinations — claims do not work.

Why am I so interested in the statement made by this Houston-area polygraph examiner?  Because I conducted an extensive four-year investigation of credibility assessment technologies, including the polygraph, and reveal what I uncovered in my second nonfiction book, The Clapper Memo. And, trust me, what you see on television and in the movies about polygraph exams is chock full of holes.

To learn more about The Clapper Memo, read other posts about the book.

To understand everything I’ve uncovered about the polygraph and its competitors, order a copy of The Clapper Memo.

Click on image above to order Bob's books.

Click on image above to order Bob’s books.

CORRECTION: In the original version of this article, I incorrectly listed the FBI instead of CBP as the arresting agency.