Ten ‘Mama Grizzlies’ and a ‘Fat Guy’ GOP Future

By Paul R. Hollrah, Guest Blogger

It has not been a good year for President Barack Obama and the Democrats. And while most of the bad news was generated by Obama himself and the “ship of fools” he has surrounded himself with in the White House, it was congressional Democrats who paid the price Nov. 2.

Unfortunately, given the quality of Republican leadership in the years since the departure of Newt Gingrich, we have no guarantee that Republicans will take full advantage of the coming shift in the political balance of power. The uncertainty evidenced by their handling of issues in the recent lame-duck session leaves us to wonder whether the male-dominated House and Senate leadership won’t once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Sen. Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-Okla.)

On the Republican side of the aisle in Congress we find few truly courageous and outspoken members. Sens. Tom Coburn and Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, Jeff Sessions of Alabama, and Jim DeMint of South Carolina are notable exceptions. When asked why they are not more aggressive in their response to Democrats and their policies, Senate Republicans would likely murmur something about the Senate being the world’s foremost “gentlemen’s club.”  A “gentlemen’s club,” indeed… run by the likes of Harry Reid and Dick Durbin? Not!

As matters now stand, the shortage of testosterone among conservative and Republican men has become so critical that, as Republicans move to capture the ground that Democrats have relinquished, the strongest leadership potential in the Republican ranks is to be found among women and minorities.

Sarah Palin

Among the most effective and outspoken conservative elected officials, dubbed “Mama Grizzlies” by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin are Senator-elect Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.); Rep. Michelle Bachman (R-Minn.); Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.); Attorney General-elect Pam Bondi (R-Fla.); Gov. Jan Brewer (R-Ariz.); Governor-elect Mary Fallin (R-Okla.); Governor-elect Nikki Haley (R-S.C.); Governor-elect Susana Martinez (R-N.M.); and Congresswoman-elect Kristi Noem (R-S.D.).

Outside the realm of elective office, we have an equally impressive cadre of strong conservative female writers and thought-leaders, including Tammy Bruce, Amanda Carpenter, Mona Charen, Linda Chavez, Liz Cheney, Ann Coulter, Monica Crowley, Mary Katharine Ham, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin, K.T. McFarland, Kate Obenshain, Dana Perino, Phyllis Schlafly, and Teri Thompson… to name just a few.

Congressman-elect Allen West (R-Fla.)

They are joined by a growing number of strong and eloquent black conservatives, including former corporate CEO Herman Cain; Republican political strategist Angela McGlowan; Lincoln Institute President Jay Parker; conservative columnist Star Parker; conservative author, Rev. Wayne Perryman; National Black Republicans President Frances Rice; Congressman-elect Tim Scott (R-S.C.); Congressman-elect Allen West (R-FL); and economics professor Walter Williams.

Deborah Blum, author of Sex on the Brain, tells us that, “Feminists become understandably annoyed by the oversimplified, back-to-the-kitchen notion that women don’t have the hormonal underpinnings for competition. And plenty of men… are equally annoyed at being dismissed as a bunch of naturally bad-tempered apes.”

Clearly, Ms. Blum has not spent a great deal of time around conservatives and Republicans in recent times. At a time in our history when events call for conservative leaders to be “naturally bad-tempered apes,” almost to a man, the best-known conservatives and Republicans tend to be milquetoast wimps. It’s hard to imagine the likes of Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Mitch McConnell, or the weepy John Boehner in the role of “naturally bad-tempered apes,” a personality type that will be absolutely essential in dealing with badly-wounded House and Senate Democrats and a “shellacked” Obama armed with a veto pen.

Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.)

Because liberals and Democrats are what they are, the last thing the country needs is wimpish “nice guy” Republicans in the Oval Office and in the congressional leadership. Other than Newt Gingrich, the only man in the ranks of Republican leaders who appears to have what it takes to go toe-to-toe with liberals, Democrats, and their bought-and-paid-for special interests, is Gov. Chris Christie, the “fat guy” from New Jersey.

In a recent Trenton press conference, Christie chastised a columnist for the Newark Star-Ledger.  When the columnist questioned whether the governor had adopted a “confrontational tone” with legislative Democrats and the politically powerful teachers’ unions, Christie replied, “You should see me when I’m really pissed. I love when people say they don’t want to have argument. That’s what we were sent here for.” Holding up a Democratic press release, Christie said, “Here it is:  Bigger government, higher taxes, more spending. I believe in less government, lower taxes and in empowering local officials who are elected by their citizens to be able to fix their problems…”

He continued, “This is who I am. Like it or not, you guys are stuck with me for four years and I’m going to say things directly. When you ask me questions, I’m going to answer them directly, straightly, bluntly, and nobody in New Jersey is going to have to wonder where I am on an issue… and I think they’ve had enough of politicians who make them wonder. I came here to govern, not to worry about re-election. I came here to do what people sent me here to do, and so, ‘blunt?’ ‘direct?’ Maybe you might say ‘honest and refreshing.’ Maybe we could see that in your paper tomorrow.”

It is the kind of straightforward and unambiguous leadership that Republicans at all levels will have to display in the years ahead if the elections of Nov. 2 are to have any meaning at all.

Newt Gingrich

In 1994, Gingrich and other Republicans signed a hard-nosed “Contract with America,” promising much-needed reform in Congress. The voters responded positively and Republicans experienced four productive years between January 1995 and January 1999, conducting themselves as we would expect them to. But then, when Gingrich chose not to seek reelection in 1998, House leadership fell to Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) and Tom Delay (R-Texas)… both of whom set about organizing a Republican majority that was indistinguishable from Democrats.

Hastert and Delay were still there when George W. Bush arrived in 2001, claiming to be a “compassionate” conservative… which proved only that he hadn’t the foggiest notion of what a conservative was. By failing to exercise any party discipline over a free-spending Republican Congress, all Bush did was to make it impossible for lifelong rank-and-file Republicans to defend the party they had always thought of as the last best hope for America.

Who can deny that the ultimate fate of our country was set in concrete during the Roosevelt Administration when New Deal Democrats decided that political power could be solidified by purchasing the allegiance of special interests… interest groups and individuals who wanted something from government… and using other people’s money to do it?

The complete socialization of America and the destruction of the capitalist system has been the sole raison d’être of the Democratic Party for more than seventy-five years, and were it possible to paint a picture of what party leaders have seen as their ultimate dream during all those years, the Obama Administration and the Pelosi-Reid Congress would be their ideal. The current crop of Democrats in the White House and in Congress are simply the most evil and corrupt group of politicians ever to set foot in Washington. It is Chicago-San Francisco-Las Vegas social and political morality transported to Washington and tailored to engulf the entire nation.

Liberals and Democrats have not failed to notice the power (and danger) of feminist gains on the right. In an August 28, 2010 New York Times editorial by Anna Holmes and Rebecca Traister titled, “A Palin of Our Own,” they wrote, “An older generation of female Democrats, including Mrs. Clinton and Ms. Pelosi, are about as eager to mount a Palin-style girl-powered campaign as they are to wear a miniskirt on the House floor…

“But as women of a different generation – of, gulp, Sarah Palin’s generation – we wonder if Democrats shouldn’t look to her for twisted inspiration, and recognize that the future of women in politics will be about coming to terms with (and inventing) new models… If Sarah Palin and her acolytes successfully redefine what it means to be a groundbreaking political woman, it will be because progressives let it happen – and in doing so, ensured that when it comes to making history, there will be no one but Mama Grizzlies to do the job.”

On Feb. 28, 1854, some 30 devout abolitionists, opponents of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, met in a small one-room schoolhouse in Ripon, Wisc., to create a new political party… the Republican Party. And if a lack of strong leadership and a departure from Republican principles demands that we do it all over again we have a good beginning. We have ten Mama Grizzles and a fat guy from New Jersey to build on.

Hollrah is a senior fellow at the Lincoln Heritage Institute and a contributing editor for Family Security Matters and a number of online publications.  He resides in northeast Oklahoma.

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Democrats Ignore Basic Economic Facts

Foster Friess

By Foster Friess, Guest Blogger

Democrats are fond of talking about the Clinton era budget surplus President George W. Bush “squandered” and the terrible financial mess President Barack Obama “inherited.” Both arguments ignore a few basic facts. First, presidents don’t control spending, Congress does. Second, outside events have to be taken into account before you assign praise or blame.

President Bill Clinton had the lucky combination of a time of peace, a Republican controlled House of Representatives and a booming economy, including the gains from internet stock insanities. Since all spending bills originate in the House of Representatives, credit for the budget surplus could more fairly be given to Speaker Newt Gingrich and the “Contract with America” than President Clinton.

President Bush had been in office less than nine months when the cowardly 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center occurred. Blaming Bush for the deficits that followed is akin to blaming President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) for the sudden increase in federal spending after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

The chart above shows the deficit when each party was in control of the House of Representatives. Democrats are blue while the Republicans are red. The graph indicates a clear trend. Since 1974 – the year the budget process began to implode – the Republicans controlled the House for 12 years and the Democrats 24 years.

In 8 of the 12 years the Republicans controlled the spending, the deficit went down the following year and the 4 years it went up were all in the years immediately after the 9-11 attack. Despite the huge blow to the economy and the expenses of fighting two wars, deficit spending peaked in 2004 and was declining sharply until the Democrats regained control of the House in 2007.

Meanwhile, in 18 of the 24 years the Democrats controlled the federal purse strings, the deficit rose the following year.

The Democrats, not the Republicans, have had firm control of both houses of Congress for the past four years. During their first two years, we had the near financial collapse on their watch. For the past two years, the Democrats have added the White House giving them carte blanche to promote their legislative agenda in Washington.

Instead of focusing on the economy, the Democrats have passed a series of unpopular and expensive bills, which added regulatory uncertainly to an already shaky marketplace. Until employers know how health care reform and the overhaul of the entire financial market structure will impact their business, they will not be hiring. Only four months from a new tax year, the people who actually create jobs and drive the economy have no idea what their personal taxes rates will be in 2011.

It seems to be dawning on the American people that President Obama and the Democrats now own this economy and blaming it on George W. Bush, whose name has not appeared on a ballot since 2004, is getting old.

President Obama certainly inherited a financial problem, but a case can be made that the tax and spend Democrats on Capitol Hill have only made it worse. A $1.6 trillion dollar deficit for the year, an ineffective and wasteful $800+ billion stimulus package and a 9.6% unemployment rate gives the impression that when it comes to boasting the economy the Democrats are out of their depth. During a recession, government should be encouraging small businesses instead of loading them down with new regulations adding to labor costs and raising taxes.

Are the Democrats in over their heads? With less than 60 days left in the current fiscal year, they haven’t even been able to write a budget for 2010, much less create a long-term recovery plan.

How did we get into this mess? The deficit spending death spiral began with the passage of the “Congressional Budget Reform and Impoundment Control Act of 1974.” Before its passage, other than times of war, deficits were rare and small. Presidents would routinely not spend money Congress had appropriated. This bill stripped the Executive Branch of the ability to “impound” funds, turning the U.S. Treasury into a cash cow that Congress is more than happy to milk.

Thomas Jefferson was the first president to impound funds Congress had voted to spend. He declined to build gunboats on the Mississippi River because he thought they were inferior. For the next 160 years nearly every president, including FDR, Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy, exercised their executive power by declining to spend money for military equipment that Congress had appropriated but they thought unnecessary.

In 1968, President Richard Nixon, horrified by the excesses of President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” spending on domestic programs, began impounding funds on a massive scale never seen before. This fiscal restraint earned him no friends on pork addicted Capitol Hill. In 1974, with Nixon badly weakened by the Watergate Scandal, Congress passed the Impoundment Control Act which effectively ended any future president’s ability to impound funds once authorized by Congress.

The lack of fiscal responsibility has resulted in an explosion of “earmarks” for expensive and wasteful pork barrel projects being inserted into essential bills. With the ability to simply not spend the money off the table, a president’s only options are to either sign or veto. Since the shameless members of Congress have no compunction about attaching tons of wasteful pork to critical legislation, too often it is quietly signed into law with the hope no one will notice.

In 1970, before the passage of the Impoundment Act, the Defense Bill had 12 earmarks. In 2010 it had 1,720. When President Dwight Eisenhower proposed the first highway bill in the 1950s, it had two earmarks. In 1987, President Ronald Reagan vetoed the Highway Bill because it had 121 earmarks. His veto was easily overridden. The most recent highway bill contained an estimated 6,371 “special projects.” It passed 412 to 8 in the House of Representatives.

The party that controls the House controls the spending. When you go to the polls this November be sure to pull the lever for a true fiscal conservative, Democrat or Republican, and not someone who is trying to buy your vote with your grandchildren’s money.

God Bless,

Foster (:>)*****

EDITOR’S NOTE: Foster Friess promotes private-sector solutions to benefit society and curb an increasingly intrusive government. Through the Express Rider network of like-minded influence-leaders, FosterFriess.com provides a conduit to educate and empower citizens on issues transforming America.  To read previous BMW posts written by or about Foster Friess, click here.

Clinton’s Waco Actions Render Claims of OKC Bombing Cover Up More Believable Than Ever

If President Bill Clinton was the man in charge of the federal government’s bungling of the standoff at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco 16 years ago, then claims about his involvement in a cover up of the Oklahoma City Bombing become more plausible.

The video above shows former Clinton advisor Dick Morris sharing details with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity of a deal made between President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno related to the tragedy in Waco.  In short, according to Morris, Reno threatened Clinton by saying she would tell the world how he was in charge of the mishandling of events which resulted in the deaths of 82 Branch Davidians — including 20 children — and four federal agents at the Texas prairie compound of David Koresh and his followers.

The statements by Morris come seven months after I published four posts based on exclusive interviews with two people who suspect President Clinton engaged in a cover up of details about who, in addition to Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, was responsible for the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City two years to the day after the Waco siege began.

One of the people with whom I spoke was David P. Schippers, a man who served as chief investigative counsel during the Clinton Impeachment Hearings in the U.S. House of Representatives and in similar proceedings in the Senate.  Below is an excerpt from the Sept. 30 post in which I recounted my interview with the Chicago-based attorney:

I began the interview by asking Schippers why no one had pursued Hussain Al-Hussaini, the Iraqi native Davis identified in her book as the third terrorist who, along with Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, carried out the attack?

“My honest opinion is that the original shot was made by (President Bill) Clinton in 1995,” he explained.  “Remember, it was 1995, and he had lost the congress — both houses of Congress — and people were saying he would never get reelected, and his numbers were way the hell down.

“If he had had another attack against the United States, he would have had to act, and he didn’t do a damn thing on the first Twin Towers bombing,” he continued.  “Clinton said, ‘Let’s not overreact,’ and, at that time, we had the Department of Justice with (Janet) Reno in there who was completely politicized, and I think (Clinton) just decided we’re not going to do it.”

Schippers continued, “riding” a bipartisan train of thought.

“Now, why didn’t the (President George W.) Bush people do it?” he asked rhetorically.  “That’s the one that really bothered me.  We deliberately waited until Reno and that gang got out of the administration and then Bush came in.”

Unfortunately, no one ever bit on the information Schippers said a president could have used as a legitimate reason to invade Iraq, and he blames it on a pact between the Bushes and Clintons — something akin to the mutually-assured destruction mindset that prevailed during the Cold War between Russia and the United States.

The other person I interviewed was Jayna Davis, award-winning investigative reporter and author of The New York Times Best Seller about the OKC Bombing, “The Third Terrorist”.  In three posts published Sept. 28, I share details of the interview during which she broke her four-year silence with the media and spoke to me about the OKC Bombing video tapes the FBI refuses to release — most likely, because they will reveal that officials at the highest levels of government knew more than they let on.

File this under “Once Bitten, Twice Shy”.

Business Owner Says Economy Not Turning Around

Rick Misch

Rick Misch

The Obama Administration wants Americans to believe the economy is beginning to turn around and that President Barack Obama’s efforts are starting to result in more and more “saved and created jobs.”  Ask Rick Misch for his assessment of the economy, however, and you’ll find the economic picture he sees daily isn’t as pretty as the one painted by politicians.

“I know there simply isn’t any real ‘job creation’ taking place,” said Misch, president of Ohio-based Phoenix Research Inc., during a recent phone interview.  And he should know.

Phoenix Research is a courthouse research company Misch and business partner Bill Brown launched in November 1997.  The company provides on-site criminal records checks for some 750 employment screening companies across the United States by way of a network of approximately 1,500 subcontractors working in almost every county in the nation.

A look at his company’s growth is revealing:

  • By April-May 1998, Misch said, the company had hit its stride;
  • By 2000, the partners had paid off all of the company’s start-up costs and relocated from Cincinnati to Mt. Orab, 60 miles due east in Brown County; and
  • By 2001, Phoenix Research employed nine people, including Misch and Brown, and was handling approximately 3,000 individual criminal history searches per day — including 250 to 350 in Los Angeles County alone.

In addition to providing a decent living for its owners and employees, the enterprise provides Misch a great deal of insight about the state of the economy.

“One thing that was consistent from basically 1998 to 2008 (was that) I could accurately predict within one-tenth of a percentage point what the unemployment rate was going to be the following month,” he said.  “I knew it before anybody in the media did.”

In May 2009, however, Misch said his numbers and those coming out of Washington, D.C., began, inexplicably, to diverge, though he had not changed the way he calculated his predictions.

Misch alluded to having suspicions about reasons behind the government’s variance, but opted not to pursue them.  Instead, he simply explained how his numbers paint a terrible economic picture of actual unemployment “north of 20 percent.”

“We were a multi-million-dollar-a-year business just 36 months ago,” said Misch.  Now, Phoenix Research employs only five people and is now only a few months from bankruptcy, largely due to the fact that the company is handling only 150 criminal history searches — or five percent of normal — on a daily basis.

“We made money under Clinton,” he said.  “We made money under Bush.  We are being KILLED under Obama!

“As a small business owner and as veteran, I’ve never looked to the government to do anything for me; I’ve never asked the government to do anything for me,” he said, “but I can tell you this, this Congress and this administration hasn’t done a thing that can help me.

Even with the so-called “hiring incentives” in place?

Misch explained why business owners are not taking advantage of the tax credits being offered by the Obama Administration.

“They want to give me a $3,000 tax credit if I go out and buy all new computers.  But why would I go out and buy all new computers when my computers work fine and I own all my own file servers, but I don’t have the business to support the expenditures in the first place.”

The same thing goes for job creation, he explained, citing the government’s offer of tax credits for companies that hire individuals who’ve been unemployed for some lengthy period of time.

“Why on earth would I fill a job  that’s going to cost me $25,000 a year minimum to get a $6,000 tax credit and have a person sitting around with nothing to do because we don’t have the business?  It doesn’t make any sense!

“It they want to help people like me, they need to cut taxes across the board and get the venture capital back in the game,” he said.  “There’s no incentive for small businesses to hire.”

Of course, the Obama Administration would accuse Misch and Brown of being greedy.  But nothing could be further from reality.

“My business partner and I have cut our salaries six times during the last 18 months,” Misch said.

Cross-posted 4/17/10 at BigGovernment.com.

Shock Jock Howard Stern Stands Up for Capitalism, Says ‘I will never vote for a Democrat Again!’

Never in the 3.5-year history of this blog have I mentioned Howard Stern’s name in a post.  Why?  Because, for the most part, I detest the man as a foul-mouthed purveyor of filth on the airwaves.  Today, however, I feature him out of the sheer hope — perhaps misplaced, but I’m willing to risk it — that liberal fans of Stern might follow his example and pledge to never vote for another Democrat candidate again.  In the one-minute video below, the radio “shock jock” tells a colleague, recalling a conversation he had with his liberal agent.  “I have vowed I will never vote for a Democrat again!  I don’t give a (expletive)!

“I don’t care if God becomes a Democrat,” he continued.  “I said, ‘I backed Hillary Clinton.  I backed Al Gore.  I backed John Kerry.  I am done with them.”

After going on to call Democrats on the Federal Communications Commission communists, he summed things up by saying, “This is gangsterism!”

Hat tip:  BigGovernment.com

Oklahoma City Wrong for Honoring Bill Clinton (Update)

In an article published recently on the web site of Oklahoma’s largest newspaper, I was disappointed by the words attributed to the executive director of the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum said about President Bill Clinton on the occasion of the announcement that her group will honor the nation’s 40th president with the Reflections of Hope Award in conjunction with the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing:

“President Clinton and the work of the Clinton Foundation exemplify the core mission of this award and the Memorial and Museum,” said Kari Watkins. “He stood by this city 15 years ago and helped lead the way to rebuilding the heart of our city. Since then, he has done a tremendous job of bringing together the private sector and the non-governmental organizations to combat global issues.”

My beef isn’t with Watkins, mind you.  It lies, instead, with the continuation of the myths surrounding the bombing.  Stated more succinctly, it lies with the fact that the cover up surrounding the April 19, 1995, attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building continues.

As reported in four posts based on exclusive interviews with David P. Schippers and Jayna Davis, the evidence points to President Clinton being responsible for doing little to bring about complete justice for the 168 victims of the bombing in the nation’s heartland.

Who is Schippers?  He’s a 70-something Chicago-based attorney who served as chief investigative counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee during the Clinton Impeachment Hearings.  In addition, he authored the book, “SELLOUT: The Inside Story of President Clinton’s Impeachment.”

I was introduced to Schippers by Jayna Davis, author of the book, “The Third Terrorist,” which chronicled her decade-long investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing and became a New York Times Best Seller.  Some 30 years his junior, Davis considers Schippers a close personal friend and something of a father figure.

In a post published Sept. 30, I recounted my interview with Schippers:

I began the interview by asking Schippers why no one had pursued Hussain Al-Hussaini, the Iraqi native Davis identified in her book as the third terrorist who, along with Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, carried out the attack?

“My honest opinion is that the original shot was made by (President Bill) Clinton in 1995,” he explained.  “Remember, it was 1995, and he had lost the congress — both houses of Congress — and people were saying he would never get reelected, and his numbers were way the hell down.

“If he had had another attack against the United States, he would have had to act, and he didn’t do a damn thing on the first Twin Towers bombing,” he continued.  “Clinton said, ‘Let’s not overreact,’ and, at that time, we had the Department of Justice with (Janet) Reno in there who was completely politicized, and I think (Clinton) just decided we’re not going to do it.”

Schippers continued, “riding” a bipartisan train of thought.

“Now, why didn’t the (President George W.) Bush people do it?” he asked rhetorically.  “That’s the one that really bothered me.  We deliberately waited until Reno and that gang got out of the administration and then Bush came in.”

Unfortunately, no one ever bit on the information Schippers said a president could have used as a legitimate reason to invade Iraq, and he blames it on a pact between the Bushes and Clintons — something akin to the mutually-assured destruction mindset that prevailed during the Cold War between Russia and the United States.

The preponderance of the evidence, thoroughly documented by Davis and explained further by Schippers, is difficult — if not impossible — to refute.

Don’t believe it?  Read the posts or, better yet, read Davis’ book, “The Third Terrorist.”  Then decide.

UDPATE 4/17/10 at 3:52 p.m. Central: Two days before the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing, President Clinton is painting tea partiers as “gonna-be terrorists”.  Plays into the 15-year-old cover up I wrote about above.

Smoking Banned in Little Rock’s ‘OBAMA ROOM’

During a recent stay at The Holiday Inn Presidential in Little Rock, Ark., I found the 150-room, eight-story property’s non-smoking policy attractive.  At the same time, I found its vast collection of presidential memorabilia interesting.  Most memorable about my stay, however, was the no-smoking sign (shown at right) outside a meeting space known as “THE OBAMA ROOM.”  Such irony!  A non-smoking room named after the nation’s most-well-known smoker, President Barack Obama.

Coincidentally, I never saw the room being used during the 18 hours I stayed at the property, located a stone’s throw from the William J. Clinton Presidential Library & Massage Parlor Museum.

Were business travelers too busy closing deals to consider sleeping?   Not in this economy.  Instead, they simply refused to hold a meeting in a room named after the president most responsible for their rapid demise.