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Will Ebola Thrive in ‘Refriger-Nation’ This Winter?

In The Old Farmer’s Almanac prediction for this winter, editor Janice Stillman used some choice words to describe another teeth-chatteringly cold winter that’s on its way across the United States:  “Colder is just almost too familiar a term. Think of it as a refriger-nation.” Coupled with recent news reports about Ebola, this prediction makes me think we might be in for one of the roughest winters ever.

Among the Ebola-related news items that surfaced this week, two stand out when it comes to this winter weather prediction.

The first involves officials at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. Today, they admitted that droplets from a person’s sneeze could spread the Ebola virus. Rumor has it that they made their admission after watching a snotty public service announcement (above) in which South Australians are urged to get their flu shots.

Two days ago, the world learned about Ebola being able to survive on surfaces for almost two months when stored at low temperatures. Winter temperatures.

While I hope the folks at The Old Farmer’s Almanac are wrong, they claim to have an 80-percent-accurate track record when it comes to predicting the weather. At the same time, the folks at CDC (a.k.a., “Masters of the Obvious”) have no such track record to tout. As a result, this winter could turn out to be very cold and very deadly for folks in the United States. I hope and pray that it turns out otherwise.

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