Global Warming: ‘Science by Consensus’

In a post yesterday, I shared the insights of William F. Buckley and Donald Luskin on the subject of global warming. Today, I’m pleased to comment on a complementary piece from our friends at Planck Time.

This piece has to do with the just-released May edition of Vanity Fair which includes an article about Leonardo DiCaprio’s activist insights and his upcoming film, The 11th Hour.

Planck Time dubs DiCaprio as “Chump of the Hour” and offers up alternative names for the film, including, We’re All Screwed So Give Me Your Money and You People Are Repulsive Insects and You’d Better Listen To Me Because I Am An Actor and You Are Not, among others. In addition, the blogger sums up the story line brilliantly:

“Essentially, we’re going to be treated to another self-indulgent ‘We’re All Doomed Because of You’ movie,” he writes, “that will be full of emotion but lacking any scientific substance. Another ‘science by consensus’ sermon.”

And therein lies the rub! For the second time in as many days, a writer not affiliated with Bob McCarty Writes has reached the conclusion that the Al Gore-led global warming movement is akin to a religion.

Through their writings, it’s apparent to me that Buckley, Luskin and Planck Time qualify to become members of the I DON’T LISTEN TO HOLLYWOOD! crowd.

As this post spreads and others learn the truth about global warming, I predict the flood gates will open and more brave souls will join us in exposing Rev. Al Gore (a.k.a., Al Nino) as a GLOBAL WARM-MONGER who leads The Warmin’ Church, authored its Book of Warmin’ and makes millions of dollars by preaching the message, “The Inconvenient Truth Shall Set You Free!”

Finally, we will be able to innoculate people around the world with a vaccine — INCONVENIENT TRUTH SERUM — and help them understand that Global Warming is a Myth and should forever be referred to as BULL!

Sportswriter Wolff Joins Global Warming Crowd

A recent Alexander Wolff article in begins with the two paragraphs below:

The next time a ball game gets rained out during the September stretch run, you can curse the momentary worthlessness of those tickets in your pocket. Or you can wonder why it got rained out — and ask yourself why practice had to be called off last summer on a day when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky; and why that Gulf Coast wharf where you used to reel in mackerel and flounder no longer exists; and why it’s been more than one winter since you pulled those titanium skis out of the garage.

Global warming is not coming; it is here. Greenhouse gases — most notably carbon dioxide produced by burning coal, oil and gas — are trapping solar heat that once escaped from the Earth’s atmosphere. As temperatures around the globe increase, oceans are warming, fields are drying up, snow is melting, more rain is falling, and sea levels are rising.

It is not until the fourth paragraph that Wolff, a well-known sportswriter and author of several sports-related books, attributes any of his assertions about global warming to a source. At that point, unfortunately, he cites only one source, a University of Arizona web site. Through the remainder of the article, he describes how sports will be impacted by the effects of climate change that seem to have been lifted from the script of Al Gore’s fear-mongering movie, an inconvenient truth.

If, as a young sportswriter, Wolff had written about sports in the same manner as he now writes about global warming, I doubt that he would have reached such the lofty rung on the ladder of sports journalism upon which he now stands.

I would like to think Wolff was pressured by his bosses at (a CNN/Sports Illustrated venture owned by Time Warner), but I’m afraid he’s just another sheep who’s bought into the whole global warming alarmism.