Shock Jock Howard Stern Stands Up for Capitalism, Says ‘I will never vote for a Democrat Again!’

Never in the 3.5-year history of this blog have I mentioned Howard Stern’s name in a post.  Why?  Because, for the most part, I detest the man as a foul-mouthed purveyor of filth on the airwaves.  Today, however, I feature him out of the sheer hope — perhaps misplaced, but I’m willing to risk it — that liberal fans of Stern might follow his example and pledge to never vote for another Democrat candidate again.  In the one-minute video below, the radio “shock jock” tells a colleague, recalling a conversation he had with his liberal agent.  “I have vowed I will never vote for a Democrat again!  I don’t give a (expletive)!

“I don’t care if God becomes a Democrat,” he continued.  “I said, ‘I backed Hillary Clinton.  I backed Al Gore.  I backed John Kerry.  I am done with them.”

After going on to call Democrats on the Federal Communications Commission communists, he summed things up by saying, “This is gangsterism!”

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Did Hillary Post ‘True Mom Confession’ Online?

Click to see screen shot.

While checking out Google Trends just after Noon Central today, I noticed “True mom confessions” was the top search term and decided to check out the “volcanic” interest in the site.  Once there, I discovered what I think was the cause of so much interest (i.e., a confession, shown in the graphic above, that appears to have been posted anonymously by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at this web site.

The entry reads as follows:

“While flying around the world to meet with foreign heads of state, I sometimes get the feeling that my boss in Washington wants me to maintain a low profile. Does he think I’ll go after his job in 2012 or what?”

Do you think it was really posted by the former first lady?  Hmmm?

Did President Obama Send Hillary to the Moon?

One year ago today, then-Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee became the first to suggest putting Hillary Clinton on a rocket ship to the moon.  Now, it appears as if the statement made by the former Arkansas governor during a televised debate, captured in the video (below left), might have been prophetic.

With the extremely low profile being maintained by the former first lady as President Barack Obama’s secretary of state, it wouldn’t be difficult to convince someone that Clinton has indeed been sent to the moon — or, at a minimum, is serving aboard the International Space Station — as part of a new initiative in foreign relations.  She is that scarce!

Gotta hand it to President Obama; he sure knows how to neutralize an opponent.

Obama Picks Pro-Hillary Communications Director

Click image to view video.

Click image to view video.

Upon learning Saturday that President-elect Barack Obama had selected Ellen Moran, executive director of EMILY’s List, as his White House communications director, I began to wonder if anyone on Obama’s staff knew much about Moran and her group.  After all, she and her group offered early support for Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid.

The March 2007 video above, which I once described as the ‘Scariest Film Ever’ Now Posted on YouTube, shows how they sided with Clinton during the 2008 presidential primary season.

Scarier than the video is the fact that Obama is surrounding himself with people like Moran, who was leader of the group which claims to have the nation’s largest grassroots political network, dedicated to building a progressive America by electing pro-choice (a.k.a., pro-abortion) Democrat women to federal, state, and local offices. [EMILY, by the way, is an acronym for "Early Money Is Like Yeast (it helps the dough rise)", according to the EMILY's List web site.]

It Appears Hillary Will Settle for Secretarial Post

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.)

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.)

After working so long and so hard toward attaining lofty positions in the federal government, it appears Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) will settle for a secretarial position in the Obama Administration.

Though it’s not a “done deal,” the strong likelihood of Clinton settling for a secretarial position raises troubling questions for and about the former first lady.  Aside from the matter of repairing the 18 million cracks she put in the glass ceiling, does anyone know if she can type?

‘Presidential Chicago’ Tourism Push Stirs Memories

Editor’s Note: On the heels of Barack Obama‘s election victory Tuesday, the “Choose Chicago” web site is inviting visitors to “experience the city the Obamas enjoy” and even offers a Presidential Chicago web page.  Upon learning of the site yesterday, I felt it appropriate to republish memories of a family daytrip to the Windy City taken Oct. 9, 2007.  Those memories appear below.

Chicago Daytrip an Eye-Opener for Lost Tourists

Yesterday, this blogger spent the day as a tourist in Chicago. But I didn’t play “tourist” the entire time. In fact, I played “lost tourist” for a couple of the 11 hours spent in the Windy City. As a result, I experienced aspects of life on the city’s south side few tourists see. And did I mention that I had my wife, three sons and one of their friends with me? Well, I did.

Flying in from St. Louis, we arrived at Chicago’s Midway Airport at about 10 a.m. CST and began our day with a ride on the Orange Line train. A short walk and a free trolley ride later, we arrived for our tourist-mandatory visit to the Navy Pier. Underwhelmed by the offerings there, we opted to walk downtown in search of food, lead by the stomachs of my oldest son and his friend, both high school seniors.

We walked for blocks and blocks in search of the right place to eat. Along the way, we stopped at Millennium Park and saw Cloud Gate, the shiny mirror-covered creation of British artist Anish Kapoor. (That’s my photo above.)

Unfortunately, it took nearly an hour and a half of walking at a sightseeing pace before we finally settled for food court fare at Westfield North Bridge, an upscale mall located on Chicago’s famous Michigan Avenue. There, we enjoyed a meal of tasty sandwiches and drinks before walking back to the nearest train stop in search of a train to take us to the Museum of Science and Industry.

Because I had forgotten the maps — our “game plan” for the day — in the van at the St. Louis airport, I was forced to rely on station maps and personnel of the Chicago Transit Authority. Big mistake. The directions given to me by the lady dressed in a CTA uniform led us to take the Green Line train. I was told we could get off at either the 51st or Ashland/63rd stops and walk to the museum which she said was on 55th street. She was wrong. At least, it appeared that way.

The further the Green Line train took us, the more my very-Caucasian group began to feel out of place. Outside the windows of our train car, the scenery morphed from downtown office buildings, to warehouse/industrial areas and, finally, to neighborhoods I’m certain have served as prime filming locations for more than one episode of COPS.

Hoping the scenery outside would change, we continued on our train ride. Unfortunately for us, the view didn’t change. It only got worse. And then the train reached the end of the Green Line. Ashland/63rd. A recorded message, something to this effect, followed over the train’s public address system: “All passengers must leave the train.” And we did.

Standing on the platform at the Ashland/63rd stop, six very pale middle-class St. Louisans appeared out of place. Looking to the activity on the streets below, we saw dilapidated buildings in every direction. And we saw people, walking the streets and sidewalks, apparently without destinations in mind. I told my wife it didn’t matter what the CTA lady had told us. “We are not walking to 55th street through this neighborhood,” I said before instructing my traveling companions to get back on the train before it departed without us.

We sat on the train for what seemed an eternity but was probably less than 15 minutes, waiting for the train to depart the Ashland/63rd platform. During that time, we watched a sad form of street theater taking place before our eyes on the streets and sidewalks below the platform:

  • An apparently-drunk man walked across an intersection and forced a handful of drivers to slam on their brakes in order to avoid striking him with their cars; and
  • As if we were watching a crime show on television, we saw drug dealers conducting transactions, apparently fearless and unafraid of being apprehended by the police officer wearing a bright yellow reflective vest on the other side of the intersection.

Finally, our train began moving slowly. Then it stopped. Slowly again. Stopped again. Then moving for good.

Chicago Peacenik Duo

Chicago Peacenik Duo

Upon safely returning to civilization, we walked along lake shore before turning toward downtown for another food adventure. On the way to a delicious dinner at Pizano’s Pizza (Madison and State), we passed the Crown Fountain and met two young Chicago peaceniks carrying signs (see photo at right).

If their signs are any indication of our future, I might be more afraid of the peaceniks than I was of the drug dealers at Ashland/63rd. How can that be? Because the drug dealers’ activities, while illegal, are rooted in economic survival and involve a degree of entrepreneurship. Conversely, the peaceniks’ ideology is rooted in a perverse sense of ignorant bliss that distorts reality. If allowed to run amok via the election of someone like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or John Edwards, it will lead to the demise of the world’s longest-lasting free republic.

I Almost Forgot Today is World Alzheimer’s Day

I almost forgot that today is World Alzheimer’s Day.  But I didn’t.

Twenty-six million people across the world are living with Alzheimer’s, according to a news release from the Alzheimer’s Association, and that number will quadruple by 2050.  By mid-century, more than 100 million people will be living with this degenerative disease that kills brain cells and eventually the person with the disease.

Not mentioned in the news release is the less-often-discussed disease known as Partzheimer’s.

Click to view online shop.

Click to view online shop.

Partzheimer’s (a.k.a., Convenient Memory-Loss Syndrome) is a rare form of memory loss that affects those in the public spotlight — politicians, movie stars and high-profile corporate executives — more often than any other group.  Symptoms show up most often when individuals afflicted with the disease are speaking under oath. Unfortunately, the disease often goes undiagnosed and untreated for years.

As part of an ongoing public service effort, Bob McCarty Writes has endeavored to report on this disease on a frequent and regular basis.  Below are links to some of the best posts on Partzheimer’s:

  • Barack Obama Displays Signs of Partzheimer’s — The testimony of the federal government’s star witness in the trial of indicted political fixer Tony Rezko appears to contradict Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s past statements that he does not recall meeting Iraqi-born billionaire, Nadhmi Auchi, according to an ABC News report. In other words, it appears that yet another high-brow politician has succumbed to the ravages of Partzheimer’s.
  • Gore Shows Signs of Rare Memory-Loss Affliction — Recently posted on YouTube, a 1992 video clip shows then-Democrat Party vice presidential nominee Al Gore bashing President George H.W. Bush for disregarding Iraq’s ties to terrorism and ignoring Iraq’s attempts to acquire weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons.
  • Carter Forgets Own Failures, Blasts G.W. Bush — Can you believe Jimmy Carter has the nerve to blast President George W. Bush about his prowess in the area of international relations? That’s definitely a case of the pot calling the kettle black…Apparently, Carter has Partzheimer’s
  • Hillary Fights to Avoid Testifying Under reports today that attorneys for New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton are trying to keep her out of a lawsuit that may ultimately force her to testify under oath about an alleged violation of campaign finance laws in a case involving Hollywood businessman Peter Paul.
  • Hillary Clinton Diagnosed with Partzheimer’s — When questioned under oath 11 years ago about her work on behalf of Little Rock’s Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan, Hillary Rodham Clinton showed all of the tell-tale signs of a rare memory-loss affliction. Today, one of the nation’s top medical professionals revealed to Bob McCarty Writes that the New York senator and Democrat candidate for president suffers from Partzheimer’s.