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Soldier Targeted by Pentagon Witch Hunt (Video Clip 7)

It might seem strange to say Maj. Christian “Kit” Martin is fighting the toughest battle, especially when one considers the fact he’s been to war and back three times as an Army Ranger and master Army aviator flying the world’s most-sophisticated attack helicopters. But it’s true. In this video clip, the 47-year-old discusses the second set of allegations made against him by the woman he considered his legal wife — allegations an Army general seems to have “swallowed hook, line and sinker.”

On Dec. 1, despite the face that more than one investigation had cleared him of any wrongdoing, Major Martin is scheduled to stand trial on the bogus sexual assault charges inside a military courtroom at Fort Campbell, Ky. If convicted, he faces the possibility of spending 58 years behind bars.

Now that I have your attention, I encourage you to read the long-version of his story. Afterward, please share it far and wide. Let your voice be heard in opposition to this, the latest example of the Pentagon’s politically-correct sexual assault witch hunt ruining lives.

FYI: Stay tuned for updates as they surface!

Since this article was published, the date for Major Martin’s trial was changed to Dec. 1, 2015. This article has been updated to reflect that change.

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