HuffPo’s Anti-Israel Bias Exposed

Regarding the tense situation in Israel and the Middle East, I received an important message this morning from the folks at Huff-Watch who keep a watchful and corrective eye on the folks at The Huffington Post.  The subject:  His latest post, “HuffPost video “news” host pushes Hamas lies, ignores savage reality of Hamas”:

In my first major report (2010) on HuffPost’s bias and incitement of hate against Israel, “The Stimulus And The (Approved) Response: Anti-Semitism and Israel-Hatred on Huffington Post,” I documented how it was effectively acting as a PR tool and propaganda arm for Hamas – and that it knowingly violates its own “rules” in order to facilitate the outpouring of Nazi-like hate against Jews, from commenters. A major focus of that report was on HuffPost’s coverage of Operation Cast Lead, which made clear its pro-Hamas, anti-Israel bias. Back then, however, HuffPost was only a top-ten U.S. “news” site.

With the election of President Obama, since early 2009 HuffPost’s “journalists” began being welcomed all over Capitol Hill, and enjoy direct, preferred access to the White House.  It now boasts a blogging stable including many top figures of the Democrat party, and governments around the world.  Less well-known is that as of early 2011, nearly 10,000 unique visitors a day arrived from the three largest incubators of Islamist terror: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt, presumably in part because, as even Abe Foxman (a HuffPost blogger) noted, the comments that HuffPost publishes in response to his articles are “dripping” with anti-Semitism.  Since then, I have been documenting HuffPost’s escalating incitement and tolerance of hate against Israel and Jews — and how it ignores, whitewashes or downplays militant Islamists’ threats, acts and statements against Israelis and Jews.

In the past year, HuffPost’s reach and influence have dramatically escalated: it is now the #1 most-read online “newspaper” in the world. Most recently, it launched a video “news” venture, HuffPost “Live.”  One of its “host-producers” is Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, a former producer for Al Jazeera, and (surprise!) an ardent pro-Islamist, anti-Israel propagandist, as other online publications have documented (Algemeiner; HuffPostMonitor).

My latest report, “HuffPost video “news” host pushes Hamas lies, ignores savage reality of Hamas,” documents how it is now applying the exact same incitement and bias against Israel – but in the world of video – a far more compelling and dynamic medium. Highlights:

• In recent days, Shihab-Eldin has claimed that the only parties in the Middle East that live in justifiable fear are (a) Iran, and (b) the Palestinians, and that Israeli is “terrorizing” what he refers to as the “Occupied Gaza Strip.”

• Both HuffPost and HuffPostLive published not a single story on the front page or World page about the hundreds of rockets, missiles and mortars that Hamas fired into Israel from Nov. 10-14.

• The first story to appear on either page concerning the situation in Israel was Netanyahu’s threat to begin targeted assassinations – which HuffPost defined as against “Gazans” (not Hamas officials and installations).

• Since then, HuffPost and HuffPostLive have consistently published material framed to assail and incite hate against Israel – but not a single piece that reveals Hamas’s fake injury/death videos and photos, or its threat to resume suicide bombings in Israeli cafes and bus stations.

Israeli Defense Force pilot

I ask that you please give this report your urgent attention, and if you feel it is merited, to help publicize the reality of how HuffPost is advancing the cyber-jihad against Israel and Jews with an unrivaled level of influence and reach:

“HuffPost video “news” host pushes Hamas lies, ignores savage reality of Hamas”


Good points, all!

Bob McCarty is the author of “Three Days In August: A U.S. Army Special Forces Soldier’s Fight For Military Justice,” a nonfiction book that’s available in paperback and ebook via most online booksellers, including His second book, “The CLAPPER MEMO,” is set for release this fall.

Anti-Gun Crowd Ignorant of History

Within days of the shooting rampage that left U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona’s 8th Congressional District in critical condition, killed six others and wounded 14 more, the usual suspects began coming out of the woodwork with calls to modify gun laws in the United States.  In doing so, they reveal their ignorance about history.

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.)

Early this morning, CBS News joined in the fray by following their headline-shaping question — Will Tucson Tragedy Shift Gun Control Debate? — with a story that, among other things, offered readers zingers such as “Arizona has some of the laxest gun laws in the nation” and speculation about the plan of Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.) to introduce a bill targeting the high-capacity clips allegedly used by Jared Loughner.

A few hours later, The Huffington Post published a story under the headline, World Media Reacts to Giffords Shooting: U.S. Gun Laws Are Nuts (Sorry, you’ll have to find the link yourself).

Apparently, the liberal writers behind articles like the ones above are ignorant of the lessons of history and need to watch the video, Innocents Betrayed.  Produced by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, it offers graphic evidence of how gun control has been a first step to genocide in many nations around the globe.

Watch the trailer for the video (below), then order a copy of the video to share with your liberal pro-gun control friends [Warning: Video contains graphic images].

To order a full-length DVD of the film, click here.

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FLASH: Poll Results Prove HuffPo Writer Right (Update)

Barely a year after I was trashed on the pages of The Huffington Post, today marks one of those rare occasions when I felt inclined to read a portion of a Fred Goldring article, New Year’s Resolution 2011: Start Supporting President Obama, published on the ultra-liberal web site.  Surprisingly, it took only a few moments of reading beyond the headline to conclude that Goldring had gotten something right.

The following accurate statement appeared as the first sentence of Goldring’s piece:

As we approach the end of President Obama’s second year in office, it seems that, despite his numerous major achievements, the President has thus far managed to disappoint just about everybody.

How do I know Goldring was right?  Because the results of a new Harris Interactive poll released today prove it:

  • At the end of his second year in office, just three in ten Americans (30%) give him positive ratings on the job he is doing on the economy while seven in ten (70%) give him negative ratings;
  • When asked to compare their financial situation to last year, two in five Americans (42%) feel less secure now while one-third (36%) feel just as secure and one in five (19%) say they now feel more secure;
  • One-quarter of Americans (26%) say they expect the economy to get worse in the coming year while three in ten (29%) expect it to get better and 45% say it will stay the same; and
  • One-quarter of U.S. adults (25%) say they expect the job market to be better over the next six months, one in five (22%) say it will be worse and over half (54%) believe it will remain the same.

In addition to the findings shown above, I found a paragraph of the Harris news release interesting and, perhaps, a bit optimistic:

At the beginning of the year everyone always has the best intentions. Resolutions are made typically about health, diet and/or finances. But, as everyone knows, resolutions are also broken and if they last until the end of January, that’s a great thing. As the year goes on, it will be interesting to see if people are saving more, paying down their debt or cutting back on household spending.

Makes one wonder what President Barack Obama’s resolutions for 2011 might be.

Will he kick the smoking habit?

Will he stop blaming George W. Bush for everything?

Only time will tell.

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UPDATE 12/27/10 at 5:09 p.m. Central: Cross-posted at

Eric Balderas ‘Posterboy’ for Immigration Reform

Paul R. Hollrah

By Paul R. Hollrah, Guest Blogger

Just imagine for a moment that you are Barack Obama… I know it’s distasteful, but do it anyway… and assume that your number one goal, politically, is to make it possible for your party to win U.S. elections in perpetuity, with little or no chance of a strong challenge from Republicans.  What would you do?

Putting that task in the hands of party hoodlums such as James Carville, Rahm Emanuel, and the leaders of the AFL-CIO, ACORN, and the SEIU could get you into a lot of trouble.  In fact, you might even picture yourself standing in the dock next to former governor Rod Blagojevich.  But if you were looking for a solution to the problem that you could pass right under the noses of the American people and it would pass the smell test, what would you do?

If you were Obama you might say, “We want to tie up the Hispanic vote, just like we’ve bought and paid for blacks, blue collar workers, gays and lesbians, and government workers, so find me a young Hispanic who is: a) clean-cut and attractive, b) a bit on the pitiful side… no ‘macho’ amigos, c) in the country illegally, and d) taking full advantage of the American Dream.  Then, when you find just the right person, I want you to initiate deportation proceedings.”

The Obama Administration has found just the right man… the new “poster boy” for immigration reform. His name is Eric Balderas, a 19-year-old Mexican citizen who has been in this country, illegally, since he was four years old and is now studying molecular and cellular biology at Harvard University.  According to the Huffington Post, Balderas was detained by immigration authorities on Monday, June 7, as he attempted to board a plane from San Antonio to Boston after visiting with his mother.

What alerted immigration authorities was the ID Balderas attempted to use as identification: an  American consulate card obtained in Mexico and his Harvard student ID.  As he explained, he had previously used his Mexican passport to board planes in the U.S., but recently lost it.  He said, “I made it through before so I thought this time wouldn’t be any different.”

According to the Huffington Post, Balderas does not remember living in Mexico.  He said, “All I can think about was my family.”

Then, as if on cue, Obama’s radical left friends began to circle the wagons around Balderas.  Christine Heenan, Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications at Harvard, said, “Eric Balderas has already demonstrated the discipline and the work ethic required for rigorous university work, and has, like so many of our undergraduates, expressed an interest in making a difference in the world.”

One wonders, if such people are so interested in “making a difference” in the world, why do they insist on bringing that passion to the United States where we’re all pretty comfortable and where we’re not looking for foreigners to make a lot of “difference” in our lives?  Why don’t they stay at home and try to make a “difference” in the hell-holes where they were born?

Maybe they come because they heard some idiot say, “My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world.  I hope you’ll join me as I try to change it.”  After hearing that bit of insanity they just couldn’t resist coming to see what it was all about.

Of course, making a “difference” can be a dangerous thing.  For example, look what happened when Obama’s grandfather decided to send his son to America to “make a difference.”  Well, he made a difference; he made Obama and now look at the mess we’re in.

The Huffington Post tells us that Balderas’s case has “sparked a buzz on social media sites and among student immigrant activists who see the Balderas situation as the ideal test case to push the proposed DREAM Act – a federal bill that would allow illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship via college enrollment or military service.  (Emphasis added)

“Mario Rodas, who was an undocumented student in Chelsea, a small city near Boston, until Sen. John Kerry and the late Sen. Edward Kennedy came to his aid, launched a Facebook page Friday highlighting the Balderas case.  ‘He’s an excellent student and an example of someone this country needs,’ said Rodas.”

Balderas has it all:

a) He doesn’t remember living in Mexico;

b) He was brought to the U.S. to escape a domestic violence situation;

c) He can only think of his family;

d) He has demonstrated discipline and the work ethic;

e) He is an excellent student;

f) Like Obama, he is attending Harvard on someone else’s dollar;

g) He has expressed an interest in making a difference in the world;

h) His case has sparked a buzz among liberal activists,

i) His case is an “ideal test case”; and, last but not least,

k) The country needs him.

Not surprisingly, Balderas confesses to having been active in student immigration groups in the Boston area that have staged sit-ins and protests aimed at getting Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) to support the DREAM Act.

It’s such a neat package.  Obama could not have found a more perfect “poster boy” for his radical immigration reform agenda if he had placed a call to Central Casting in Hollywood.  He knows that, if the deportation of a young man like Eric Balderas doesn’t melt away opposition to broad amnesty for illegal aliens, creating millions of new Democrat voters for the future, then nothing will.

Who said Obama is not transparent?

Top BMW Stories the Mainstream Media Missed (Update)

Below, in much the same manner as Fox News published a year-end piece, Nine Big Stories the Mainstream Media Missed in 2009, I highlight four seven subjects I covered that were, mostly or largely, ignored by the “lame-stream” media:

1.  The Chevron-Ecuador Lawsuit — My coverage began April 22 with the post, Blogger Investigating $27 Billion Lawsuit Against Chevron, Sending Correspondent to Ecuador.  Twenty-eight posts later, I found myself being trashed by The Huffington Post for reporting the facts.  A badge of honor, I say.

2. Anti-Socialism Rallies — Not your typical “Tea Party” rallies, the K and N Patriots’ rallies were launched by a 68-year-old grandmother whose message continues to resonate.  To date, I’ve published 22 posts, several of which included videos contrasting the patriotic, pro-freedom crowd with those advocating government-run health care.

3. Single-Payer Health Care — On Nov. 14, I crashed the 2009 National Strategy Conference as the only journalist in a room full of radical, left-wing single-payer health plan advocates, including NOW President Terry O’Neill, as they discussed extreme proposals for government-run health care.  In addition to a piece published at Pajamas Media, I published 11 posts that included 10 unique videos from the conference.

4. Three Navy SEALs — In four posts this month, I not only covered the surface issues related to the case of three Navy SEALs facing charges related to their apprehension of an enemy combatant, but I sought out inside sources, including a retired Navy SEAL who questioned the nation’s mental state.

Stay tuned as I’m working on several investigative pieces — including one on small town health care — and plan to publish them during the coming months.

UPDATE 1/01/10 at 11 a.m. Central: As I published this post yesterday afternoon, I must have been experiencing the side effects of what I like to call a “brain fart.”  In short, I left at least three more important story subjects off of my list of stories missed by the mainstream media.  Because I own this blog, I decided to add items #5 and #6 below:

5. LIE DETECTORS IN COMBAT — On April 9, I asked the question, Is Tech ‘Turf War’ Putting U.S. Troops at Risk? What followed was a series of six more posts about a controversy with life-and-death implications has been brewing for years over the Army’s decision to deploy the Preliminary Credibility Assessment Screening System, a hand-held lie detector, to combat zones instead of using new, more effective technology preferred by those who’ve used both in combat zones.  I have more stories coming on this subject.

6. EXCLUSIVE OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING INTERVIEWS — While many consider the subject closed, I consider it wide open.  After new post-blast video tapes were released by the FBI, many wondered why the nation’s top law enforcement agency didn’t release tapes from prior to the bombing.  In two exclusive interviews published in late September, I spoke with Jayna Davis, investigative reporter and author of the best-selling chronicle, The Third Terrorist, and David P. Schippers, a man who served as chief investigative counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee during the Clinton Impeachment Hearings.  He is an outspoken believer in Davis.  My investigation of this story isn’t finished.

7.  1st Lt. MICHAEL BEHENNA –I wrote my first story about this Army officer from Edmond, Okla., in June.  Six months later, I launched a tirade of more than a dozen follow-up pieces, nine of which were penned by new BMW contributor Carrie Fatigante.  In short, his story is one of justice denied.  He’s now serving a 20-year sentence for killing a known Al-Qaeda operative in self-defense.  For the complete story in one document, read “The Michael Behenna Story (pdf),” a 26-page document (PDF) by Fatigante.

I’ve Been Trashed by the Huffington Post (Update)

HuffPo Headline 12-17-09Last night, I learned my blogging efforts had provoked a virtual attack by the folks at the ultra-liberal Huffington Post.

Eight months ago, I began reporting on the bogus lawsuit Chevron Corporation has been fighting in Ecuador for more than 16 years.  To date, I’ve published more than a dozen posts about the case — a no-holds-barred attempt by the plaintiff Amazon Defense Coalition to fleece $27 billion from the San Ramon, Calif.-based oil giant.  Apparently, I’ve gotten under their thin skin.

Under the Thursday-evening headline, Chevron’s Blogger Propagandists: Accuse First, Ask (No) Questions Later, I was one of four pro-Chevron bloggers excoriated in a byline-free piece posted — but not written — by Paul Paz y Miño that first appeared on the barely-visible ChevronInEcuador blog, a propaganda site run by the ADC’s hired-cap gun PR flak Karen Hinton.

Though I posted a comment in response to the piece at approximately 11 p.m. Central Wednesday, it appears HuffPo moderators opted to run interference for the ADC.  As of 8:50 a.m. Central today, my comment — and no others, for that matter — was still awaiting approval.

Thankfully, I had enabled a capability that automatically posted my comment to my Facebook wall.  That comment appears below with one modification.

HuffPo Comment 12-17-09

The modification?  I was able to remove one misplaced word from my comment before it appeared on my FB wall.  So, if HuffPo ever approves my comment, you’ll notice it has one word more than the comment shown above.

*As of this posting, the HuffPo piece had zero approved comments.

* * *

SEE ALSO: Alex Thorne’s response to being “trashed” by HuffPo.

UPDATE 12/18/09 at 11:10: A reader just informed me that the name of the author of this piece now shows up at the bottom of the post where it was originally published.

What Does Bob McCarty Writes Have in Common with The Swamp, LA Times, HuffPo and Others?

BMW in MAD MagazineGuess which online publication saw fit to mention my work in the same virtual breath as writers at The Swamp (The Chicago Tribune‘s Washington Bureau blog), the Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post and the Democratic Underground?

Give up yet?  Click on the graphic above right to see the answer, then come back.

Yes, thanks to a Google Alert today, I learned that a post I had written and published almost four months ago (See “MAD Captures Barack Obama’s ‘First 100 Minutes’“) had received a mention alongside some of the blogosphere’s heavy hitters in a Jan. 29 post by Tom Harrison Richmond on The MAD Blog.

Richmond, whose article appeared inside issue #498 (graphic below right), had, coincidentally, learned about my post the very same way.  The only difference: It took almost five months for me to be notified.

MAD Magazine Cover Issue #498As a kid growing up in the small northwest Oklahoma town of Enid (pop. 47,000), I loved reading MAD Magazine and imagined the thrill I might one day experience as a writer for the parody-filled magazine with the twisted sense of humor.  More than 40 years later, I’ll settle for being mentioned in a post on the D.C. Comics-owned magazine’s blog by a writer who contributes to MAD.

What, me worry?

* * *

Note: Tom Richmond, not Harrison, sent me a note with a couple of notes which prompted me to make corrections in the post above.  Thanks, Tom!