Have Wars Strengthened Iran?

While cognizant of the fact that the United States has spent much of the past 25 years engaged in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, some statistics I came across today about population migration left me dumbstruck.

PeopleMovin IraqThe United States has had troops in and around Iraq since the early 1990s when I was still wearing the uniform of an Air Force officer.  Since then, we’ve rid the country of an evil dictator and brought about something akin to democratic rule.  As a result, one might think the good ol’ USA a top choice among the 1.5 million Iraqi emigrants.

But it’s not.  Instead, Iran is the top migrant destination of Iraqis — 379,356 in fact!

Not far away, the U.S. has had troops in Afghanistan in a big way since just after Sept. 11, 2001.  Almost a dozen years!  During that time, we’ve purportedly made inroads toward ridding the country of evil Taliban fighters who oppress the Afghan citizenry.  As a result, one might think the good ol’ USA might be a top destination of Afghans opting to leave their war-torn country for better lives.

PeopleMovinAfghWrong again.  The leading designation of Afghan emigrants is, once again, Iran — to the tune of 1.7 million choosing to live there!

Makes one wonder if, by choosing to wage war in Iraq and Afghanistan, we ended up strengthening Iran instead.

Just a thought as we enter another weekend.

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Immigrants from Romania Rally for Freedom

Today, I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing Ionel “Greg” Grigore and his mother Dumitra (see photo above), first-generation Americans from Romania who shared with me their first-hand experiences of living in a land without freedom and opportunity.

The Grigores were among a crowd of nearly 100 people rallying for freedom and against tyranny this afternoon at the intersection of Highways K and N in O’Fallon, Mo.  Rallies hosted by the K and N Patriots have been held there weekly — weather permitting — since April 2009.

Stay tuned to this blog as I hope, within the next 48 hours, to complete both an article and a video based on the interview.

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It’s Time to Stop Celebrating Cinco De Mayo!

Launched in 2006 as a somewhat-cheesy tongue-in-cheek merchandising gimmick (i.e., “Use mustard instead of mayonnaise”), the CINCO DE MUSTARD campaign has gotten “legs” and deserves serious consideration from Americans — especially owners of restaurants, bars and other entertainment venues who are finalizing promotional plans for the 5th of May holiday known as Cinco De Mayo.

Why does CINCO DE MUSTARD deserve consideration as an alternative to the holiday celebrating Mexican culture and heritage?  It’s not because the United States is one of the world’s leading producers of mustard and is home to the world-famous Mustard Museum located in downtown Mount Horeb, Wisc.*  Far from it!  Instead, it’s because the lawlessness and violence taking place on a daily basis across our southern border is not worthy of celebration for several reasons, including:

  • CORRUPTION: A corrupt Mexican government — one more corrupt than our own, if you can believe that — allows drug cartels to spread dangerous drugs and mayhem seemingly without limits — even into the United States! While kidnappings and murder are common place, even beheadings are being reported.  It’s so bad, in fact, that President Barack Obama is said to be considering placement of U.S. troops on the border.
  • LACK OF COOPERATION: In addition, an uncooperative Mexican government does next to nothing to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into this country.  Things are so bad, in fact that remittances (i.e., money sent back to Mexico by immigrants, legal and illegal alike) totaled $25 billion in 2007 and remain Mexico’s second-largest source of foreign income, behind only oil [Source: Mexico's central bank via CNN.].

Learned enough?  Then why celebrate Cinco De Mayo?  Join me in spreading the word about CINCO DE MUSTARDIt’s time to draw the line and stop celebrating Mexican culture and heritage May 5 until the Mexican government cleans up its act.

To purchase your own CINCO DE MUSTARD t-shirts and other merchandise in advance of this holiday alternative, click here or click on the image above.

*Note: Officials with the Mustard Museum have no affiliation with and are not involved in the effort described in this post.

Pro-Illegal Immigration Groups Love ‘Hate Crimes’

National Council of La Raza misses the mark when it uses a prominently-placed graphic to encourage web site visitors to “take the hate out of the immigration debate.”  To be on target, the group needs to encourage everyone in this country to obey the law.

Today, NCLR, the Mexican-American Legal Defense Education Fund and other organizations are promoting the nonexistent hate crime angle to the immigration policy debate in an effort to silence the debate altogether.

Federation for American Immigration Reform claims the outrageous behavior by these so-called “immigrants rights groups” is part of a calculated strategy initiated after the defeat of the Senate’s immigration amnesty bill last year.  Furthermore, FAIR states these groups have three major goals:

1. Silence legitimate immigration policy debate by claiming efforts to advance interior immigration enforcement and state-local cooperation cause “hate crimes.” They provide no proof whatsoever.

2. Manipulate the data regarding anti-Hispanic crime in this country in order to deflect from real immigration issues facing the American people.

3. Pressure the incoming Obama Administration first to halt all interior and work site enforcement and then to endorse amnesty legislation and an increase in overall immigration.

To learn more about FAIR’s position, read this news release or visit the FAIR web site, http://fairus.org.

To see the news release NCLR issued today, click here.

To learn more about hate crimes, read ‘Love Crimes’ Receive Little Attention from FBI.

FBI Wanted List Again Dominated by Mexicans

On this date one year ago, I published a post, the content of which is explained by its headline, Illegal Aliens Dominate FBI Wanted List. Sadly, things haven’t changed much during the past 12 months.

Through research on the FBI web site, I found 34 of 68 individuals wanted by the FBI for violent crimes, including murder, are natives of foreign countries. Twenty-nine of those are Mexican nationals while one each hails from China, Ecuador, Egypt, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

Though I’m not against legal immigration, I’m willing to bet that most of the 34 individuals identified by the FBI entered this country by other-than-legal means.