Did President Obama Send Hillary to the Moon?

One year ago today, then-Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee became the first to suggest putting Hillary Clinton on a rocket ship to the moon.  Now, it appears as if the statement made by the former Arkansas governor during a televised debate, captured in the video (below left), might have been prophetic.

With the extremely low profile being maintained by the former first lady as President Barack Obama’s secretary of state, it wouldn’t be difficult to convince someone that Clinton has indeed been sent to the moon — or, at a minimum, is serving aboard the International Space Station — as part of a new initiative in foreign relations.  She is that scarce!

Gotta hand it to President Obama; he sure knows how to neutralize an opponent.

‘Tuesday Evening Quarterback’ Critiques Election

Ronald Reagan -- A real player.

Ronald Reagan: Player.

Call me a “Tuesday Evening Quarterback,” but a review of tonight’s election results show the Republican Party team entered its most-important contest ever with little fan support, a poor game plan and the wrong signal caller lined up behind center.

Team GOP’s shortcomings began with the recruiting process.  When loyal fans on the right side of the field saw John McCain of Arizona selected as both their starting quarterback and defensive captain, they feigned excitement and ticket sales (i.e., campaign contributions) waned.

Deep down, fans of Team GOP wished their recruiters had passed on McCain and the other members of the 2008 recruiting class (i.e., Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and Rudy Giuliani).  They wanted someone who played the game more like Ronald Reagan (right) — perhaps, Oklahoma’s Tom Coburn, a genuine player (i.e., U.S. senator) — to be their starting quarterback (i.e., the nominee).

The team’s woes continued when efforts to scout their chief rival (i.e., conduct opposition research) produced few weaknesses that could be exploited (i.e., allegations that could be proven true to the satisfaction of voters).

Once McCain began calling signals, the Republican offense failed to score both on the ground (i.e., they couldn’t get grassroots Republicans excited) and in the air (i.e., they failed to connect with voters at the receiving end of their campaign messages).  As a result, Team GOP’s defense stayed on the field too long, unable to stop the powerful offense of their more agile — and tech-savvy — opponent.

Only after a popular party girl from Alaska (i.e., Gov. Sarah Palin) joined the team (i.e., accepted the vice presidential nomination) in the fourth quarter did fans show excitement about the game.  Unfortunately, the gap left by poor execution and inept time management during the first three quarters of the game was too large to overcome and prevented Team GOP from defeating the upstart Democratic Party squad led by Barack Obama.

As the game clock winds down, it appears the McCain team’s only hope rests in the successful use of the challenge flag (i.e., lawsuit) to reverse the final score (i.e., vote tally).  Unfortunately for McCain, game officials are likely to be tired and ready to go home after being on the field for most of the past two years.

Links to RNC Speech Transcripts Offered

Below are links to transcripts of remarks as prepared for delivery by some of the most well-known speakers in tonight’s lineup at the 2008 Republican National Convention:

  • Rudy Giuliani
  • Carly Fiorina
  • Meg Whitman
  • Michael Steele
  • Mitt Romney
  • Mike Huckabee
  • Norm Coleman
  • Sarah Palin

Huge Crowd Welcomes McCain-Palin to Missouri

A crowd of 17,000 welcomed John McCain and Sarah Palin to Missouri.
A crowd estimated at 17,000 welcomed John McCain and Sarah Palin to Missouri.

An estimated 17,000 supporters turned out this afternoon at T.R. Hughes Ballpark, home of the River City Rascals minor league baseball team in O’Fallon, Mo., to welcome Republican presidential nominee-to-be John McCain and his running mate, Sarah Palin, to the Show-Me State.  The rally marked the first time both members of the the McCain-Palin ticket had campaigned together in Missouri.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Missouri Republican Party leaders, including Gov. Matt Blunt, Sen. Kit Bond, Rep. Kenny Hulshof, former Sen. Jim Talent, warmed up the capacity crowd prior to the arrival of the Straighttalk Express bus carrying McCain, Palin and an entourage that included several national figures.  Among those accompanying the Arizona senator and Alaska governor were McCain’s wife Cindy, former presidential contenders Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee and country music superstar John Rich.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Not to be outdone by the throngs of national news media representatives who arrived along with the Republican Party hopefuls, local news media outlets — including 97.1 FM Talk’s Jamie Allman and Crane Durham of Allman and Crane in the Morning — also covered the rally (photo at right).

Blogger Nominates Two for Inaugural Space Flight

A California aerospace company plans to enter the space tourism industry with a two-seat rocket ship capable of suborbital flights to altitudes more than 37 miles above the Earth. That news, the lead in an Associated Press article linked on Drudge Report this morning, prompted me to want to nominate two individuals to occupy the seats during the the Xcor Aerospace ship’s inaugural flight: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Hat tips: Mike Huckabee and Frank Sinatra.*

*During a CNN/YouTube Republican Debate in January, Huckabee was the first to suggest putting Clinton on a rocket ship to the moon (click here to watch the video). Sinatra made the song, Fly Me to the Moon, famous with his recording of it in 1964.


Fox News just broke the news that Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee will announce — as in tonight! — his withdrawal from the 2008 race now that rival John McCain appears to have secured enough delegates to win the party’s nomination. Britt Hume also mentioned that the former Arkansas governor has already called McCain to advise him of his imminent withdrawal.

Dobson to Endorse Mike Huckabee

Associated Press and Wall Street Journal are reporting this evening that Dr. James Dobson, evangelical leader and founder of Focus on the Family, has endorsed Republican Mike Huckabee in his bid to become president of the United States. The endorsement comes almost six months after I predicted it in a post, Laura, Mike Huckabee is Dobson’s Logical Choice. Unfortunately for the former Arkansas governor, I believe the endorsement comes too late to salvage his hopes of winning the White House.