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More Than 90 Controversial Files Disappear Overnight

As an investigative reporter and author of two nonfiction books critical of people at the highest levels of our government’s military and intelligence communities, I’ve been told to be careful on more occasions than I can remember. Yesterday, for the umpteenth time, I began to wonder if I should be concerned. Why? Let me explain.

Disappearing Files

Sunday afternoon, I uploaded more than 140 files — mostly PDF documents — to a large internet company’s free drive service so I could share them with a nationally-known investigative reporter and best-selling author who’s interested in their contents. When I awoke Monday morning, I was contacted by this person’s assistant about a discrepancy in the number of files. She said there were only 50 documents in the folder. I went to check and, indeed, discovered more than 90 documents had disappeared overnight.

What kind of documents were in the files? Without divulging too much, I can say that they deal with extremely controversial subject matter and many were, at one time, classified as TOP SECRET before they were later declassified and made releasable via redaction. I obtained them through a source with “skin in the game” who, in turn, had received them from top government officials. That’s as far as I can go.

I guess I could blame the disappearance of the files on Hillary Clinton, but that would be too easy. Or I could lump the disappearance in with the online nightmares I experienced during 2014 I highlighted in this Dec. 23 post.

Any guesses as to what could have happened to them? Leave a comment below or follow the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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