Writer Says Obama Not Who He Claims to Be

Andy Martin

Andy Martin

Andy Martin, the Chicago writer featured in two recent BMW posts — here and here — told a Honolulu news conference today that, after an intense international investigation, he is convinced that Democratic Party presidential candidate Barack Obama is really the son of Obama’s controversial mentor, Frank Marshall Davis.

Martin waxed poetic about the conspiracy surrounding Obama and, as much as I had hoped Martin would produce something of value related to the the Illinois senator’s birth certificate controversy, it appears he has been “chasing rabbits” instead.  In other words, it appears he has found nothing — unless, that is, you believe what you read in the news release he issued late last night.

From this point forward, it appears the only lawsuits worth following as of this posting are those of Phillip Berg and Steve Marquis.

Flashback: Edwards Named 2007 Father of the Year

Click to watch video

I never thought I would be thankful for something I found on CNN anchor Anderson Cooper’s blog, but today I am.

In a Maureen Miller post five days ago on the AC360 blog, I found a decent article accompanied by a priceless video that combine to provide a flashback to 2007 when John Edwards was named “National Father of the Year in New York” in 2007.

Appearing under the headline, Edwards: “I’m not the best parent”, the article covers much of the same ground as many other print and broadcast reports have covered during the past week (i.e., He had an affair; she had a baby; and he said “It’s not my baby!”).

The video, meanwhile, combines with news reports from the past week to effectively end all future political hopes for the former North Carolina senator and presidential candidate.

Click here or on the image at right to watch the video. Click here to read the post.

John McCain Understands Vladimir Putin

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Aware of breaking news from Russia and Georgia and of the fact that Republican presidential candidate John McCain is making a stop today at the Iowa State Fair, I think an Iowa-related flashback is in order.

Travel back in your mind to Oct. 24, 2007, when John McCain met with members of The Des Moines Register’s editorial board and shared his feelings about then-Russian President Vladimir Putin (now prime minister) and how he would deal with him.

In the video (above right), McCain says this (and more):

“I look into Putin’s eyes and I see three letters, a ‘K,’ a ‘G’ and a ‘B.’ He’s an old KGB apparatchik surrounded by his buddies who were in the KGB, and he’s not going to restore the power and the prestige of the Soviet Union, but he is trying to restore the Russian empire and he enjoys sticking his thumb in our eye.”

In case you’re not familiar with the word, apparatchik, the word is defined by Merriam-Webster this way:

1:a member of a Communist apparat

2:a blindly devoted official, follower, or member of an organization (as a corporation or political party) <a movie studio apparatchik>

My guess is that Barack Obama isn’t familiar with the word. I am certain, however, he’s very familiar with it’s meaning.

* * *

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Extreme Makeover: White House Edition

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” It’s a truism that applies to people at all levels of society. Not surprisingly, it applies equally to both nouveau riche homeowners and to candidates running for president of the United States.

A CASE OF CHARITY: If you’ve ever watched ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” you know the show begins with host Ty Pennington and his crew reviewing a videotape submitted by a family in need as a sort of sales pitch for why they believe they deserve a new home — paid for, of course, by the network and the sponsors of the show.

During a six-day period in January 2005, according to an accessAtlanta report published Friday, some 1,800 professionals and volunteers joined forces to tear down a small, problem-plagued ranch-style house for a family in need — in this case, the family of Milton and Patricia Harper in Lake City, Ga., a community of 3,000 just south of Atlanta. In its place, they constructed a spacious two-story, four-bedroom palace — it’s the largest in the neighborhood now — at a cost of about $450,000.

After moving in, the beneficiaries of the charity, according to same article, used the house as collateral for a near-half-million-dollar bank loan. That loan, in turn, was used to launch a construction business that later failed. As a result of that failure, the house built by charity is now in foreclosure and set to be auctioned in August.

Though I have little evidence other than that contained in the aforementioned article, I would be willing to stick my neck out and venture that the failure of this family’s new business resulted, at least in part, from a failure to plan.

A CASE OF POLITICS: Unless you’ve been living under a rock, cut off from civilization, you’re likely aware of Barack Obama’s meteoric rise from a relatively obscure position as the junior U.S. senator from Illinois to a highly-visible role as the Democratic Party’s presumptive presidential nominee in 2008.

During the past 18 months, Obama has experienced a windfall not unlike that of the “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” family. His campaign has not only set fund-raising records and turned out more supporters than any previous presidential candidate, but it also defeated — at least it seems that way at this point — former First Lady-turned U.S. senator from New York, Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately for Obama, his campaign seems to be operating without a plan — or, at a minimum, without a plan he’s willing to share with the American public. In place of any plan, the 46-year-old is campaigning on a short-on-details platform of “change.” Soon, however, he should expect his “bankers” (a.k.a., “American voters”) to call him on his loan. In other words, they’re going to demand specifics on matters that mean the most to them (i.e., the economy, national security and the Global War on Terror).

Once they see his plan — or lack thereof — is full of holes, they’ll likely “foreclose” on his bid to star in “Extreme Makeover: White House Edition.”

‘Change’ We Can Believe in with Obama: DANGER

While presumptive Democrat Party presidential nominee Barack Obama is banking on the vagueness of his campaign slogan, “Change We Can Believe In,” the poster above offers a more realistic vision of what Americans can truly believe in — or rather expect — if the liberal senator from Illinois wins the White House: DANGER.

To make your own poster, click here or click on the poster above.

Hat tip: Doug Ross @ Journal via Moonbattery.

Obama Promises to be Pro-Cycling President

Recently, Barack Obama promised bicycle enthusiasts he would be a pro-cycling president. That news shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with the presumptive Democrat Party presidential nominee; after all, the whopping tax increases likely to accompany an Obama presidency will force many Americans to rely upon two-wheelers as their primary mode of transportation.

How will the “Obamessiah” be biker-friendly? The opening paragraph of an article published June 12 in Bicycle Retailer and Industry News offers an overview:

Barack Obama, in a private 20-minute meeting with members of the Bikes Belong board of directors, told them if he were elected president he would increase funding for cycling and pedestrian projects. And the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee also said he would support Safe Routes to Schools programs. [Click here to read the rest of the article.]

I can only hope the junior senator from Illinois doesn’t promise to be a friend of swimming pool enthusiasts. That kind of friendship might result in the installation of more backyard swimming pools, a trend that could leave even more Americans drowning — pun intended — in debt.

Obama Learning Laboratory Open For Business

While many people — including the folks at Power Line — think Barack Obama made a fool of himself again yesterday, Bruce Chapman is saying “Merci Beaucoup” to the Democrat presidential candidate.

Chapman’s appreciative of the video-related business opportunity the nation’s most liberal senator has created for him. Highlighted in the video below, that opportunity involves teaching Spanish to American kids through the Obama Learning Laboratory. Take a look!