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Bob McCarty Weekly Recap: Sept. 13-19, 2015

The list of topics covered this week includes questions about how we will screen Syrian refugees coming into our country and how we are treating military men after they’ve been falsely accused of crimes. Four articles are highlighted in this weekly recap.

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I began my week Monday, Sept. 14, with a headline-shaping question, How Will We Screen Out Terrorists Among Syrian Refugees?  It was followed by (1) news about President Barack Obama’s announcement the United States will welcome 10,000 Syrian refugees for resettlement over the next 12 months and (2) a suggestion for how government officials should screen out terrorists among the Syrian refugees entering the country through refugee processing centers in almost every state.

On Tuesday, Sept. 15, I offered something that may have appeared at first to be a bit of a rant under the headline, Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics Used as Weapons Against Honorable Military Men in Sexual Assault Witch Hunt. After making a reference to the phrase popularized by Mark Twain and used to describe the persuasive power of numbers and, particularly, the use of statistics to bolster weak arguments, I gave evidence of how lies, damned lies and statistics have been used in tandem with bogus sexual assault claims to end the careers and ruin the lives of honorable military men.

Under another Tuesday headline, Dr. Ben Carson Raises Good Question About Syrian Refugees, I applauded a Republican presidential hopeful for asking a good question having to do with national security. In addition, I offered to meet with members of Dr. Carson’s campaign team to bring them up to date on a proven vetting technology that could be used to screen Syrian refugees.

On Thursday, Sept. 17, I shared the text of a heartfelt piece of correspondence in a piece published under the headline, Woman Writes Letter to General Who Made Decision to Prosecute Soldier-Brother on Sexual Assault Allegations.

I spent most of the day Friday, Sept. 18, making phone calls to a variety of folks in Tennessee and Kentucky. My goal: to stir up interest in the upcoming military trial of Army Maj. Christian “Kit” Martin among members of the news media and officers at Veterans of Foreign War and American Legion posts and other veterans organizations. For reasons you’ll find obvious when you read about it, Major Martin’s case has demanded much of my attention in recent weeks.

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Bob McCarty’s Weekly Recap: Jan. 11-24

Since my last weekly recap, I’ve spent more time working on my next fiction novel than I have in following news of the day. That in mind, I ask a question: It is possibly to cover two weeks of work in a single weekly recap at BobMcCarty.com? Answer: It is, and I prove it today!

A U.S. Sailor, foreground, assigned to the Navy Expeditionary Guard Battalion conducts an early morning patrol while detainees stand by in the background at the recreation yard inside Camp Delta at Joint Task Force (JTF) Guantanamo, Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba, July 7, 2010. JTF Guantanamo provides safe, humane, legal and transparent care and custody of detainees, including those convicted by military commission and those ordered released by a court. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Michael R. Holzworth)

In a post Jan. 12, I made the point that Americans deserve more facts about the activities at Guantanamo Bay and about the Oklahoma City and Boston Marathon bombings. Click on the image above to read the post.

In a Jan. 12 post, I made the point that Americans deserve more facts about the activities at Guantanamo Bay and about the Oklahoma City Bombing and Boston Marathon Bombing. I can’t blame you if you struggle to grasp how the three might be connected, but I think you’ll get it after you read the article.

In a Jan. 17 post, I shared guest writer Paul R. Hollrah’s take on bloody massacres and “solutions”  to the “Muslim problem,” some of which he describes as “totally useless and pointless” and others as “quite draconian.”

The word balloon of the cartoon that appeared on the cover of the Nov. 3, 2011, issue of Charlie Hebdo -- renamed Charia Hebdo ("Sharia Hebdo") -- reads "100 lashes if you don't die of laughter!"

Click on the graphic above to read a guest piece about “solutions” to the Muslim problem.

Due to a fly-there-drive-back three-day round-trip to South Texas, I produced little in the way of writing products online or offline Jan. 18-20. Upon returning home, however, I shared news about the courtroom portion of another Oklahoma City Bombing trial that ended recently in Salt Lake City federal court. Don’t feel bad if you find yourself among the millions of Americans unaware another trial was even taking place. Instead, read and share my Jan. 21 post and my Jan. 23 post mentioned in more details near the end of this recap.

After reading about Air Force Maj. Gen. James Post allegedly saying Air Force personnel committed treason when they exercised their right to free speech, I used the headline of a second Jan. 21 post to ask the question, Is Speaking Out in Favor of A-10 ‘Warthog’ Treasonous?

In a third Jan. 21 post, I shared another Amazon customer’s 5-star review of my just-released crime-fiction novel, The National Bet. You can read about the review under the headline, Reader Enjoyed The National Bet ‘From Start to Finish’.

In my fourth and final Jan. 21 post, I explain why my reasons for watching the blockbuster film, American Sniper, are unlike anyone else’s.

In a Jan. 23 post, I hammered away at the subpar journalism taking place in my birth state of Oklahoma when it comes to covering the aforementioned Oklahoma City Bombing trial in Salt Lake City. Read about it under the headline, News Media Fails to Provide Thorough Coverage of Latest Oklahoma City Bombing Trial in Salt Lake City Federal Court.

Away from BobMcCarty.com, I’ve encountered numerous articles and Facebook status updates about the growing crop of Republican presidential hopefuls. In response, I’ve shared the link to another guest piece by Hollrah, a former two-time member of the Electoral College. Sadly, his facts seem to upset some of my fellow conservatives. You can read it where it appears under the headline, Ted, Bobby, Marco and Rick Share Something in Common. I’d love to hear your reaction.

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Author Rebukes Media for Attack on Dr. Ben Carson

EDITOR’S NOTE: Though I have yet to form an opinion about Dr. Ben Carson as a presidential contender, I have formed opinions — not positive ones, I might add — about members of the national news media trying to paint the potential presidential candidate as a plagiarist. That in mind, I share the guest piece below that I received this afternoon from the man whose work was allegedly plagiarized by the surgeon who burst onto the political scene almost two years ago as the keynote speaker at a prayer breakfast (see video below) attended by President Barack Obama.

By William J. “Bill” Federer, Guest Writer

I was dismayed when I read a BuzzFeed article Jan. 6 and saw how it attempted to use my words in a subtly-crafted attack on Dr. Ben Carson’s character by accusing him of plagiarism.

Since the article specifically mentioned me, I feel that it is incumbent that I respond.

I had the privilege of serving on the board of a university with Dr. Carson for several years. In the course of our visits, he mentioned that he was in the process of writing a book on America.

I told him about my books and suggested them to him.

I later was able to hand him copies as we shared a shuttle ride on campus to one of the committee meetings. I told him that I hoped he would find them interesting and that he had full permission to use any of the material in the books as he liked.

Dr. Carson, with the help of his wife and co-author Candy, corresponded with me numerous times via email and telephone, even forwarding me his manuscript to read, which I gladly did and gave my approval.

Click on image above to order book.

Click on image above to order book.

One of the books I gave him was specifically designed to be quoted was America’s God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations, with a subtitle, Highlighting America’s Noble Heritage, Profound Quotes From Founding Fathers, Presidents, Statesmen, Scientists, Constitutions, Court Decisions…For Use In Speeches, Papers, Debates, Essays…

Back cover wording encourages readers to quote the book:

“Easy To Use…Excellent Reference…For Use In: Journalism Articles, Civic and Campaign Addresses, High School and College Papers, Letters to Editors, Elected Officials…”

The book has, thankfully, been well-recieved, being quoted by thousands of authors, speakers, politicians, professors, radio and television hosts, judges in court decisions, speeches on the floor of Congress, etc. Through over a dozen reprints, the book gone through editorial improvements, such as the correction of typographical errata and improving source references.

To further facilitate users to quote from the book, on inside front page is: “Conditions of Use – Permission is granted to duplicate 10,000 words or less…provided acknowledgment is given…”

Dr. Carson has gone far beyond others in giving acknowledgment to my book in his America the Beautiful, such as:


“I am so grateful for people such as former congressional candidate William Federer, who has done extraordinary research to uncover documents revealing the true sentiments and beliefs of our founders.”


I wish heartily to thank: Josh Sloan, Sealy Yates, Bob Hudson, Bill Federer, Scott Macdonald, Don Gates, and the entire team who worked tirelessly to get this book published.

NOTES, p. 200

Chapter 2: “Who Are We The People”?

8. William J. Federer, America’s God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations (St. Louis, Amerisearch, 2000), 458.

9. Federer, America’s God and Country, 453

Chapter 3: Are We a Judeo-Christian Nation or Not?

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8. Federer, America’s God and Country, 248-49.

9. Federer, America’s God and Country, George Washington, 634; John Adams, 4; Alexander Hamilton, 273; Daniel Webster, 668; Thomas Paine, 489; John Locke, 397; John Madison, 409.

Chapter 4: A Different School of Thought

6. Federer, America’s God and Country, 206 (source quote p. 746).

7. Federer, America’s God and Country, 680.

Chapter 7: What Is A Moral Nation?

4. Federer, America’s God and Country, 240.

With 16 acknowledgments and citations, it is obvious that Dr. Ben Carson made demonstrable effort to make proper attribution. Indeed, his overt acknowledgments have resulted in numerous individuals contacting me to purchase my book.

I feel misrepresented in the BuzzFeed article. Publishing errors, called errata, are not plagiarism. Any missing attributions were simply editor’s oversight. It is disingenuous for BuzzFeed to level the accusation of plagiarism against Dr. Carson.

To further illustrate the editor had simply overlooked errors, in one of the endnotes, instead of James Madison, the editor had left “John Madison.”

Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who is honored by a U.S. Federal holiday every third Monday in January, was accused of having plagiarized in his doctoral dissertation and speeches, in that he neglected to give proper attribution to his sources.

In my opinion, Dr. Carson has demonstrated sincere and honest attempts to give proper attribution to the source of my quote book.

Wiliam J. "Bill" Federer

Wiliam J. “Bill” Federer

Federer certainly knows a thing or two about publishing. To read a review of a book he wrote in the not-too-distant past, visit this link and scroll down to the paragraph just below his photo shown above.

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Click on image above to order Bob’s books.