‘Best of Blago Editorial Cartoons’ Revisited

It’s today’s big news story:  Jurors convicted former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) on 17 of 20 counts, including all counts related to trying to sell the U.S. Senate seat once held by President Barack Obama.  To mark this momentous occasion, I’m sharing the “Best of Blago Editorial Cartoons” below that have appeared on this blog since 2009.

“PSST… HEY BUDDY…” by My Personal Litmus shows the governor peddling a U.S. Senate seat beneath a street light on a Chicago street corner at night.

“Obama’s Blago Problem” by David Donar at Political Graffiiti shows what was at the heart of the relationship between Obama and then-Illinois Governor Blagojevich [click on the image above to see the unedited version].

“Politics the Chicago Way” by My Personal Litmus features Blagojevich, Jesse Jackson Jr., Obama and David Axelrod in a gangster campaign car.

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Eric Balderas ‘Posterboy’ for Immigration Reform

Paul R. Hollrah

By Paul R. Hollrah, Guest Blogger

Just imagine for a moment that you are Barack Obama… I know it’s distasteful, but do it anyway… and assume that your number one goal, politically, is to make it possible for your party to win U.S. elections in perpetuity, with little or no chance of a strong challenge from Republicans.  What would you do?

Putting that task in the hands of party hoodlums such as James Carville, Rahm Emanuel, and the leaders of the AFL-CIO, ACORN, and the SEIU could get you into a lot of trouble.  In fact, you might even picture yourself standing in the dock next to former governor Rod Blagojevich.  But if you were looking for a solution to the problem that you could pass right under the noses of the American people and it would pass the smell test, what would you do?

If you were Obama you might say, “We want to tie up the Hispanic vote, just like we’ve bought and paid for blacks, blue collar workers, gays and lesbians, and government workers, so find me a young Hispanic who is: a) clean-cut and attractive, b) a bit on the pitiful side… no ‘macho’ amigos, c) in the country illegally, and d) taking full advantage of the American Dream.  Then, when you find just the right person, I want you to initiate deportation proceedings.”

The Obama Administration has found just the right man… the new “poster boy” for immigration reform. His name is Eric Balderas, a 19-year-old Mexican citizen who has been in this country, illegally, since he was four years old and is now studying molecular and cellular biology at Harvard University.  According to the Huffington Post, Balderas was detained by immigration authorities on Monday, June 7, as he attempted to board a plane from San Antonio to Boston after visiting with his mother.

What alerted immigration authorities was the ID Balderas attempted to use as identification: an  American consulate card obtained in Mexico and his Harvard student ID.  As he explained, he had previously used his Mexican passport to board planes in the U.S., but recently lost it.  He said, “I made it through before so I thought this time wouldn’t be any different.”

According to the Huffington Post, Balderas does not remember living in Mexico.  He said, “All I can think about was my family.”

Then, as if on cue, Obama’s radical left friends began to circle the wagons around Balderas.  Christine Heenan, Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications at Harvard, said, “Eric Balderas has already demonstrated the discipline and the work ethic required for rigorous university work, and has, like so many of our undergraduates, expressed an interest in making a difference in the world.”

One wonders, if such people are so interested in “making a difference” in the world, why do they insist on bringing that passion to the United States where we’re all pretty comfortable and where we’re not looking for foreigners to make a lot of “difference” in our lives?  Why don’t they stay at home and try to make a “difference” in the hell-holes where they were born?

Maybe they come because they heard some idiot say, “My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world.  I hope you’ll join me as I try to change it.”  After hearing that bit of insanity they just couldn’t resist coming to see what it was all about.

Of course, making a “difference” can be a dangerous thing.  For example, look what happened when Obama’s grandfather decided to send his son to America to “make a difference.”  Well, he made a difference; he made Obama and now look at the mess we’re in.

The Huffington Post tells us that Balderas’s case has “sparked a buzz on social media sites and among student immigrant activists who see the Balderas situation as the ideal test case to push the proposed DREAM Act – a federal bill that would allow illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship via college enrollment or military service.  (Emphasis added)

“Mario Rodas, who was an undocumented student in Chelsea, a small city near Boston, until Sen. John Kerry and the late Sen. Edward Kennedy came to his aid, launched a Facebook page Friday highlighting the Balderas case.  ‘He’s an excellent student and an example of someone this country needs,’ said Rodas.”

Balderas has it all:

a) He doesn’t remember living in Mexico;

b) He was brought to the U.S. to escape a domestic violence situation;

c) He can only think of his family;

d) He has demonstrated discipline and the work ethic;

e) He is an excellent student;

f) Like Obama, he is attending Harvard on someone else’s dollar;

g) He has expressed an interest in making a difference in the world;

h) His case has sparked a buzz among liberal activists,

i) His case is an “ideal test case”; and, last but not least,

k) The country needs him.

Not surprisingly, Balderas confesses to having been active in student immigration groups in the Boston area that have staged sit-ins and protests aimed at getting Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) to support the DREAM Act.

It’s such a neat package.  Obama could not have found a more perfect “poster boy” for his radical immigration reform agenda if he had placed a call to Central Casting in Hollywood.  He knows that, if the deportation of a young man like Eric Balderas doesn’t melt away opposition to broad amnesty for illegal aliens, creating millions of new Democrat voters for the future, then nothing will.

Who said Obama is not transparent?

Chicago Political Machine Never Stops Working

Above (left to right):  Rod Blagojevich, Jesse Jackson Jr., Barack Obama and David Axelrod.

One year ago today, Rod Blagojevich became the first sitting Illinois governor to be impeached and booted out of office by the Illinois Senate for, among other things, allegedly trying to “sell to the highest bidder” the U.S. senate seat once held by Barack Obama.  Now, it seems another Democrat is involved in trouble related to the seat that’s been occupied for almost a year by Roland Burris.

The Chicago Tribune reported yesterday that Democrat Alexi Giannoulias is trying to dampen criticism of what role he may have played in causing problems at the family bank where he worked before being elected state treasurer.  Why did Giannoulias feel the need to “dampen the criticism”?  Because, obviously, he doesn’t want such criticism to harm his effort to win the “hot potato” of a seat.

Isn’t it amazing how, despite troubling economic times, one machine — the corrupt “Chicago Political Machine” — never stops working?  It truly is.

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‘Re-Indicted’ Parody Song Marks One-Year Anniversary of Blagojevich Impeachment

One year ago today, Rod Blagojevich became the first sitting Illinois governor to be impeached and booted out of office by a 59-0 vote of the Illinois Senate in Springfield. Now, the 53-year-old Democrat and his lawyers are waiting for the next shoe to drop in legal wranglings related to allegations that he attempted to sell the Illinois senate seat once held by Barack Obama.

According to the Chicago Tribune, federal prosecutors said Wednesday that a revised indictment against Blagojevich should be returned by late next week.  That news prompted me to write a parody based on the 1980 song, “Reunited,” by Peaches & Herb. I call it “Re-Indicted.”

“Re-Indicted” (A parody sung by Rod Blagojevich)


I was a fool because I tried to hide
From news reporters gathered right outside
The tapes that they have
Have left me angry and sad
I ree-uh-lize you caught me
And you think I’m bad
Hey, hey

I spend the evenings on the radio
Listeners ask me why I don’t just go
Evidence was such
A way of learning so much
I know now I must fight it
Or I’ll be locked up
Hey, hey

Re-indicted, and it don’t look grand
Re-indicted, ‘cause they understand
They caught me on tape
And now things don’t look so great
And now I’m not excited
‘Cause I’m re-indicted
Hey, hey

Their case against me looks like it’s a lock
Soon I’ll be joggin’ ‘round my own cell block
Yes, I did the crime
And now I’m facin’ hard time
For trying-to-sell-a-senate-seat-to make a dime
Hey, hey

They caught me cheatin’, now, I have to pay
I find it very hard to face each day
As I reminisce
On perilous moments like this
I won’t miss the reporters
While my life gets shorter
Hey, hey

Re-indicted, and it don’t look grand
Re-indicted, ‘cause they understand
They caught me on tape
And now things don’t look so great
And now I’m not excited
‘Cause I’m re-indicted
Hey, hey

(Repeat chorus)

Copyright © 2010 Bob McCarty, L.L.C.  All rights reserved.

Editor’s Note: I hereby authorize anyone to reprint, republish and/or record the above song parody as long as credit for the parody lyrics is given to BobMcCarty.com.  Thanks!

Uncle Jay Explains the News: August 17, 2009

Uncle Jay begins this week’s installment of Uncle Jay Explains the News by expressing thankfulness that “none of us were terminated by a ‘Death Panel’ during the past week.”

The word of the week, “decorum”, is looked at as it relates to health care town meetings, Dick Cheney’s soon-to-be-released book and Hillary Clinton’s long-standing grudge about her husband’s philandering.  He also draws attention to Rod Blagojevich pretending he’s a 22-year-old dancer, Miley Cyrus’ pole-dancing exploits, the combined IQ of Jon and Kate, Hillary Clinton’s long-standing grudge about her husband’s philandering exploits and Michael Vick’s new adventure with the Philadelphia Beagles Eagles.

‘LIVE RAID’ Concerts to Benefit Somali Pirates (Updated)

Bob Geldof announced today that, on July 13, he will stage the first of a series of 12 “LIVE RAID” concerts to benefit Somali pirates.

In much the same way his 1985 “LIVE AID” concerts raised funds for famine relief in Ethiopia, Geldof said the “LIVE RAID” events will benefit the Muslim pirates who, in order to make a living in a tough economy, have been forced to hijack cargo and merchant ships traveling off the coast of the East African nation and hold their crews for ransoms.

“Obviously, the Somali pirates are victims of a global economic collapse that has left millions across the African continent to suffer,” Geldof said.

Geldof said he plans to hold the first “LIVE RAID” concert at London’s Wembley Stadium exactly 24 years to the day after the first “LIVE AID” event was held there.  Eleven other concerts will be held in coastal cities around the world, with the final event taking place in Somalia’s capitol city, Mogadishu, July 13, 2010.

“I think it’s appropriate to mark the 25th anniversary of “LIVE AID” by holding the final “LIVE RAID” concert in Mogadishu,” Geldof explained.  “After the concert, we plan to hand over to the leader of the Somali pirate consortium a check that we expect will provide more than enough money to make it possible for all of the pirates to support themselves and their families for years.

“As a result of this worldwide effort,” Geldof concluded, “I think we can make looting and pillaging on the high seas a thing of the past.”

Who will contribute to the effort?

Geldof said he expects to secure “sizable contributions” to “LIVE RAID” from owners of the world’s largest cruise, cargo and container shipping lines, since it will be to their benefit to bring an end to piracy. In addition, he said he’s been assured by both President Barack Obama and leaders in Congress he can expect to receive at least $1.3 trillion dollars in federal assistance prior to the first concert.

Individuals around the world will also be able to support “LIVE RAID” by buying a CD and/or DVD made especially for the effort.  Using donated musical equipment as well as donated Apple computers and Garage Band software, Geldof explained that a “virtual supergroup” of people who understand the oppressed-pirate mindset are collaborating on an updated version — or, as Geldof joked, “pirated version” — of the 1985 song, “We Are the World,” written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie and produced and conducted by Quincy Jones. The title of the new song, “We ARRRR Ye World.”

Geldof said the music video of the song will feature collaborators performing in full pirate regalia.

The list of individuals involved includes three Chicagoans:  former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, convicted felon/Obama neighbor Antoin “Tony” Rezko and entertainment juggernaut Oprah Winfrey.

They’ll be backed up by a choir that includes actor Sean Penn, entertainers Barbara Streisand and Stevie Wonder and talk show hosts Bill Maher and Jon Stewart.  Also involved are several notable scam artists, including Wall Street Ponzi scheme operator Bernie Madoff, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), House Banking Committee Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and several other members of Congress.

Tickets for the concert will go on sale at all Ticketmaster and Live Nation locations this week.

* * *

UPDATE 4/13/2009 at 1:49 p.m. Central: I just learned about a celebrity fundraiser via which $5 million was raised for the oppressed Somali pirates.  See Celebs Sport Eye Patches in Solidarity with Pirates.

* * *

EDITOR’S NOTE: In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the post above is not true.  Combine all of the havoc and mischief Somali pirates have wrought on the world’s shipping lanes with the lack of common sense displayed by so many liberals in the worlds of entertainment, media and politics, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone pickup this far-fetched idea of mine and run with it one day soon.

Governor BLAGOing, BLAGOing, BLAGOne!

By a 59-0 vote of the Illinois Senate, Gov. Rod Blagojevich was impeached this afternoon in Springfield.

The 52-year-old Democrat becomes the first sitting governor in the Land of Lincoln’s pockmarked history of corruption to be impeached, convicted and booted out of office.

He will, according to a report in the Chicago Tribune, be replaced immediately by Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn, a man who twice ran as Blago’s running mate.