Connecticut School Shooting Provokes Much Thought

Because I fully expect President Barack Obama to use today’s tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., as a tipping point for revamping gun ownership laws in the United States, I shared the following comments on my Facebook page today:

Just think, one armed citizen inside that school might have prevented or, at a minimum, reduced the scope of the gunman’s rampage in Connecticut today.

While I feel for those suffering today, every day that passes without armed security guards — and/or teachers trained to carry and use concealed firearms — in our schools is a day too long.

We cannot allow the anti-gun crowd to use this event to take away our gun ownership rights.

Finally, we must pray for our country’s — and world’s — healing, repentance.

Rather than pen more words beyond that, I offer links to posts I’ve written about similar situations at Virginia Tech, during the past six years:

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