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Error-Prone CDC Figures Prominently in New Fiction Novel

A Washington Post article caught my attention yesterday, because it reminded me of how the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta fits into the mystery in my just-released crime-fiction novel, The National Bet.



After receiving some critically-important news from the CDC director, the book’s main character, FBI Special Agent “Joe-L” Wilson, remains unfazed. Excerpted from page 207 of the paperback version of the book, the paragraph below explains why:

The news didn’t register as much of a shock to Wilson, because he remembered reading reports during the past two years about a half-dozen incidents involving CDC employees and the mishandling of some potentially deadly pathogens, including smallpox, anthrax, botulism bacteria, and a virulent bird flu virus. And who could forget the Ebola debacle.

If you like crime-fiction stories that seem as if they could have been ripped from the headlines, I think you’ll love The National Bet as much as others have already. See the reviews here and here.

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