Stop Whining About Too Much Snow

In case you’re one of those who finds yourself whining about too much snow and thinking that winter has made your life uncomfortable, think about our fighting men and women serving in Afghanistan are enduring.

The U.S. Army photo above, shot by Sgt. Russell Gilchrest, shows a U.S. Army soldier from the 118th Military Police Company at Fort Bragg, N.C., walking down the slide of a slippery trail during a dismounted patrol with Afghan National Police officers.  The purpose of the patrol, which took place near the Afghan village of Mongow Khel in Logar province Feb. 2, was to speak with Mongow Khel Village elders to help keep a good relationship with the local people.

Video: Driving Conditions in Oklahoma Snowstorm

Like a driving simulator of sorts, the video below shows what road conditions are like in the state of Oklahoma following the massive snow storm that swept through the Sooner State during the past 48 hours.

10 Enjoyable Things To Do On Inauguration Day

A lot of conservatives will be tempted to stay in bed Jan. 20.  After all, that date is set to go down in history as the one on which Barack Obama was inaugurated 44th president of the United States. Rather than stay in bed, though, I recommend you enjoy one or more of the following 10 Enjoyable Things To Do On Inauguration Day:

1.  Search for a second or third job to help pay your higher taxes;

2.  Stage a Ronald Reagan Film Festival in your community;

3.  Attend a high school or college basketball game;

4.  Search your kitchen for recalled food products;

5.  Play Halo 3 and/or Wii with your teenager(s);

6.  Ignore all news media sources for 24 hours;

7.  Shovel snow off your driveway;

8.  Schedule a colonoscopy;

9.  File your tax return; and

10. Stay in bed.

* * *

UPDATE 1/16/09:  Just announced…

‘Barack Obama’s Seven Mystery States Coin Collection’ Revealed in Time for Inauguration Day

Another Winter Storm Hits St. Louis

Another Snow Storm Hits St. Louis

Standing on the front porch of my home in the St. Louis suburbs during yet another school-closing “snow day,” I snapped this photo just after 12 noon Central.

It appears that approximately two inches of snow fell during the previous four hours. With the help of steady 15+ mph winds, the expected six to eight inches of snow today should turn into drifts several feet high that close area schools for at least one more day.