Gore Sees ‘Spiritual Crisis’ in Warming

Despite a request that the event be closed to the news media, reporter Anton Caputo managed to be there to cover former vice president Al Gore. “There” was San Antonio as Gore delivered his message of how to fight global warming to attendees at the American Institute of Architects’ 2007 national convention and design exposition Saturday.

The headline of this post mimics the headline that stood atop Caputo’s post-event article written for his employer, the San Antonio Express-News. At the same time, it captures the essence of what Bob McCarty Writes readers already know about the star of an inconvenient truth, the Academy Award-winning documentary about global warming: He fancies himself as a leader of a global warming theology movement that stands firm in its mantra, “The Inconvenient Truth Shall Set You Free!”

On March 11, I broke the story about the existence of The Warmin’ Church, a cult-like group that relies upon the teachings of Rev. Al Gore in a post, Environmentalism a Religion, Gore Its Leader. As I uncovered more information through painstaking research and a lot of legwork, I revealed in a March 14 post that Reverend Gore — a prolific author in his own right — had written The Book of Warmin’ to serve as the cult’s primary tool for teaching Warmin’ Church Wishionaries and for helping grow the cult’s global warming ministry.


‘Inconvenient Truth’ Replaces Bible at Hotel-Spa

This blog, more than any other in the blogosphere, has exposed the Rev. Al Gore and his leadership of The Warmin’ Church. Now, it seems the tentacles of Gore’s global warming ministry have, for the first time, reached as far as mainstream Christianity.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, the keeper of a Napa Valley, Calif., hotel and spa has replaced copies of the Gideon Bible in nightstand drawers with copies of the former vice president’s global warming book that bears the same title as his Academy Award-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.

Frankly, I’m surprised Warmin’ Church Wishionaries didn’t place copies of Reverend Gore’s latest work, The Book of Warmin’, which is purported to be an introduction to The Warmin’ Church and its global warming theology.

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More Science vs. Gore on Rapid Polar Ice Wastage

Bob McCarty Writes often turns to experts when it comes to scientific matters. Today, we turn to CO2 Science article, More Science vs. Gore on Rapid Polar Ice Wastage.

The article begins by citing an earlier article in which they offered a conclusion in response to Al Gore’s “the polar ice caps are melting and sea levels are going to rise, etc.”:

“The current ‘best estimate’ of the contribution of polar ice wastage to global sea level change is a rise of 0.35 millimeters per year, which over a century amounts to only 35 millimeters or – to better compare it to the 20-foot sea-level rise described by Gore – a little less than an inch and a half.”

Fast forward and you find several more new conclusions in this piece, all of which are based on the most up-to-date real-world science and provide all the necessary citations. The conclusions are:

Sea-level changes of a few meters are unlikely to substantially affect ice-sheet behavior;

At the current rate of sea-level rise, it would take several thousand years to float the ice sheet off [its] bed;

The ice sheet’s extra thickness up-glacier from the grounding-line wedge will tend to stabilize it against “any other environmental perturbation; and

Sea-level rise may not destabilize ice sheets as much as previously feared, which in turn suggests that sea level itself may not rise as fast or as high as previously feared. In addition, sea-level rise due to polar ice wastage is currently progressing at what could only be called a snail’s pace.

The writers conclude the piece by asking the question, “Just what make-believe world is Al Gore living in?”


Afterthought: I didn’t mention it above, but the writers also mention that Gore used the word “crisis” in his sermonizing on the topic of global warming. The writers of this piece used the word “sermonizing” to describe Gore’s public-speaking style on the topic of global warming. I believe this further validates several earlier posts that expose Rev. Al Gore as the spiritual leader of a super-secretive cult, The Warmin’ Church, and author of the cult’s guidebook, The Book of Warmin’.

Hurricane Expert Calls Gore ‘Gross Alarmist’

Bob McCarty Writes has been monitoring expert opinions about Al Gore and his crusade to inform the world about his pet project, global warming. Today, we offer another report, this one from Associated Press in New Orleans, that includes a top hurricane forecaster calling Gore “a gross alarmist” before applying a religious title to the former vice president:

“He’s one of these guys that preaches the end of the world type of things. I think he’s doing a great disservice and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” Dr. William Gray said in an interview with The Associated Press at the National Hurricane Conference in New Orleans, where he delivered the closing speech.

Gray’s comments dovetail with those in a Bob McCarty Writes post April 3. That post included an excerpt from a New York Sun article in which Murray Energy Corporation CEO Bob Murray was quoted as calling Al Gore a “shaman of global doom and gloom” and saying Gore is “more dangerous than his global warming.”

We hailed Murray’s comments as confirmation by an independent third party of what was first reported in a Bob McCarty Writes post March 11. Under the headline, Environmentalism is a Religion and Al Gore is its Leader, we exposed Gore as Reverend Gore, spiritual leader of an super-secretive cult known as The Warmin’ Church.

A fast-growing and non-denominational worldwide body, The Warmin’ Church bills itself as a Global Warming Ministry and teaches an odd mix of global warming theology. While adhering to a single mantra – “The Inconvenient Truth shall set you free!” – members turn to two sources for answers to questions about the faith: One is a Gore-authored book, The Book of Warmin’, while the second is an Academy Award-winning documentary, an inconvenient truth, in which Gore plays the starring role.

How is the church growing? Some say they are crossing what has traditionally been a liberal line, the so-called “separation of church and state,” by carrying their faith-based message into public schools, libraries and other government-funded institutions, including the United States Senate.


Global Warming: ‘Science by Consensus’

In a post yesterday, I shared the insights of William F. Buckley and Donald Luskin on the subject of global warming. Today, I’m pleased to comment on a complementary piece from our friends at Planck Time.

This piece has to do with the just-released May edition of Vanity Fair which includes an article about Leonardo DiCaprio’s activist insights and his upcoming film, The 11th Hour.

Planck Time dubs DiCaprio as “Chump of the Hour” and offers up alternative names for the film, including, We’re All Screwed So Give Me Your Money and You People Are Repulsive Insects and You’d Better Listen To Me Because I Am An Actor and You Are Not, among others. In addition, the blogger sums up the story line brilliantly:

“Essentially, we’re going to be treated to another self-indulgent ‘We’re All Doomed Because of You’ movie,” he writes, “that will be full of emotion but lacking any scientific substance. Another ‘science by consensus’ sermon.”

And therein lies the rub! For the second time in as many days, a writer not affiliated with Bob McCarty Writes has reached the conclusion that the Al Gore-led global warming movement is akin to a religion.

Through their writings, it’s apparent to me that Buckley, Luskin and Planck Time qualify to become members of the I DON’T LISTEN TO HOLLYWOOD! crowd.

As this post spreads and others learn the truth about global warming, I predict the flood gates will open and more brave souls will join us in exposing Rev. Al Gore (a.k.a., Al Nino) as a GLOBAL WARM-MONGER who leads The Warmin’ Church, authored its Book of Warmin’ and makes millions of dollars by preaching the message, “The Inconvenient Truth Shall Set You Free!”

Finally, we will be able to innoculate people around the world with a vaccine — INCONVENIENT TRUTH SERUM — and help them understand that Global Warming is a Myth and should forever be referred to as BULL!