Obama’s Surgeon-Like Use of ‘Uhh’ Recognized

In recognition of Barack Obama‘s surgeon-like use of the word “uh” in everyday conversation, I introduced the Barack Uhhbama line of merchandise to the world today.

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I must admit that I am not alone in observing that the Democratic Party presidential nominee seems to make a habit of injecting the “uhh” word into nearly every teleprompter-free utterance that exits his mouth.  Far from it.

A recent Urban Dictionary entry — spelled with only one “h” — describes “Uhhbama” as “A fitting nickname for presidential hopeful Barack Hussein Obama: due to his many utterances of the interjection “uh.”  Taking it a step further, they include the following example of the word’s use:

Mister Uhhbama: “Uh, could you, uh, please, uh, turn the, uh, teleprompter around… uh, I can’t, uh, read it from where I am.”

Likewise, a video, described as “Barack Obama Uh Rush Limbaugh Uhh Uhh montage,” was added by YouTube user, realclearpolitics, July 29.

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