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Law-and-Order Veterans ‘Smell A Rat’ at Fort Campbell

During more than four months of reporting on the Army’s misguided prosecution of Maj. Christian “Kit” Martin, I’ve had conversations with many people about the case. Recent interactions with two law-and-order veterans, both of whom will remain unidentified due to the fact they’re frequently involved in military justice cases, are worth sharing as both seem to “smell a rat” at Fort Campbell, Ky.

Socialist Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders has nothing to do with the Army's prosecution of Maj. Christian "Kit" Martin, but he does seem to match the description one attorney had for the major's "ex-wife" accuser.

Socialist Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders has nothing to do with the Army’s prosecution of Maj. Christian “Kit” Martin, but he does seem to match the description one attorney had for the major’s “ex-wife” accuser.

On Sept. 27, a well-respected and very-experienced man — and retired big-city homicide detective, to boot — contacted me after reading my article, Attorney Cites ‘Foul Smell in the Air’ Surrounding Effort to Link Army Officer to Multiple Murders Near Fort Campbell, published the same day. His comments appear below:

“It is incredulous that any law enforcement officer of any rank or assignment would not immediately jump on the opportunity to obtain video evidence. In this case, Major Martin had told deputies on scene that he had surveillance cameras and offered that video footage to them. Their refusal to accept the cameras suggests they had already made up their mind, evidently by virtue of what they had been told by the Army that Major Martin was the most likely culprit. It will probably just be a matter of time before the Christian County (Ky.) Sheriff’s Department realizes they have been played by the Army and comes forward with that information.”

Similarly, I received an email message from a military defense attorney with whom I occasionally chat. He asked if I had seen a piece published by Fox 17 in Nashville under the headline, Home, Cars of Fort Campbell Army Major Searched in Connection to Ky. Murders. I replied, telling him I had not seen it yet, and he came back with the comments below about Major Martin, his accuser/ex-“wife” and Maj. Jacob Bashore, the special victims prosecutor overseeing the Army’s prosecution of Major Martin:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Bashore has (Martin) thrown into pretrial confinement and charged with murder just to muddy him up for the BS rape charge. And this ex-‘wife’ of his sounds like she is ‘batshit crazy,’ so I really hope Christian County is inquiring into her whereabouts on that night. But, if my intuition is on point, they probably won’t.

“On the off chance they do, I really hope the accuser/ex-‘wife’ did it for two reasons: (1) the case against Major Martin will most likely go away; and (2) the SVP would have some serious, serious egg on his face by going along with this woman who appears to have Crystal Magnum qualities. (Crystal Magnum went to jail for killing a man after she falsely accused the Duke Lacrosse players of rape)Similar to my client, (name redacted), it would be a shining example of when law enforcement and prosecutors push to convict innocent men, sometimes innocent people are murdered.”

Coming from guys experienced in criminal investigations and high-stakes trials, the words above should cause every American to take pause. Why? Because men like Major Martin are being charged, tried and convicted far too often based almost solely on allegations made by vengeful women.

I encourage you to read more about Major Martin’s case and other cases of military justice run amok, and then stay tuned for updates as they surface.

UPDATE 12/7/2015 at 8:13 a.m. Central: A military judge continued the military trial date for Army Maj. Christian “Kit” Martin to sometime in March 2016, though no specific date has been set.

UPDATE 12/10/2015 at 11:09 a.m. Central: I’ve learned that Major Martin’s military trial date is set for March 14-18, 2016.

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