Smoking Banned in Little Rock’s ‘OBAMA ROOM’

During a recent stay at The Holiday Inn Presidential in Little Rock, Ark., I found the 150-room, eight-story property’s non-smoking policy attractive.  At the same time, I found its vast collection of presidential memorabilia interesting.  Most memorable about my stay, however, was the no-smoking sign (shown at right) outside a meeting space known as “THE OBAMA ROOM.”  Such irony!  A non-smoking room named after the nation’s most-well-known smoker, President Barack Obama.

Coincidentally, I never saw the room being used during the 18 hours I stayed at the property, located a stone’s throw from the William J. Clinton Presidential Library & Massage Parlor Museum.

Were business travelers too busy closing deals to consider sleeping?   Not in this economy.  Instead, they simply refused to hold a meeting in a room named after the president most responsible for their rapid demise.