Is Radical Islam Un-American?

In the years immediately following World War II, most American were understandably concerned about Communist infiltration at the highest levels of the U.S. government. For example, how could anyone forget the photograph taken at the Yalta Conference, Feb. 4-11, 1945, in which Alger Hiss, a deep-cover Soviet agent, was seen leaning over President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s shoulder, whispering advice to him as he negotiated with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin? Hiss served as FDR’s senior advisor on political affairs.


Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Premier Josef Stalin sit side by side at the site of the Yalta Conference in February 1945. (Army).

Roosevelt arrived in Yalta carrying copies of the Morgenthau Plan, which advocated that the post-war occupation of Germany include measures to eradicate Germany’s ability to wage war, and to remove or destroy other key industries basic to military strength. The Morgenthau Plan was the brainchild of yet another deep-cover Soviet spy in the highest echelons of the Roosevelt administration, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Harry Dexter White.

But it was not until the Cold War and the U.S.-Soviet arms race became a fact of life that most Americans became fully aware of the dangers of Soviet expansionism and the extent to which Soviet agents had infiltrated the U.S. government. It was then that Congress took steps to facilitate the work of the House Un-American Activities Committee, created in 1938, with the passage of the Communist Control Act of 1954, and similar measures.

While newsmen take notes, Chairman Martin Dies Jr. of the House Committee Investigating Un-American Activities proofs and reads his statement replying to President Franklin D. Roosevelt's attack on the Committee, Oct. 26, 1938.

While newsmen take notes, Chairman Martin Dies Jr. of the House Committee Investigating Un-American Activities proofs and reads his statement replying to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s attack on the Committee, Oct. 26, 1938.

The HUAC was abolished in 1975, but now, in the early years of the 21st century, we find ourselves confronted by an enemy every bit as ruthless as the enemies we faced in World War II and the Cold War, but far more numerous. If, as some Muslim apologists suggest, only five percent of the world’s Muslim population are radicalized, the number of potential airplane hijackers, suicide bombers and jihadists we face is approximately 70 million. In World War II, the combined military forces of the Germans, Japanese, and Italians numbered only 31.4 million.

A recent Investor’s Business Daily article describes the recent formation of the United States Council of Muslim Organizations. It provides a clear insight into how far Muslim infiltration of the U.S. has advanced. The report tells us that, “With an eye toward the 2016 election, the radical Muslim Brotherhood has built the framework for a political party in America that seeks to turn Muslims into an Islamist voting bloc.”

IBD cautions, “This development bears careful monitoring in light of the U.S. Brotherhood’s recently exposed goal of waging a ‘civilization jihad’ against America that explicitly calls for infiltrating the U.S. political system and ‘destroying (it) from within.’” The IBD article explains that this subversive plan was spelled out in hundreds of pages of documents seized by the FBI during a raid on a Muslim Brotherhood leader’s home in a Washington suburb after 9/11.

The article goes on to quote Nihad Awad, founder and executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations as saying, “Muslim voters have the potential to be swing voters in 2016. We are aiming to bring more participation from the Muslim community.”

"This Way to Socialism" by My Personal LitmusOne might ask, “Is that a proffer, available to the highest bidder?” Liberals and Democrats have always been known for their willingness to embrace almost any special interest agenda so long as that special interest brings enough money and votes to the table. Is it possible that they might be tempted to adopt the cause of radical Islam, ignoring the fact that they and their families are as much targets of radical Islam as conservatives and Republicans?

The Democratic Party has been very successful at tap-dancing around the disparate interests of a large coalition of special interests, each demanding some self-serving policy or program from government. However, it is probably too much of a stretch to think that they would be so reckless as to adopt the anti-American, counter-cultural, agenda of radical Islam. Given the danger that radical Islam represents, they would do so at their own peril. Even they are smart enough to understand that an ant should not contemplate swallowing an elephant.

Such was the case when the Communist Control Act of 1954 was under consideration. The Communist threat during the early years of the Cold War led most liberals to overlook the fact that the CCA suspended citizenship rights of Communist Party members. Few liberals and Democrats offered more than token opposition; most ardently supported the CCA, as they did the unconscionable internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

The Communist Control Act of 1954 made membership in the Communist Party a criminal act, conviction of which carried a fine of up to $10,000, imprisonment for five years, or both. However, it should be noted that, while no administration has ever attempted to enforce it, the U.S. Supreme Court has never ruled on the constitutionality of the CCA. Provisions of the act outlawing the Communist Party have not been repealed and could easily be customized in our efforts to protect our country and our culture from the internal threat posed by radical Islam.

Reading Section 2 of the CCA, it is easy to see how the act could be tailored to meet the threat of Islamic jihad. By removing references to Communists and the Communist Party and substituting references to Islam, Section 2 of the Act could be paraphrased to read as follows:

Sec. 2. The Congress hereby finds and declares that Islam, although purportedly a religious sect, is in fact an instrumentality of a conspiracy to overthrow the government of the United States. It constitutes an authoritarian dictatorship within a republic, demanding for itself the rights and privileges accorded to individuals of other religious denominations, but denying to all others the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. Unlike political parties, which evolve their policies and programs through public means, the policies and programs of Islam are secretly prescribed by the foreign leaders of Islam. Its members have no part in determining its goals and are not permitted to voice dissent to Muslim objectives. Unlike members of political parties, members of the Islamic community are recruited for indoctrination with respect to Islamic objectives and are organized, instructed, and disciplined to carry out assignments given them by their leaders, including the order to kill and maim innocent men, women, and children by acting as suicide bombers. Unlike political parties, Islamic jihad acknowledges no constitutional or statutory limitations upon its conduct or upon that of its members. As a segment of the U.S. population, Islam is relatively small numerically and gives scant indication of its capacity ever to attain its ends by lawful political means. The peril inherent in the existence of Islam arises not from its numbers, but from its failure to acknowledge any limitation as to the nature of its activities, and its dedication to the proposition that the present constitutional government of the United States ultimately must be brought to ruin by any available means, including resort to force and violence. Holding that doctrine, its role as the agency of a hostile foreign power renders its existence a clear present and continuing danger to the security of the United States. It is the means whereby individuals are seduced into the service of Islam, trained to do its bidding, and directed and controlled in the conspiratorial performance of their revolutionary services. Therefore, the organization known as Islam shall be outlawed in the United States.

As the prominent sociologist Ernest van den Haag said at the time of passage of the CCA, there is “no place in a democracy for those who want to abolish [it], even with a peaceful vote.” Nor is there a place in a democracy for Islamists who acknowledge no respect for U.S. constitutional principles or the rule of law.

Perhaps the next Republican president will sign legislation expanding the Communist Control Act of 1954 to cover the activities of radical Islam. His signing statement might echo President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s CCA signing statement of August 24, 1954, declaring, “The American people are determined to eliminate from their midst organizations which, purporting to be “religious,” in the accepted sense of that term, are actually conspirators dedicated to the destruction of our form of government by violence and force…”

The Muslim infiltration of old Europe is such that some very old cultures are in serious danger of extinction. In Sweden, for example, one in every four Swedish women are victims of sexual assault, while more than three out of four convicted rapists in Sweden are Muslim immigrants from North African nations. They demonstrate no respect whatsoever for the people or the laws of nations that have thrown their doors open to them, making the great liberal experiment in multiculturalism a complete failure.

Radical Islam poses a clear and present danger to the lives and property of the American people, and to the continued existence of western civilization. So that the American people can be fully cognizant of the subversive activities of Islamic jihad and to the dangers posed thereby, the Congress should take immediate steps to outlaw Islamic fundamentalism and to document its eradication by reestablishing HUAC.

It matters little to Muslims whether the conquest of the West takes 10 years, 100 years or 1,000 years. They have endless patience and the only way to deal with the threat is to confront it courageously and forthrightly. Islam must be made to understand that they will never gain full acceptance in the Western world until such time as they renounce all forms of violence against non-Muslims, and Christians, Jews, and other religious denominations are accorded full religious freedom throughout the Muslim world. That is the line in the sand that must be drawn… nothing less will suffice.

Paul R. Hollrah is a two-time member of the Electoral College and a contributing editor for the National Writers Syndicate and the New Media JournalHis blog is found at OrderOfEphors.comHe resides in the lakes region of northeast Oklahoma.

Bob McCarty is the author of Three Days In August (Oct '11) and THE CLAPPER MEMO (May '13). To learn more about either book or to place an order, click on the graphic above.

Bob McCarty is the author of Three Days In August (Oct ’11) and THE CLAPPER MEMO (May ’13). To learn more about either book or to place an order, click on the graphic above.

Massive Underground Landfill Fire Nears Radioactive Waste

A massive, smoldering, underground fire at a St. Louis-area landfill is on the verge of coming in contact with radioactive waste dumped decades ago, and no one seems to know how to deal with it.  That’s what I learned during a public forum about the issue Thursday night in the St. Louis suburb of Maryland Heights.

Rather than rehash who said what at the forum, I direct your attention to reports by KSDK reporter Grant Bissell (above) and Leisa Zigman (below) which combine to offer a snapshot of the most-pressing concerns of residents in North St. Louis County.

In short, a massive underground fire — which covers a subterranean area the size of three football fields — at the Bridgeton Landfill is about to come in contact with radioactive waste dumped decades earlier at the adjacent West Lake Landfill.

Why was radioactive waste dumped at the landfill?  Unbeknownst to many area residents, St. Louis was home to Mallinckrodt Chemical Works, a company that was the first to process uranium for use in our nation’s first atomic bombs as part of the World War II-era Manhattan Project.  After running out of space for the radioactive waste from their processing efforts, they began shipping it to other area locations, including the West Lake Landfill.  It remains there today.  On the surface of the Missouri River flood plain.  Exposed to the elements.

Click to read more reports in my coverage about radioactive waste in the St. Louis area.

Click to read more reports in my coverage about radioactive waste in the St. Louis area.

Aside from the long-term public health crisis involving what many residents describe as “cancer clusters” and other deadly affects of long-term radiation exposure, the most-pressing immediate concern is the fact no one on the planet seems to have experience dealing with this dangerous intersection where fire and radioactive waste collide.

As I stated in my most recent post, RADIOACTIVE WASTE CRISIS Like Plot From A Horror Film, I’ll be following the issues in North County closely.  Meanwhile, though I cannot attest to the accuracy of all of the information the websites below contain, I recommend you visit them to learn more about the potential scope of this crisis:

Coldwater Creek, Just the Facts Facebook Page;

Coldwater Creek Facts;

St. Louis Radiation Waste Legacy;

Weldon Spring Facebook Page; and

West Lake Landfill Facebook Page.

UPDATE 1/31/2014 at 7:09 p.m. Central:  Many of the members of the groups above are particularly in seeing the Army Corps of Engineers replace the EPA as the lead agency on cleaning up the radioactive waste sites in St. Louis.  If this news is any indication, I’d say they’re on the right track.

Bob McCarty is the author of Three Days In August (Oct '11) and THE CLAPPER MEMO (May '13). To learn more about either book or to place an order, click on the graphic above.

Bob McCarty is the author of Three Days In August (Oct ’11) and THE CLAPPER MEMO (May ’13). To learn more about either book or to place an order, click on the graphic above.

V-MAIL: World War II Soldier Writes to Parents Back Home

Before there was e-mail, Twitter, Facebook or any of myriad ways for American Soldiers to communicate with loved ones back home, there was V-MAIL.  Below is the text of a V-Mail (a.k.a., “Victory Mail”) message dated Oct. 10, 1944.  Written by a 20-year-old Army private serving on the the front lines of war in Northwestern Germany, it carried thoughtful messages as it was delivered to his parents in Promise City, Iowa:

Vmail Exterior

This is what the outside of a V-MAIL message looked like in 1944.

Dear Dad + Mom,

Vmail Ltr

Below an address block, this is what the interior of a V-MAIL message looked like in 1944.

I just finished a couple letters so I think I’ll write a few lines to you.  The sky is very clear tonight and it is turning awfully chilly.  By morning it will be very nippy I imagine.  My socks are a little damp so I am going to put on a dry pair before going to bed.  Between the bumps, cold + my rifle in bed with me to keep it dry, I admit I have had more comfortable beds.  We’re supposed to get two more blankets soon so it will improve the situation alot.  I hope.  I got three letters today.  They started with the eighteenth, the first mail I got + have been going backwards.  Today they dated back to the 11th of Sept.  I heard you weren’t feeling so good about that time.  I hope you are much better now, mom.  You should take your regular vacation in Florida again this winter.  Right?  Well it’s time to put the cat out and wind the clock for tonight.  Goodnite.

Your loving son, Ted.

Dad's Official Army Photo

Dad’s Official Army photo

The American Soldier who wrote the letter above was my dad.  Fortunately, he and all three of his older brothers who served during World War II came home alive!

Veterans Day remains special to me, in part, because I served and several of my siblings, in-laws and friends also wore the uniforms of this country’s Armed Forces.  It is, however, my dad’s Army experiences that stand out the most.  To learn more about those experiences, read the 12-part series, My Father’s War Stories from World War II, which debuted in this space May 25, 2007.

Final note:  Please share this with anyone you think might appreciate it.

Bob McCarty is the author of Three Days In August (Oct '11) and THE CLAPPER MEMO (May '13). To learn more about either book or to place an order, click on the graphic above.

Bob McCarty is the author of Three Days In August (Oct ’11) and THE CLAPPER MEMO (May ’13). To learn more about either book or to place an order, click on the graphic above.

Help Me Find World War II Hero

While doing some legal gun trading Thursday, I struck up a conversation with Greg Grimes, co-owner of Trail Creek Trade Co., and the visit I expected to last about 15 minutes turned into a 45-minute stay during which I listened to a man tell me about a work of art adorning the wall of his antique firearms shop in the St. Louis suburb of St. Ann.

Do you know this man?

Do you know this man?

After negotiating the terms of a transaction involving two very old handguns, conversation followed and Grimes began to lament the declining interest many Americans have in guns as well as history in general.  A few anecdotes later, he directed my attention to a black-framed portrait of an American Soldier hanging on the wall and an associate of his lifted it off the wall and brought it over.

Grimes proceeded to tell me he came into possession of the framed artwork after a friend, who had rescued it from a pile of things bound for a dumpster and then held on to it for a decade, gave it to him.  Since then, it has hung on the wall at the gun shop.

In addition to the fact that the artwork features a pencil sketch of an American Soldier, several other aspects make it special:

• It appears to have been drawn and signed by one of the German POWs for whom the Soldier was responsible;

• It features an honorable message (i.e., “In memory of your prisoners of war”) between one-time adversaries in a horrific war;

• It bears a date, 2 June 1945, that came only 25 days after the date on which hostilities in Europe came to an official end (i.e., “V-E Day” or “Victory in Europe Day”); and

• Finally, the back side of the portrait bears what appears to be the signatures of a total of eight German POWs, one of which matches the signature of the artist on the front.

I asked Grimes if he had ever tried to locate any of the people whose names appear on the piece, front and back.  He said he had, but without success.  That’s when I told him I would take photos of the piece and share details about it with my online readers, readers of my nonfiction books, Three Days In August and THE CLAPPER MEMO (both of which can be ordered here), my contacts in the traditional and non-traditional news media worldwide and with my friends in patriotic and veterans organizations.

I don’t know if the man in the portrait is still alive, but my goal — and that of Grimes — is to see that the portrait is returned to this man or to a member of his extended family prior to June 2, 2015, the 70th Anniversary of the date on the portrait.  To accomplish this goal, we need your help.

Did You Know This Hero LoRez 11-02-13If you recognize him, please send details to me via email at BobMcCartyWrites (at) gmail (dot) com or leave a comment below.  If you do not recognize him but want to help, please share this information far and wide.  Thanks in advance for your help!

Bob McCarty is the author of Three Days In August (Oct '11) and THE CLAPPER MEMO (May '13). To learn more about either book or to place an order, click on the graphic above.

Bob McCarty is the author of Three Days In August (Oct ’11) and THE CLAPPER MEMO (May ’13). To learn more about either book or to place an order, click on the graphic above.

Headline Would Make Most Veterans Smile

I firmly believe that surviving veterans of World War II would be jubilant to read the headline shown in the doctored photo above:  OBAMA QUITS.

Seriously though, I salute all who’ve worn the uniform of their country on this day we commemorate the sacrifices made at Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941.

Story of Four Not-So-Famous Brothers Inspires

One of the most popular stories about members of the “Greatest Generation” is that of “The Fighting Sullivans” who died aboard the U.S.S. Juneau during the Battle of Guadalcanal.  That story is heroic, in part, because it has to do with five brothers who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country during World War II.

Whenever I hear talk about the Sullivans, however, I can’t help but think of four not-so-famous brothers — Max, Verle, Guy and Ted — who also answered their nation’s call.  Like many thousands of others, they set aside any personal plans they had for a while and went into harm’s way to fight for freedom.

Max, the oldest, was among the first to be drafted into the Army.  Next in line, Verle went to the Navy.  Guy followed, donning Army green.

By March 1943, only the youngest son remained at home.  That fact prompted a conversation to take place between the 19-year-old Iowan and his father.

“Ted, do you want me to declare you essential to my farm work?” his dad asked, knowing that one son from each farm family could be deferred from entering service if he was needed to work on the farm.

Ted took little time to answer.

“No.  If my brothers can go into the service, then I feel that I should go also,” he said, adding, “Besides, I want to do my part in the war” and “Dad, you really don’t need me.”

It wasn’t long before Ted was drafted and assigned to the Army’s 406th Regiment of the 102nd Infantry Division at Camp Swift near Austin, Texas.

Though I don’t have many details about the service records of the three oldest brothers, I do know that two of them — and Ted — saw front line combat.  Most importantly, I know all four brothers returned from World War II.

Private Ted McCarty

Ted summed things up best when he was interviewed by a high school student more than 60 years later:  “I had three brothers in that war, and we all came home alive!’

This story is important to me, because the men in this story were — and still are — important to me; they are my dad, Ted, and his three older brothers, my uncles (a.k.a., “The Fighting McCarty Brothers”).

After the war, Max and Verle went on to own and operate a successful water well drilling company in Promise City, Iowa.  Guy went to work for the federal government and play an important role in the effort to harness atomic energy.  My dad became a petroleum geologist, active in oil and natural gas exploration and development in Oklahoma for several decades.

Today, only my 86-year-old dad remains to talk about the “last great war.”

To read my father’s first-hand accounts based upon his time served as a low-ranking enlisted man in the U.S. Army during World War II, I invite you to read World War II Stories Shared to Honor Veterans.

PERSONAL NOTE: To my dad, my uncles, my brother Jack, sister Barb, brothers-in-law Dennis and John, and all of the men and women with whom I served in uniform, thank you for your service!

UPDATE 11/11/10 at 10:45 a.m. Central: Cross-posted at

World War II Stories Shared to Honor Veterans

Each year as Veterans Day approaches, I share “My Father’s War Stories From World War II.”

Written by my 86-year-old father, Ted, the stories first appeared in his self-published 1992 autobiography, Some Events in One Life: Mine!, and offer firsthand accounts based upon his time served as a low-ranking enlisted man in the U.S. Army during World War II.

While my dad recorded these stories as a means to provide his children and future generations a glimpse into one man’s participation in one of history’s most harrowing events, I share them as my way of honoring my fellow veterans, past and present, living and dead.

This year, I’m offering the stories in an easy-to-share PDF format.  You can click here or on the graphic above to download the document 20-page document.  As always, please feel free to share them.