In my second nonfiction book, THE CLAPPER MEMO, I’ll share more than I ever imagined I might uncover about a turf war that’s been waged quietly for more than 40 years between competitors vying for a slice of the federal government’s interrogation technology “pie.”

TheClapperMemoFrontCoverLR 6-5-13Why is it important?  Because, by the time you finish reading THE CLAPPER MEMO, you’ll find I’ve successfully connected the dots between a 2007 memo signed by then-Undersecretary of Defense (Intelligence) James R. Clapper Jr. — now our nation’s top intelligence official — and the deaths of dozens of Americans in Afghanistan at the hands of our so-called “allies” wearing the uniforms of the Afghan military, police and security forces during the six years since the memo was signed.

Of course, there’s much, much more to the story.  For the rest of the details, you’ll have to read THE CLAPPER MEMO, on sale now at Amazon.

7 thoughts on “THE CLAPPER MEMO

  1. Check out Luminati Mind Control and add that to your book. Then explain why our media and government say Muslims are peacefull while at the same time Muslims are killing us and saying they hate us. Oh, by the way, we are at war with two Muslim nations. Imagine saying Nazi’s were peaceful during the second world war. Some heavy mind control is taking place.

  2. Just wondering if it will be available by Christmas 2012, is so, please let us know where we can purchase it. Thanks.

  3. Thanks Bob, hope that’s just a figure of speech and you’re not hunkered down somewhere. Hope all is going well.

  4. Check out 2 active facebook sites : Coldwater
    Creek-just the facts (8000 members) and West Lake Landfill (3000 members) activist groups for currently unremediated sites in St Louis County (remnants of the Manhatten Project) World War 2 uranium and weapons manufacturing. There are maps of cancers, trying to get downwinder status. West Lake is an EPA Superfund site. Weldon Springs was just a portion of the contamination in this area.

  5. On 3/14/14 you mentioned a mission where some of the members of Seal Team 6 died. I didn’t catch the code name for the mission. Please advise.

    Thank you

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