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Three Days In August

An elite Green Beret, U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Kelly A. Stewart admitted in court to having a one-night stand with a 28-year-old German woman.  His accuser did, too.  But that’s where the similarities end in their accounts of what transpired inside his Stuttgart hotel room.

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One year later, the highly-decorated combat veteran found himself on trial, facing a slew of charges — including rape and kidnapping — that could send him to prison for life.  His court-martial had begun.

During the first two days of the trial, prosecutors presented no physical evidence and/or eyewitnesses to the alleged crimes.  Instead, their case was based almost entirely on the testimony of the accuser, a one-time mental patient who, with the backing of the German government, refused to allow her medical records to be entered as evidence.

At 15 minutes before midnight on the trial’s second day, Stewart was found guilty on several counts and the court was adjourned.  The following morning, he was sentenced to eight years behind bars at Fort Leavenworth and branded a “sex offender” for life.

In my first nonfiction book, Three Days In August, I pull apart the actual Record of Trial and related documents to show how Stewart became a victim of a military justice system bowing to political correctness and pressure from the German government.

Three Days In August received high praise from New York Times best-selling author Richard Miniter who wrote the following:

Richard Miniter

Richard Miniter

“Well-written and thoroughly researched, Three Days In August paints a convincing portrait of a military justice process that appears to have lacked one essential element – justice.” — Richard Miniter

Pamela Geller, the founder, editor and publisher of who makes frequent television appearances on Fox News Channel and on talk radio programs across the country, wrote the following in an article about the book:


In Three Days In August, investigative journalist Bob McCarty tells Stewart’s story. McCarty includes never-before-published information that he took straight from the actual trial records, and interviewed numerous key players in the case.

What emerges is a picture of a military establishment that is cowed by political correctness to the extent that it is even willing to throw our fighting men and women to the wolves to appease the left. What Stewart actually did was wrong, and he freely admits that and declares that he stands ready to accept the just penalties that he has coming to him. But until he gets a new trial, even though his sentence was reduced and he was released from prison, he still remains classified as a sex offender.

Though many of Stewart’s fellow Soldiers wrote letters of support, it seems their letters were largely ignored.

Find out why Stewart should have never been prosecuted, more less convicted. Order Three Days In August.

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  1. william sheldon

    I am going through a similar situation and am looking for hope. If you are interested in another book with a crazy but verifiable story, please help/contact me. I’m not looking for a paycheck, just some justice. Thank you.
    William Sheldon


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